From 50% to 10% Body Fat and Allergies & Heartburn Gone…

Just received this AMAZING success story from a Paleo Plan user. What a fantastic way to end my week!

Hey Neely, Jason & Gang,

I got turned onto Paleo about a 13-14 months ago by a friend on Facebook, and then found your site, and then bought your book. Took a challenge, felt great/lost weight and then I never looked back!

And this is what it has done for me in that time (247 pounds & 50% BF @ start and down to 175 & 10% BF this week!)

Befores and afters

Along with the change in diet, I have also been on a weight-lifting/bodybuilding regimen for most of that time, and took numerous supplements the last 6-ish months (to support my HEAVY training schedule & boost results).

But I firmly believe that Paleo is The Key, and it has also alleviated a number of other health issues in that time (Allergies better, Asthma almost gone, no more Heartburn, etc.). It ended 20+ years of weight struggles! :D

So, I just wanted to say “Thanks” for the help & information, and share what it did for me. Feel free to share this on the site, etc., if you wish…

I now have all kinds of people asking me about Paleo, and as I have been doing all the past year-ish, I send them to Paleo Plan for great info on what it is all about, and I plug your book & your meal services! ;)

And I have seen the new Paleo Fit stuff and plan to check that out in time… More. Good. Stuff.

Thank You Again & Best Regards to All on The Paleo Plan Team!

Peter Banta
Burlington, VT


  1. Exciting and Inspiring! Congratulations!! Paleo also eliminated my two a day Prilosec madness. My acid reflux is gone. As always, thank you for the continued valuable information. Y’all are helping a lot of people.

  2. Peter!! Way to kill it!! Awesome, awesome job!!! You’re killing it!!

    And yeah for VT! I’m a Maine boy myself, so I’m quite partial to any of my New England brethren :)

  3. Thanks, Neely, Max, PP Plan -team & others!

    I am excited to get my story out here, and anywhere else that I can. Paleo/Primal Eating can and is CHANGING LIVES! It can do so much good for your body to stop putting things into it that it is just not designed to handle well, and to start putting in more of the good things it was made to run best on. I’m on a Mission now to get people to think more about what they put into their bodies, and dispel the myths of all fats being bad for you, and about just how much simple carbs & sugars we are all eating, and how THAT is REALLY the root cause of so many problems…

    For many guys like me, the Battle of The Bulge to eliminate our “Beer Bellies” (really a “Wheat Belly” I learned) can become a vicious cycle of gain-loss-gain-loss-gain, and simple calories in/out is not enough to win the war! I tried again & again over 2 decades to get under 200 pounds, and would get close, but never under, and then the weight would come back, as my portions increased, and my activity decreased… Even after changing my REALLY BAD eating habits (no care about calories/ingredients, Fast Food, etc.), I still thought that Wheat Bread/Pasta, Lots of fresh Dairy, and Soy products were “healthy”, and I still had that Belly, and a constant 50+ pounds to lug around… But get your system to become Ketogenic, and watch the weight really start falling off (all the while eating 5-6x a day, including things like Bacon!)! It can do so much to help get all of your body’s systems running better, and to alleviate numerous maladies, but I think that Paleo is a SUPER way to lose weight and improve body composition!

    The other 2 things that I am now I BIG Believer in, and which I also used to dismiss as ineffective to nonsense, are Supplements & Resistance Training. Lifting Heavy Things (which is relative to each person, and doesn’t necessarily mean getting huge), is great for everyone, and can also help many body systems, like fine-tuning your body’s ability to heal & repair. And more muscle burns more calories, and this creates a great upward spiral to less fat/more muscle, more strength, fewer injuries… and who doesn’t want that kind of stuff?

    And Supplements helped me to get even better results faster, and they can help your body out in numerous other ways, especially if you are involved in Heavy Training & Exercise, which can put your body under great demands for nutrients, repair supplies & non-carb-based muscle energy sources. I agree with Neely that Vitamins, Amino Acids (like L-Glutamine), Pro-Biotics and Omega’s (ie. Fish Oil) are terrific supps for anyone to take…

    For weight-training/fat loss, I can also testify that BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids), Amino Acid Creatine (great for muscle energy/building), Amino Acid L-Carnitine (for fatty-acid usage/regulation), CLA (Conjugated Liniolic Acid, also helps with efficient fat utilization for energy) & Green Tea/Coffee -extracts can help to contribute to a healthier body composition (More Muscle, less Fat!). You should, of course, always consult first with your personal Health Professional before undertaking the usage of any nutritional supplements or major diet changes!

    Make that extra Fat you’ve been storing up from years of bad eating, go to work for you, fueling your new body!

    Go Paleo! You won’t regret it…

    Best Wishes to All for Future Health, Wellness & SUCCESS!

    BTV, USA

  4. Congratulations on such an amazing progression! You must feel alive and full of energy. I recently lost 40 pounds and several of my loved ones have also made complete body transformations so it’s great to see others out there, getting inspired. Losing all of that excess baggage makes life so free! Keep up the good work.

  5. I, too, have noticed that I no longer have heartburn no matter what I eat (as long as it’s Paleo) but if I cheat, I feel like I want some Prilosec or Pepto :P This story is so inspiring, someday I hope to have my own similar story. I have only been Paleo for a short time, so it’s too soon, but I have already passed along a lot of what I have learned from this site to friends and family.

  6. Very inspiring. I started at about the same weight as you, and I have lost 18lbs following the paleo diet. After reading your story I know I can go the rest of the way. Thanks.

  7. I feel inspired! It looks like you have harnessed a great balance of diet and exercise. The fact that you have overcome many challenges should show your readers that anything is possible. I know I am in a metamorphosis stage of my life and sometimes it is difficult to progress. Keep spreading your positive attitude!

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