Caveman Cafeteria’s Video Interview with Neely


This past Sunday I went down to Denver to chat on camera with Will White of the Caveman Cafeteria. The video below is his first episode of “The Caveman Show”, which will air on YouTube every Sunday. I let you know in a recent post that Will is featuring our Bison Chili recipe on his food truck this month, so he wanted to let his fans know a little more about me and Paleo Plan. Here’s the schedule for his new YouTube show.

  • The first Sunday of every month will be an interview with the Paleo blogger whose recipe he’s featuring on his food truck for that month.
  • The second Sunday will be an interview with a local CrossFit coach.
  • The third will be an interview with a local comedian (Will’s a comedian)
  • And the last Sunday will be an interview with a person whose life has been changed by eating Paleo.

Hope you like the interview!