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Hi there!

It’s Kinsey, your host for the 30 Day Paleo Challenge (30DC) and nutritionist here at PaleoPlan. First off, CONGRATULATIONS are in order! By signing up for this challenge, you’ve made the decision to take your health into your own hands and given yourself the best gift possible…the gift of living the life you were intended to live!

In the next 30 days, you’re going to use food as your medicine to not just survive, but to THRIVE (surthrive!). Cheesy as that sounds, going Paleo can transform your life, restore your health & vitality, and help you live a life you never knew was even possible.

First things first…

  • The challenge (meal plan) officially begins on Monday, August 12th (Day 1 of eating Paleo).
  • You’ll want to get the ingredients listed on week 1 shopping list at least one day in advance of Day 1.
  • I designed this challenge such that Sunday is “Day 0” and I recommend getting your shopping, pre-measurements and meal prep done on this day.
  • If you’re joining the challenge late…no worries, just start here, but be aware that online access ends 30 days after the official end of the challenge.  Dates are posted at the top of your 30DC Dashboard.

I want to make sure that you’re prepared (and pumped!) for the 30 Day Paleo Challenge (30DC), so here are 5 steps to get started.



I’ll be emailing you daily with pertinent news, reminders and a link to access the Daily Lesson. This email will come to the email address you provided when you registered for the 30DC.  If you’d like to change the email address where you’ll be receiving your daily reminders, or need any support at all, please contact [email protected]


Your 30DC Dashboard contains the Daily Lessons, digital versions of the Daily Journal, the 30DC Meal Plan and Shopping Lists, Paleo resources and guides, kitchen demo videos, motivational audios, and more! I’ll update your dashboard daily, so be sure to check in often.

30DC Deluxe members have an additional Deluxe Dashboard containing all of your bonus resources.

You’ll continue to have access to the dashboard(s) for 30 days after the program ends.

Visit your 30DC Dashboard by clicking the Member Login link at PaleoPlan.com. Click Other Products and then select 30DC Dashboard from the dropdown menu. Your username is the email address you used to purchase the 30DC program, and your password was emailed to you shortly after purchase. Please email [email protected] if you need assistance with your account. 


The 30DC Meal Plan includes all of the recipes and shopping lists needed for the 30-day challenge. The meal plan is available as a digital PDF file on the 30DC Dashboard and is also found in your 30DC Meal Plan Book if you purchased the print books for the challenge.

The shopping lists are available as digital PDF files on the 30DC Dashboard and are also found in the printed 30DC Meal Plan Book before each week’s recipes.

I recommend shopping on Saturday for the items listed on the Week 1 Shopping List. Sunday (Day 0) can be used for food prep to set you up for Day 1 of the challenge (Monday).

Simply follow the weekly preparation instructions and each week’s meal plan calendar view to make the recipes for the next 30 days!

I’ve also included Paleo Quick Guides (located at the bottom of your Dashboard and at the back of your printed Meal Plan book) to help you jumpstart your Paleo journey. There’s a Paleo Food List, Snacking Guide, Drink Guide, Travel and Restaurant Guide, Shopping Guide, a Fitness Guide, and more!


Be sure to take your “before” measurements, including pictures, and record them in your 30DC Daily Journal. This is a very important step! I know it’s not fun to take pictures of yourself when you aren’t feeling your best, but trust me, an important part of staying motivated is seeing your progress. Use your journal each day of the challenge to reflect on the Daily Lessons and to record your daily progress throughout the 30 days. The journal is one of the books you received if you purchased the print version of the 30DC and is also available in digital format on your dashboard.


I HIGHLY recommend joining our 30DC Facebook group. Our private Facebook group is a great place to get support from myself and the other 30DC members. Life-changing conversations and friendships happen in our group, so you’ll definitely want in on the action! Once you’re in the group, visit the pinned post at the top of the group wall, introduce yourself, and share your goals for the 30DC. I can’t wait to meet you!

Join the 30DC Facebook group here

Congratulations again for taking the first (and possibly most important) step towards reclaiming your health. This is a really BIG deal! And I’m so very excited for you to experience firsthand what all this Paleo talk is about, are you ready? Well, ready or not, here you come! :) And I’m truly honored and humbled to join you on this journey…one delicious bite at a time.

Chat soon!

In good health,
Kinsey Jackson, MS, CNS®, CFMP®
Certified Nutrition Specialist® Clinician
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner®


*The Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists owns the certification mark Certified Nutrition Specialist® in the United States, which it awards to individuals who successfully complete the initial and ongoing certification requirements established by the BCNS.