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Looking for the perfect gift for the Paleo or fitness fanatic in your life? Our team at Paleo Plan has put together this uber handy shopping list of a few of our favorite things…that we’re pretty sure the Paleo peeps in your life are gonna love too! Most of these gifts are available online, and if you place your orders soon, they should arrive before the holidays do. Happy shopping, and happy holidays from your friends at Paleo Plan!holiday-ebooks-3D-e1418756525627-300x259.png

We also have an exciting holiday gift for you! We’ve made it super easy to pull off your Paleo holiday meal this year by creating two different eBook guides that will help you plan and execute your holiday gathering with ease and style. Download your FREE copy of Paleo Plan’s Hanukkah eBook or Paleo Plan’s Christmas & New Year’s Holiday eBook. We’ve got you covered this holiday season!

A Few of Molly’s Favorite Things

molly-cooking2-238x300.jpgOur Paleo chef and meal plan creator Molly has shared some of her favorite kitchen gadgets and goodies with us that are sure to be appreciated by anyone who spends time in the kitchen.

mollys-favorite-crockpot1-300x241.jpgCrockpot or Slow Cooker – This is an invaluable tool for the novice (or busy) Paleo cook. Just throw some ingredients into the slow cooker before work and come home to a deliciously fragrant meal. This one is especially great because it has a stove-top browning feature for extra flavor with less clean up.

mollys-favorite-paleo-slow-cooking-250x300.pngIdiot’s Guide to Paleo Slow Cooking – Speaking of slow cooking…I highly recommend this AWESOME Paleo crockpot recipe book because, well, I wrote it! I’ve included over 80 tasty and unique recipes in this handy stocking stuffer. Filled with beautiful color photographs and easy to read instructions, it makes Paleo cooking so simple even a caveman could do it.mollys-favorite-vegetable-spiralizer-300x219.jpg

Vegetable Spiralizer –  Do the Paleo people in your life miss pasta? Give the gift of “noodles”! A spiralizer makes it easy to create beautiful strands of vegetable “pasta.” This handy tool also works to make sweet potato curly fries and gorgeous cucumber ribbons for salads.

mollys-favorite-cuisinart-161x300.jpgCuisinart Food Processor – This is one of the most useful tools in my kitchen. I use it to grate, chop, mash, slice, shred, and blend all sorts of foods quickly and efficiently. A must-have for anyone who cooks at home.mollys-favorite-salad-spinner-300x300.jpg

Oxo Salad Spinner – A good salad spinner is a kitchen essential to remove excess water from veggies, which can interfere with cooking and cause quicker spoilage. This salad spinner is my favorite.

Zena Swiss Star Potato & Vegetable mollys-favorite-vegetable-peeler-266x300.jpgPeeler – This lightweight peeler does heavy duty work in my kitchen. It’s made of stainless steel so it is dishwasher safe, and it’s really easy to hang on to.

mollys-favorite-spice-gift-box-300x221.jpgPenzey’s Spices Salt-Free Gift Box – These are some of my favorite spice blends because they are always fresh, robust and free from added salt, sugar, and MSG. This Penzey’s gift box contains 8 different international spice blends, certain to add an exciting flare to any Paleo meal.

A Few of Kinsey’s Favorite Things

Kinsey-Jackson_Paleo-Plan-4-e1418761737845.jpgOur nutritionist Kinsey has always been a practical gift giver. She’s shared some of her favorite go-to culinary tools that make living a Paleo lifestyle much easier, and much healthier! These practical gifts are must-haves for any foodie.kinseys-favorite-cooler-bag-and-ice-packs-300x270.jpg

Soft portable cooler with BPA-free Reusable Ice Packs – I use this cooler whenever I travel to work, on a road trip, or to the grocery store or farmers market. It’s easy to clean and haul around. It fits most ice packs and tupperware containers really well too.

kinseys-favorite-snapware-300x169.jpgGlass Tupperware – This is my all-time favorite tupperware. The lids are fitted tight with a silicone seal so there’s no leakage when your cooler accidentally tips upside down. Made in the USA of BPA-free pyrex glass, they can be used to store, heat, reheat, bake, or serve food in. Freezer-, dishwasher-, and microwave-safe ta boot!kinseys-favorite-vacuum-food-jar-e1418762452891-250x300.jpg

Stanley 17 oz vacuum food jar – This stainless steel travel container keeps food piping hot for hours, even in the coldest of weather! The lid doubles as a serving bowl too.

kinseys-favorite-magic-bullet-300x224.jpgMagic Bullet –  Makes blending sauces, dressings, and smoothies super fast and easy! The blending jars also double as serving containers with lids.

Mandoline Slicer kinseys-favorite-mandoline-slicer-300x167.jpg– Mandoline slicers make for even slicing of food with ease and little to no waste. The best sweet potato chips are made with the mandoline slicer!

kinseys-favorite-foodsaver-e1418763805878-300x210.jpgVacuum Sealer – One of my favorite kitchen tools is the vacuum sealer. I use it all the time to vacuum pack all sorts of foods like cooked soups, pre-prepped veggies, dehydrated foods, leftovers, and more. Removing the air keeps food fresh for a lot longer when stored in the freezer or pantry. I own this model which has an awesome handheld attachment that lets you vacuum seal mason jars, ziplock bags, and more.kinseys-favorite-food-dehydrator-300x279.jpg

Food Dehydrator – I love my dehydrator! I ‘cook’ all sorts of foods in it…jerky, kale chips, apple chips, tortillas….the list goes on! I’m saving up to buy this model in the future, but currently own this plastic model which I’ve been using happily for over 5 years.

kinseys-favorite-kitchen-mat-300x225.jpgAnti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat – Anyone who eats Paleo inevitably spends a lot of time standing in the kitchen chopping and cooking. This floor mat does wonders to reduce low back fatigue, and helps support the feet, legs, and back. An absolute must for the Paleo cook in your life!kinseys-favorite-blublocker-sunglasses-300x179.jpg

BluBlocker Sunglasses – Orange lenses block out blue light waves from screens and overhead lights, which are known to interfere with melatonin production at night. These are the original BluBlockers, but these cheaper ones get the job done just as well.kinseys-favorites-organic-dark-chocolate-300x219.jpg

Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate Gift BoxDark chocolate is well known for its myriad of health benefits, making Paleo-friendly dark chocolate the perfect gift for your chocolate-loving primal companions! This beautiful gift box contains 3 delicious Green & Black’s Organic 85% Dark Chocolate Bars, made from all Paleo-friendly ingredients.

A Few of Aimee’s Favorite Things

aimee-giftguide-225x300.pngOur nutritionist Aimee has some fantastic recommendations for the Paleo people in your life, whether they’re all in or new to the game. Simplifying Paleo and life in general, is one of her favorite things.

aimees-favorites-mediterraean-paleo-cooking-book.pngMediterranean Paleo Cookbook – This book has received a lot of buzz in the Paleo community, and that’s because it offers a fun twist on completely Paleo food. There are recipes for both the foodie and the reluctant Paleo cook, with plenty of options to please even the pickiest of eaters.

aimees-favorites-jawbone-fitness-tracker-300x143.pngJawbone Bluetooth Fitness Tracker – This fitness tracker is a wonderful addition to the paleo lifestyle. Get motivated by effortlessly keeping track of your steps and even sleep habits!aimees-favorites-anchor-hocking-glass-bowl-set-300x227.png

Anchor Hocking Glass Bowl Set – For the food lover on your list, make their prep time seamless with these nesting glass mixing bowls. Easy to clean, free from phthalates that plastic bowls contain, these will make anyone’s kitchen a happier place.

Restoration Foot Balmaimees-favorites-restoration-foot-balm-e1418777709468-178x300.png – This is the best kind of stocking stuffer! Who doesn’t deal with some dry skin in the winter? This will transform even the roughest feet into silky soft skin you never thought was possible.aimees-favorites-klean-kanteen-water-bottle-179x300.png

Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth Insulated Water Bottle with Loop Cap – Easily keep track of your water intake with this stylish stainless steel bottle! Whether at home or on the go, boost your water intake without resorting to the use of plastic bottles.

aimees-favorites-kitchenmade-stainless-steel-measuring-cups-300x300.pngKitchenmade Stainless Steel Measuring Cups – The perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite Paleo chef!aimees-favorites-nutiva-organic-hemp-protein-powder-192x300.png

Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Powder – Protein powders are hard to find for the Paleo foodie, and even many Paleo protein powders contain whey, which many can’t tolerate. Go plant-based with this organic hemp protein powder which adds a boost to any Paleo smoothie or protein drink!

A Few of Sally’s Favorite Things

sally-giftguide-copy.pngOur Dietician Sally is an avid Crossfitter and Paleo enthusiast. She’s put together some seriously savvy gift ideas for the CrossFitter or Paleo person in your life!sallys-favorites-weight-plate-necklace-e1418779626962-258x300.png

45 lb Weight Plate with “Strong Is Beautiful” Necklace – Strong is beautiful and so is this awesome necklace! It’s the perfect gift for the female bodybuilder or Crossfitter in your life. The chain and charms are sold together or separately.sallys-favorites-socks-with-a-purpose-200x300.png

Socks with a purpose – What CrossFitter doesn’t love a pair of fabulous knee socks? Workout apparel makes great holiday gifts for athletes and knee socks are perfect for the CrossFitter so she can concentrate on her lifting, not the sorry state of her unprotected shins! There are plenty of colors to choose from, all are made in the USA, and the best part of purchasing Sox Box socks is that 20% of all profits gosallys-favorites-fractional-plates-e1418780168372-300x228.png towards the Independence Fund, a non-profit organization that provides support to wounded, injured, and ill service veterans.

Fractional plates – Is the CrossFitter in your life frustrated with her lack of progress on lifts? Help her break her plateau with these functional plates designed to improve performance a fraction of a pound at a time.

sallys-favorites-steves-paleo-goods-e1418780803908.pngLarge gift basket from Steve’s Paleo Goods – Steve, a CrossFit coach who wanted to improve the lunchtime nutrition of the young athletes he was working with, created a “PaleoKit” of jerky, nuts and berries, gave them to the kids and sold them online to raise money for Steve’s Club Athletes. The rest is history. The large gift basket contains many favorites including PaleoKits and more and the proceeds support Steve’s Club for training at risk kids.sallys-favorites-paleo-hanukkah-gift-box-278x300.png

Paleo Hanukkah Gift Box – Sweets are central to the Hanukkah tradition and in addition to nuts, seeds and plantain chips, this gift basket provides nature’s candy – dried fruit, and Paleo treats sweetened only with honey.

A Few of Max’s Favorite Things

max-giftguide-copy.pngOur fitness guru Max has some healthy gift suggestions that are sure to be enjoyed and well-used by the movement enthusiast in your life! Who knew there were so many options for jump ropes, dumbbells, and heart rate monitors? Max clears up any confusion and points us in the right direction to purchasing the perfect fitness gift!

maxs-favorites-skipping-rope-e1418782253858-300x157.pngJump ropes: Beaded, Speed, or Weighted – This should be an essential piece of equipment for anyone who has even a minute to work out. Jump ropes are versatile, get the heart rate up fast, and travel easier than anything else you can possibly pack. You have LOTS of options to choose from that also range widely in price.

Jump ropes can be a little personal in that some people LOVE one style and don’t care at all for the next. But starting at less than $10, it’s a great stocking stuffer that won’t break the bank. If your guy or gal is uber-fit, you can even grab one that has extra weight, to intensify the jumping experience. We’ve even got a couple of jump rope videos to get you started!

Dumbbells: Uncoated Metal, Rubberized, or Adjustable – A few years ago kettlebells were all the rage. While they are all well and good, a nice set of dumbbells will be more useful for most people. Not only are they easy to find in most sporting goods stores, but you can also usually find a nice set or even a pair or two on Craigslist. For economy, a single pair that both weigh the same amount (as opposed to adjustable dumbbells) is a safer option. For most ladies a pair of 10 lb or 15 lb dumbbells will do a lot towards making your workouts more effective. Guys are usually looking at 25 lbs to 45 lbs.

maxs-favorites-metal-hex-dumbbells-e1418783714286-300x183.pngYour least expensive option is usually getting metal hex dumbbells. You can often find these on a sale for around a dollar a pound. They are solid metal, so be careful where and how to put them down, they’ll leave marks!maxs-favorites-rubber-hex-weights-300x300.png

Next most common are the rubber hex. These look a little slicker and are much gentler on your floors if you happen to drop them! Due to their rubberized nature, they will cost a bit more, but they feel safer to me and are just as badass as any other dumbbell.

maxs-favorites-dumbbells-adjustable-300x225.pngLast is the adjustable dumbbell option. These are a great choice if you’re sharing with a friend, or you are limited by space. The only downside is that you have to take time to take them apart (or adjust a dial) to switch between weights. Not a huge issue, honestly, since pound for pound, you’re probably getting the most for your money.

maxs-favorites-heart-rate-monitor-300x300.pngHeart Rate Monitor: Chest Strap Style, Wrist Style, or GPS Enabled – A heart rate monitor is a great idea for your tech loving fit friends. There are scores of downloadable apps that allow a person to take advantage of the information that this technology can provide. There are quite a few options here, and you can spend anywhere from $60 to hundreds of dollars. Most apps that run with current heart rate monitors are Bluetooth 4.0, also known as Low Energy, or Smart Bluetooth. The majority of current phones are capable of receiving this info from the monitors, but it doesn’t hurt to check your tech before you spend your money!


maxs-favorites-gps-heart-monitor-171x300.pngWhile most all chest strap monitors require some other tech to pair them with, wristwatch style monitors can be self-containing and give you a constant readout of what’s happening under the hood. Chest strap and wrist style are both great for gym goers, while a buddy that really enjoys trail or distance running may get a kick out of tracking their stats through a GPS monitor.

A Few of Paleo Plan’s Favorite Things

We truly wish you and yours the happiest and healthiest of holidays, and on that note…there is no better gift to give than the gift of good health! As always, we have meal plan subscriptions, Paleo eBooks, and fitness plans that make it fun and easy to start reclaiming your health by living a Paleo lifestyle!

paleoplans-favorites-paleoplan-mealplanning-300x200.pngMembership to Paleo Plan’s Meal Planning Service – 14 day free trial with all new memberships! We save you time and money by planning your meals every day, taking the worry out of deciding what to eat. Our shopping lists make sure you’ll have everything you need, right in your kitchen, without wasted food at the end of the week.

paleoplans-favorites-paleoplan-ebooks.pngPaleo Plan Quickstart Guide and Paleo Challenge eBook – Our easy-to-read eBook gives you all the info you need to quickly start living a Paleo lifestyle. We answer the most frequently asked questions, and provide you with a 6-week meal plan, shopping lists, recipes, and everything you need to be successful! Our eBooks can also be used for 30-day Paleo challenges to help track progress through the weeks. It’s a great way for anyone to get psyched about changing their life and to start eating Paleo right away!

Paleo Fit Workout Planning Service – Paleo Fit provides all the benefits of a traditional workout program with none of the hassles of a traditional gym membership. Get lean and strong the Paleo way with weekly at-home bodyweight workouts, delivered right to your inbox, designed by our fitness experts.

gift-guide-paleo-plan-300x199.jpgOur team at Paleo Plan wishes you and your loved ones the happiest and healthiest of holidays, and as always, we are here to help you keep it fun, healthy and Paleo! Don’t forget to download your FREE copy of Paleo Plan’s Christmas & New Year’s Holiday eBook and Paleo Plan’s Hanukkah eBook to make your holiday meal planning a breeze! And finally, one last shameless plug for our most excellent meal planning service (available for less than $10/month), because there is truly no better gift than the gift of a healthy and vibrant life. Happy Holidays everyone, from our Paleo family to yours!