Why You Should PaleoFit



“I feel better and look thinner, but there seems to be something missing.”

“What are you eating?”

“I follow PaleoPlan. They’re awesome!”

“Agreed! How are your workouts going?”


“You’re working out, right?”

“I walk my dog…”

“Good on the PaleoPlan, but we’ve still got some work to do.”

Doesn’t it seem like every time you think you’ve made some progress, there’s something more? Yeah, yeah. Well, we’re gonna talk about your next step today.

We’re gonna get you moving.

There’re quite a few of you who’ve already taken the PaleoFit plunge, and from what we can tell, you all dig it. That’s awesome….and we would love to hear from you more in the comments!

While getting your nutrition squared away is the best way to start the road to wellness, we all need to get moving as well.

We, as human creatures, were never meant to sit for long periods of time like we do today. We evolved moving. When we weren’t eating, we were chasing something down, or gathering something to eat in the future. We ran away from predators, or fought the next tribe for access to the blossoming fruit trees. We’re MOVERS!!

Getting to the gym, for many people, can be quite intimidating.

For many of us, it also may not be necessary. It turns out you can get a pretty darn good workout done right where you are now, probably in the very room that you’re in.

photo by Alice Kuo Shippee

At least that was the thought when Jason and Neely of this very site approached me with the idea of creating companion workouts for PaleoPlan. We decided that the best workouts were ones that required minimal to no equipment, and that could be finished, with warm-up, in around 20 minutes or less. We even have one workout a week that’s always designed to be less than 5 minutes.

We wanted to make the barrier for entry into the program easy enough for anyone to start, regardless of fitness level. We also wanted the option for the more advanced of us to be able to gain some goodness out of them as well. We really feel like we’ve done both.

Without making this sound like the shameless plug that it is, have you even been over to check PaleoFit out yet? Do you KNOW what you’re missing?

I mean, with workout vids like this one, how can you NOT sign up?

In addition to sweet vids, and being stronger and more fit, you’re also missing out on heavy breathing, the right to bare arms, & a perkier butt. If you’re a guy, trust me, nothing beats catching your wife checking out your butt. Oh, yeah.

So….why should you PaleoFit?

Because it’s the best deal in town, and you’re gonna get results. Seriously, why haven’t you signed up yet? Let us know in the comments, so we can have a great discussion about how we can help you make it fit into your weekly routine!

photo by Alice Kuo Shippee


This post was written by Max Shippee – PaleoFit extraordinaire and coach.