Tisano Chocolate Giveaway!!


I’m super excited to announce that it’s giveaway week at Paleo Plan!! WOOHOO!!

Today we have some delectable chocolate goodies worth $30 to give away to 5 of you, and I’ll be notifying you via email of the even bigger and better giveaways for the rest of the week. If you haven’t already, definitely sign up for our newsletter on the right to be notified, but I’ll also be announcing it on Facebook, Twitter, and in this blog.

So excited :) I love giving people presents.

What’s At Stake

Five winners will be receiving packages from Tisano consisting of the following:

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 1.25.17 PM

A 4-oz Tisano Cacao Tea Tin

Yes, that says Chocolate Tea! It’s made from cacao shells, so it’s going to have a chocolatey flavor, but it’s not super sweet. So if you’re doing the Paleo Challenge Email Series trying to give up coffee for a month, this might be a PERFECT substitute to help wean you off caffeine!

This product is worth $12.95.


Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 1.20.17 PM

A 16-oz Bag of Tisano Cacao Nibs

Here’s what Tisano has to say about this product.

“Cacao beans are the base for all chocolate and as such are the healthy part of dark chocolate – minus the sugar.  Made from 100% cacao beans this is as close to raw chocolate as you can get. Eat them on their own or mix them with shakes, salads, bake with them or as a unique addition to your trail mix.”

This product is worth $17.99.

Who Is Tisano?

Tisano is a small family-owned company that sources organically and sustainably grown cacao from Venezuela. I think they’re a great addition to the Paleo community.

Tisano is also contributing to the Harvest Your Health Bundle Sale (71 ebooks, 3 meal plans, 3 magazine subscriptions for $37 this week only) – they’re giving everyone who buys the bundle 20% off all of their products. If you haven’t checked out the bundle sale, you should give ‘er a gander – it’s pretty amazing :)



How to Enter to Win

All you have to do to enter to win one of these 5 prize packages is leave a comment at the bottom of this post saying “I want the chocolate!” I’ll be announcing 5 winners randomly on Tuesday, October 15th, and you can enter this giveaway until Saturday, October 12th at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Sound good? Ok, go!

Stay tuned for more :)


  1. I want the chocolate, yes I do.
    I want the chocolate more than you.

    I want it all, I will not share.
    Not even with a grizzly bear.

    But I WILL share it with my wife,
    because, of course, I love my life.

  2. I want chocolate! (and wine :), or in this case tea).
    Thanks for sharing information about this company. I had not heard of them and am always interested in connecting with new, paleo/primal friendly businesses.

  3. Hi Neely!!! Oh my gosh!! Please please I want the chocolate! Since going paleo/primal, I have discovered all of these allergies due to the clean eating. I no longer can eat any nuts, even certain oils, and butter. I feel very restricted, discouraged and deprived. :( Please allow me to have this opportunity to encourage myself on this rather rough journey of better health with the paleo template. I really do appreciate all that Paleo Plan has been doing to encourage me, but I am still struggling with how to feed myself and heal myself.

    Thanks so much for all you do! :)

  4. I really want that chocolate, I am craving for that chocolate, and I will have a little cup of strawberries on the side. Yum!!

  5. I want the chocolate! Holy bacon and all things wonderful, I want the chocolate!

    Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway, y’all :)

  6. I love chocolate and most have soy involved. The fat content is incredible. I want something like listed above that will not destroy all of the wonderful weight loss progress I have made. I want something small like chocolate chips that I can freeze and eat and savor one at a time. Yes, I want chocolate, but not ANY chocolate!!!! Pick me! Pick me!

  7. Tisano represents what is right in the world – unique food grown right from the land they own. This ownership of food production shares the flavor of the land. These cacao beans grown in Venezuela will share the flavors from the land like cacao beans grown in Mexico will share the flavors from the land there. This is what I am looking forward too. World flavors.

  8. sorry if it’s duplicate, as I cannot find my comment and it was having trouble sending.
    Because you know I want the CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!! :)

  9. I want the chocolate!

    “…And I want it Now!”

    Sorry had to work a little Queen in there.

    Also, three weeks into the paleo plan, going on four, and I think it’s great.