The One Food I Never Ever Eat


Before I removed gluten from my diet, I was overweight, I suffered from IBS (gut pain, constipation, diarrhea), I had super itchy skin that kept me awake at night, I binged on sugar all the time, my skin was inflamed and broken out, and I was very depressed.

That’s why I never, ever, ever eat gluten. Even at restaurants. Ever. And I think if other people knew how powerful gluten was in their own bodies, they’d stop eating it forever, too.

And that’s why I’m writing to tell you about the Gluten Summit.

The Gluten Summit is a series of interviews wherein the world’s most renowned gluten researchers and thought leaders tell us the truth about gluten: what it is, where it’s found, how it can hurt your intestines, how it can affect your immune system & your brain, contribute to diabetes, and wreck your blood sugar balance. And a lot more.

In essence, they tell us why the whole “gluten-free” thing isn’t just a fad ;)

Every day until November 17th there are several free presentations available to watch for 24 hours. These are the gluten interviews available today that I’m most excited about.




I’m excited that Dr. Vojdani is presenting because I’m always surprised that people are still given unreliable skin prick tests to determine if they have issues with certain foods. Most docs don’t even know that there are much better options for testing, not only for allergies, but for sensitivities to foods, both of which can be extremely debilitating.

And gluten sensitivity can be the most debilitating of all.

Gluten is the one thing I tell people to cut out of their diet when they’re having health issues, and I can’t tell you how many times it’s made a difference for people. Migraines, ulcer pain, shoulder pain, infertility, IBS, heartburn – those are all things I’ve personally seen be cured simply by not eating gluten.

So watch this summit.

Even if you don’t think you need to. I promise you will be surprised by what you learn. And please tell your friends and family about it who really need this information.

Click to watch the gluten summit <—- IT’S FREE

The goal of this summit is to move the gluten conversation ahead by 5 years, and that is something I am committed to. That’s why I blog, why I see clients, and why I love educating people about food – I want people to know the things that doctors will never tell you. I mean, if I don’t have to hear, “Gluten free is just a fad! It’s all in your head!” ever again, I’ll be very happy :)

Here’s the link to the Gluten Summit again.

The videos are free to watch every day. I’m sorry I’m late sending this out to you – they’re already through 2 days of interviews, but there’s still a ton left to see!