$75 US Wellness Meats Gift Card Giveaway!!


Today’s giveaway is TWO $75 Gift Cards to U.S. Wellness Meats!

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This giveaway is pretty exciting because you can get SO MANY different things with that money: lamb, rabbit, beef, pet food…

Here’s U.S. Wellness Meats list of offerings so you can see for yourself.

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Courtesy of www.grasslandbeef.com

Their meat is all naturally raised – grass-fed, pastured, humane – and sent directly to your door. I don’t think I need to say much more about them, do I? Everyone knows who they are and WHO DOESN’T WANT GOOD MEAT?

What You Could Win

A $75 Gift Cards from U.S. Wellness Meats will go to 2 lucky winners.

How to Enter to Win

1. Follow us on Facebook –
Visit us at facebook.com/paleoplan and Like us there.

AND (you must do both things to enter)

2. Comment below, saying, “Show me the money!!”

I’ll announce the 2 winners on Tuesday, October 15th. You can only enter this giveaway until tomorrow, Monday, October 14th at 5pm Eastern Time. Good luck!

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  1. Show me the money!! (BTW, for me, the link to Facebook isn’t working – I reach the error : “Unable to Subscribe. We were unable to create this subscription..”

  2. Show me the Money :)

    PS- I do not think it is fair, that you have to follow on Facebook to enter—I do not ( and I know many others do not)have a Facebook account.

  3. Show me the Money! The linky isn’t working but you can type Paleo Plan in the facebook toolbar and friend that way, if you’re not already!

  4. Show me the money!

    I tried liking the page but got an error. I also don’t see my original comment so I’m trying to post one more time. I really hope this works, I really want to enter for the giveaway!

  5. Please please do show me the money!!!! I have never had grass-fed meat before due to very tight budget issues..but I try to try the follow paleo template as much as possible. Please allow me the privilege to nurture myself with some quality proteins! :)

  6. “Show me the money!!”

    Because I really REALLY want this give away!!! So like like a thousand times like on Facebook!

  7. I’ve been a fitness professional for 30 years and overnight went from a driven high-energy exercise and health nut to bedridden. Sept. 2013 marked 2 years and I’m onward to The Cleveland Clinic later this month to hopefully find answers. One thing I do know is that I have severe food sensitivities. I’m not giving up. I want my health and my life back. I’m way too young to be in the condition I’m in. And like I told many ER medical staff, ambulance drivers, physicians, specialists, and naturopathic health practitioners, “I’ve done all the right things for years. This is not supposed to happen to me.”
    My quest for answers and the pursuit of rising above this dilemma has led me to your website. Glutten, including glutten-free grains, are DEFINITELY out of the question for me. They make me incredibly sick. But that’s just the tip of the ice-burg. Now it’s a matter of getting to the root of it all. And diet could very well be just that.
    Other findings are hypothyroid, depression, severe inflammation, severe digestive issues (hemmoraging of the entire stomach and lower third of espophagus – therefore, anemia; severe diarrhea – therefore malnutrition and dehydration, etc.); low cortisol (probably from life issues in conjunction with the exhaustion of physical ailments); low blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol…like too low…everything is sluggish…EVERYTHING! I will continue to pursue answers while embracing not only the knowledge this experience has imparted unto me but also what is has produced in my character and spiritual growth.