Fishpeople Prepared Dinners Review

(Note, this review by Jason Glaspey.)

Earlier this week we got to try Fishpeople prepared dinners. While eating Paleo typically means trying to cook our own food–using whole ingredients–there are times when it’s easy to wax nostalgic for simple, heat-and-eat dinners. So, when I read about Fishpeople, I was intrigued.

Their whole gig is centered around making healthy, natural dinners from sustainably harvested fish, and natural ingredients. And even better, two of their dishes are pretty close to Paleo (there is corn starch in there, but I threw caution to the wind). But, you know, how does it taste? Surprisingly good. Like, fancy restaurant seafood dish good. And it was ready in about 4 minutes.

I tried the Coconut Yellow Curry Tuna, and my wife tried Thai Coconut Lemongrass Tuna. Both were excellent (The salmon dishes both have cream in them, so we stayed away from those). We cooked up some stir fry veggies and poured the soup-like dinner on top. Added some pepper and ate them to the bottom in minutes.

On their website, they talk a lot about what they call the Food Circle. Basically, it’s all about choosing the best, healthiest, most sustainably caught fish they can find, and preparing it with all natural ingredients, prepared well and without a bunch of fillers. All of this makes a tasty recipe. And they nailed it.

It’s an Oregon company, and already available in our New Seasons markets and supposedly Whole Foods. I’m trying to figure out if you can order them online, because I plan on having a case handy. They store well, and they’re perfect for camping as well, as you cook them by merely dropping them into boiling water; right in their pouches.

They were very good, very quick to prepare, and had no clean up. So, they’ll definitely be something we turn to for those moments when heat-and-eat just sounds too good to not.


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  1. Jodie

    Hello Jason!

    Thank you for the fantastic review! Say, I wanted to let you and your readers know that if you are interested in purchasing our product directly, to email me at or call me at #503.886.9108 to place an order. We are still getting our shopping cart set upon our website.

    Our pouches sell for $5.99 apiece or if you buy a case of 12, then they are $4.99 each ($59.88). You can put two flavors in one case. Shipping is additional.

    Our two coconut based entrees are the most paleo friendly.

    Please don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions!


  2. Kevin

    If you think that dish is Paleo, you might want to read the ingredient list a little more carefully: it shows canola oil, basically an industrial chemical which is about as un-Paleo as you can get. For reference, I personally eat dairy (raw only), but I wouldn’t touch that dish.


    • Neely

      Kevin – Jason did say, “And even better, two of their dishes are pretty close to Paleo (there is corn starch in there, but I threw caution to the wind).” So he did acknowledge that they’re “pretty close” to Paleo – not necessarily strict Paleo.

  3. Kevin

    Neely, I guess that comes down to how you define “close to” Paleo. Some things are less Paleo than others, and while you might be able to say cornstarch is close to Paleo, canola oil is plainly about as far from Paleo as you can get. The devil is in the details, and the problem in this case is that you have no way of knowing what percent of those 23 grams of fat per serving are canola, and what percent are from the coconut milk or other ingredients. If only 1 gram is from canola (for example), yes, I’d agree, it’s arguably still pretty close to Paleo. If 22 grams are from canola, it’s no where near Paleo — you’re basically doing a treat day when you have it.

    • Neely

      Kevin – Yes, it definitely comes down to how you define “close to Paleo”. To each his/her own. We were simply reviewing a product that has very natural ingredients that’s pretty Paleo and convenient. It’s the same as if you were to go to Whole Foods in an “I need to eat NOW” moment and buy almost anything from their prepared food section, which a lot of people do. Almost all of it has canola oil in it, but you can always find something that’s Paleo otherwise. In the real world, everyone isn’t 100% paleo all the time and we understand that, and in my opinion there are WAY worse things you could eat than canola oil.

  4. Kevin

    >> “and in my opinion there are WAY worse things you could eat than canola oil.”

    Yep, we’re agreed on that! :-)

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