21-Day Paleo Cleanse eBook

21-Day Paleo Cleanse eBook

A step-by-step guide for people with autoimmune diseases, food allergies, and gut health problems to reduce inflammation, reverse symptoms, and lose weight.

Everything you need to:

  • Reboot your body
  • Lose fat
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Have more energy and stable blood sugar
  • Decrease depression or anxiety
  • Reverse diabetes
  • Get help with meal planning
  • Have an allergy to eggs or nuts
  • Can’t eat nightshades

What’s the difference between this and the Quickstart Guide?

This ebook is for people who have severe leaky gut, autoimmune disorder(s), or are very sensitive to eggs, nightshades, nuts, and/or seeds. The meal plan within this eBook contains delicious Paleo recipes that do not include any of those ingredients. If you’d like a more “normal” Paleo meal plan, and guide through a Paleo Challenge, please check out our Quickstart Guide and Paleo Challenge eBook.

21-Day Paleo Cleanse

A complete autoimmune and hypoallergenic guide to Paleo

  • Comprehensive information on Inflammation and the Paleo Diet
  • Beautifully designed PDF
  • Over 50 recipes
  • 3 weeks of meal plans and shopping lists
  • DRM-Free*
  • Free digital updates
  • Read on any computer, iPad, or eReader
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Answers to commonly asked questions about paleo

You’ll know exactly what to eat and what to avoid during the cleanse and after. Plus we’ll walk you through .how to clean out and re-stock your pantry and fridge.

  • How to lose weight
  • Whether saturated fat & cholesterol are bad for you
  • If you should eat processed meats
  • The use of protein powders
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Food budgeting
  • If you’ll get enough nutrients on this diet
  • And whether a higher protein diet is healthy
  • A comprehensive, clear-cut food guide
  • What to eat when you’re not at home

Easy-to-understand guide to fats and oils

It’s confusing trying to keep up with which oils to use for cooking, which fats have what kinds of fatty acids in them, etc. So we put a pretty little guide in this eBook for you.

How to change the diet for endurance and power athletes

You’ll need to fuel all that activity a little differently than more sedentary people, and we’ll tell you exactly .how to do it.

What to do after the cleanse

When you finish the three-week cleanse, you’ll know exactly how to proceed, whether it’s on a normal Paleo .diet or figuring out if you need to keep some of those extra foods (eggs, nightshades, etc.) out of your diet for a while longer.

Meal plans and recipes

Three weeks of detailed menus that plan out what you’ll eat for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. The meal plans always use leftovers so you’re not tethered to the kitchen, and they allow you to use up all the food you buy so you’re not wasting any money.

  • Grocery lists
  • Food prep instructions
  • Staples list
  • Recipes to go along with every meal in the meal plans

Price: $25