Bone Broth Diet: Book Review


bone-broth-diet-book.pngBone broth is undoubtedly a Paleo and all-around health food habit that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, a naturopathic doctor who released a book on this topic, not only believes that bone broth is amazing for general health, but also for weight loss, too! Her book, Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet: Lose Up to 15 Pounds, 4 Inches — and Your Wrinkles! — in Just 21 Days is a great read for anyone looking to optimize their digestion, but also to balance hormones, lose weight, banish cellulite, and improve general mood and happiness. That sounds like a tall order for a book, but this one definitely stands up to it.

If you’re worried that this “bone broth diet” is going to be some awful, starvation, calorie-counting fiasco, you have nothing to fear! The book doesn’t want you counting calories and it doesn’t want you going hungry! Is that not a win/win scenario? To prove the legitimacy of her diet, Dr. Petrucci put it to the test with three separate independent trials, and the results back up her book’s claims:

  • Participants lost up to 15 pounds during the 21-day diet protocol
  • They felt healthier and happier
  • They started sleeping better

If those aren’t reasons enough to consider this book, let me tell you that this is a great way to kickstart a Paleo food plan. The 21-day bone broth diet follows a Paleo diet exactly, which means that it’s a sustainable way of living. It will nourish your body with essential nutrients for health and vitality. It will help your body to naturally balance out nutrient deficiencies and the effects of stress. It’s a great way to introduce Paleo to your personal lifestyle or to integrate it into your family kitchen.

As a Paleo nutritionist, I only have a few words of caution if you’re thinking about doing a bone broth diet.

  • As the book also mentions, this plan is not for pregnant women, and I don’t think it should be for breastfeeding women either.
  • The actual bone broth fasting meal plan is designed to get your body into fat-burning mode, a.k.a. ketosis, so this food plan may make some people feel especially awful or weak. If you’re feeling that way after the initial 10 days of adjustment, you need to add more Paleo carbs (vegetables and fruit), and eat more protein and fat in general. Remember, even though this book covers a lot of great information, no plan can truly be one size fits all. Some people thrive and lose weight well in ketosis, and others just feel miserable. Listen to your body!

I love Dr. Kellyann’s work, and if you’re curious at all about this whole bone broth craze, this is a great primer on the subject. As a bonus, the book contains nine different recipes for making your own awesome bone broth right in your own kitchen (it’s really not as hard as it may sound!), plus it contains other breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes and some awesome time-saving cooking shortcuts to help make your Paleo lifestyle much more simplified.

If you’re looking for a great read on the subject of bone broth, this book should definitely top your list!

I was given a free copy of this book to review, but my opinions are honest and my own.