Teton Waters Ranch 40% Off Grass-Fed Tri-Tip Sale!

In an attempt to keep you guys up to date with all the awesome Paleo products out there, I’ll be doing more blog posts dedicated to just that. We’ll be wheeling and dealing with all these different companies to get you guys some sweet deals, too. First up… grass-fed beef! 

TWRDevon and Ethan from Teton Waters Ranch are offering Paleo Plan readers a 40% off promo code on their grass-fed beef tri-tip for the entire month of March!

All you have to do is go to this page to order the tri tip and enter the promo code “PALEOTRITIP” at checkout.

Who is Teton Waters Ranch?
Well, you can read all about them at www.tetonwatersranch.com, and we wrote about Teton Waters Ranch in our post “Korean Short Ribs Recipe and Promo Code from Teton Waters Ranch” a while back, if you want more info on them.

Teton Waters Ranch is located in Idaho and Montana, but they ship all over the country, so this applies to all of you in the U.S.

What do you do with tri-tip?
Ethan, the marketing and sales guy at Teton Waters Ranch, wrote up a blog post about making his tri-tip juicy and tender, saying that “Once you figure out how to cook it, the tri-tip is second-to-none for a flavorful, tender steak sandwich.  This easily overlooked cut of meat comes from the flank area of the animal, at the base of the sirloin.  It’s rich in flavor and can be nice and tender if cooked right.”

photo courtesy Teton Waters Ranch
photo courtesy Teton Waters Ranch

So, again, take advantage of their generous offer of 40% off tri-tip to Paleo Plan readers for all of March. Use the promo code “PALEOTRITIP” when you check out here. It’s normally $25/lb, and now it’s about $15 with the code. US Wellness Meats sells theirs for about the same here if you’re wondering how their prices compare.

Anyhoo… I’ve had their beef. You won’t regret it :)



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