From 50% to 10% Body Fat and Allergies & Heartburn Gone…


Just received this AMAZING success story from a Paleo Plan user. What a fantastic way to end my week!

Hey Neely, Jason & Gang,

I got turned onto Paleo about a 13-14 months ago by a friend on Facebook, and then found your site, and then bought your book. Took a challenge, felt great/lost weight and then I never looked back!

And this is what it has done for me in that time (247 pounds & 50% BF @ start and down to 175 & 10% BF this week!)


Along with the change in diet, I have also been on a weight-lifting/bodybuilding regimen for most of that time, and took numerous supplements the last 6-ish months (to support my HEAVY training schedule & boost results).

But I firmly believe that Paleo is The Key, and it has also alleviated a number of other health issues in that time (Allergies better, Asthma almost gone, no more Heartburn, etc.). It ended 20+ years of weight struggles! :D

So, I just wanted to say “Thanks” for the help & information, and share what it did for me. Feel free to share this on the site, etc., if you wish…

I now have all kinds of people asking me about Paleo, and as I have been doing all the past year-ish, I send them to Paleo Plan for great info on what it is all about, and I plug your book & your meal services! ;)

Thank You Again & Best Regards to All on The Paleo Plan Team!

Peter Banta
Burlington, VT