30DC FAQ’s


How to use this FAQ Document

Many of the questions people have about the Paleo diet and nutrition/health will be answered over the next 30 days. Below I’ve listed some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) people have when they’re getting started with the 30-day challenge and the Paleo diet in general.

This FAQ list is divided into 5 categories of questions:

  1. 30DC Challenge Details
  2. Meal Plan Questions
  3. Food Questions
  4. Special Conditions
  5. Support Questions

You can use the Ctrl F function in the document to quickly search for the topic you are looking for.

For example, if you are wondering if Paleo is safe for diabetics, follow these steps to find your answer:

  1. Click somewhere in the document
  2. On your keyboard, press and hold “Ctrl” and “F” and the search box should pop up at the top of your screen.
  3. Type in the word you want to inquire about (i.e. diabetes) and press enter
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  5. Please note you may need to use different variations of the search term (i.e. diabetes vs. diabetic) to find what you’re looking for.
  6. Yes, the Paleo diet is safe for most diabetics and can be really helpful to get blood sugars under control!



Q: When does the 30DC officially start?

Check the top of your 30DC Dashboard for specific dates.

Q: What is the 30DC?

30DC is short for “30 Day Paleo Challenge”. This 30DC is designed to guide you through 30 days of Paleo eating and living. More than that, this challenge is designed to teach you the how (how to eat Paleo) and the why behind your actions. Throughout the challenge and beyond, you will have access to everything you need to get started and be successful with living a Paleo lifestyle.

Q: What is the 30DC Deluxe Program?

If you opted for Deluxe membership when you signed up for the 30DC, you have several additional bonus resources that can be found on your private Deluxe Dashboard, accessible from the main 30DC Dashboard. Deluxe membership includes an additional bonus Paleo cookbook, a 30-day fitness program designed by PaleoFit expert Max Shippee, a $50 coupon to use towards one-on-one nutrition coaching with Kinsey, all of the Daily Lessons in video and audio format (so you can watch or listen instead of reading them each day). You can upgrade to Deluxe membership at any time by emailing [email protected]

Q: Is there anything I need to do to get ready for the 30DC?

Yes! You can download the following resources from your 30DC Dashboard.

  1. Visit the Start Here post on your 30DC Dashboard for next steps to take.
  2. Take “before” measurements described in your Daily Journal.
  3. Go shopping with the Week 1 Shopping List at least one day prior to Day 1 of the challenge.
  4. Prep your meals for week 1 using the prep instructions located in the 30DC Meal Plan. We recommend doing this on Day 0 (Sunday).
  5. Join our private 30DC Facebook Group and introduce yourself in the pinned post!

Q: What if I’m starting late…can I still participate?

Yes! If you’re joining the challenge late, no worries. When you’re ready to start, just make that your “Day 1”. Visit the Start Here post for the next steps to take to get started on the challenge. Please note that online access to your Dashboard materials ends 30 days after the official end of the Challenge, so be sure to download your resources before then. Check the notes at the top of your 30DC Dashboard for specific dates.

Q: How do I join the 30DC Facebook group?

Click the link at the top of your 30DC Dashboard to join the private, members-only 30DC Facebook group. Please note it may take up to 24 hours for us to approve your entry.

Q: What’s the function of the Facebook group?

The 30DC Facebook group is a supportive place where you can interact with your fellow 30DC challengers. Feel free to make posts, share pictures and videos, get and give advice and support, and ask questions along the way. And when it feels rough, well, that’s what the group is for too…to get the support that you need to make this a successful Paleo challenge! By far the most successful people are the ones who have the support of others. Sometimes we have to look outside of our family and friend circles to get this kind of support, which is one of the main reasons why the private Facebook support group was created!

Kinsey will be answering your questions during the Facebook Live videos and under the pinned post in the 30DC Facebook group. The “pinned post” is the first/top post under the “Discussion” section, and can also be found at the top of the “Announcements” section of the 30DC Facebook Group.

***The pinned post is the only place in the Facebook group that Kinsey will be checking for questions, so be sure to ask your questions by commenting on the pinned post!***

Q: What’s the function of the Facebook Live videos?

Kinsey will be hosting regular Facebook Live events where you can get all of your questions answered live in person! Details and a link for joining will become available in the 30DC Facebook group the day(s) before the live broadcast. The Facebook Live schedule is already posted near the bottom of your 30DC Dashboard, so be sure to mark your calendars with these dates. If you can’t make it to the Facebook Lives, no worries! After the broadcast has finished airing, you can watch the replay at any time. Links to the videos will be posted on your 30DC Dashboard so you can easily access all of the previous Facebook Lives. If you have any questions getting started (or throughout the 30 days) and can’t make it to the Facebook Lives to ask in person, be sure to ask your questions by commenting on the pinned post.

Q: What if I don’t have a Facebook account, or don’t want to participate on Facebook

You can do this Paleo Challenge on your own, but participating in the Facebook group helps most people to stay on track, stay accountable, and keeps the motivation strong!

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can create a Facebook account here. If you really don’t want to participate in the group, no worries! Just follow the info given in the daily emails, daily lessons, meal plan, along with the other resources available on your 30DC Dashboard. You can also email [email protected] with questions.

Q: How will I receive the information for this challenge?

Kinsey will be communicating with you in 3 ways during this challenge.

  1. Daily Lessons – This is one of the subsections on your 30DC Dashboard where the daily reading will be posted. The majority of information for the challenge is located in these posts.
  2. Daily Emails – Each day, Kinsey will email you with advice, inspiration, and a link to the Daily Lesson.
  3. Facebook – Our 30DC Facebook group is the best place to ask questions and to get and receive support from other 30DC members. Kinsey will be posting in the group regularly. Please note that the pinned post is the only place in the Facebook group that Kinsey will be checking for questions, so be sure to ask your questions by commenting on the pinned post! The pinned post is the first/top post under the “Discussion” section, and can also be found at the top of the “Announcements” section of the 30DC Facebook Group.

Q: How long will my resources be available online?

All of the resources will be available on the 30DC Dashboard for 30 days after the challenge ends. You will continue to have access to these resources and to your 30DC Dashboard during that timeframe. Check the top of the 30DC Dashboard for specific dates.

Q: Are there any supplements required for the 30DC?

There are no supplements required for this challenge, although a few of the recipes call for collagen powder (AKA collagen peptides), which can be purchased online or in a health food store. Be sure to purchase a grass-fed or marine-based collagen; Kinsey’s favorite is the Vital Proteins brand. We will discuss supplements in-depth on Days 17 and 18 of the challenge.

Q: Is there a fitness component to this challenge?

There is no required exercise component to this challenge, however, we will be encouraging and discussing exercise as one of the key pillars of a Paleo lifestyle throughout the 30DC. To keep you moving every day throughout the challenge, fitness guru Max Shippee (creator of our PaleoFit Workouts) has shared Five Daily Movements to maintain good mobility. These are available as videos on the 30DC Dashboard.

Deluxe MembersYou also have a 30DC Fitness Program available on your Deluxe Dashboard. Fitness guru Max Shippee created this 30-day fitness plan especially for the 30DC. He shares modifications for all of the exercises, so no matter your current level of fitness, you’ll be able to make these movements work for you!

Q: What is the Paleo diet?

The Paleo diet mimics the types of foods every person on the planet ate prior to the Agricultural Revolution (a mere 10,000 years or 500 generations ago). These foods include meats, seafood, eggs, fresh vegetables, and fruits, plus some nuts and seeds. Paleo foods are chock-full of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, fiber, beneficial fatty acids, and low-glycemic carbohydrates that promote good health. The Paleo diet does not contain refined sugars or grains, dairy, unhealthy fats, or processed foods that are often the cause of weight gain, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and many other health problems. For a detailed list of foods that are allowed on the Paleo diet and 30DC, please consult the 30DC Paleo Food List on your 30DC Dashboard or our PaleoPlan Food Guide.

Q: Who is Kinsey Jackson?

Kinsey Jackson, MS, CNS®, CFMP® is a Certified Nutrition Specialist®* Clinician and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner® specializing in functional medicine and evolutionary nutrition. Her own experience of overcoming multiple autoimmune disorders by adopting a Paleo lifestyle vastly contributes to her passion for helping others to also reclaim their health and vitality by making informed dietary decisions. Kinsey is the creator of PaleoPlan’s 30 Day Paleo Challenge and will be your host for this 30DC. She’s also an author and recipe writer here at PaleoPlan. You can view Kinsey’s bio here.

Q: Who is PaleoPlan?

Team PaleoPlan consists of 2 nutritionists — myself (Kinsey Jackson) and Sally Johnson, RD, LD, CFMP® the creator of our PaleoPlan meal plans. Max Shippee is our exercise guru and the creator of our PaleoFit workout program. Our goal at PaleoPlan is to make eating and living Paleo as easy and affordable as possible for people. For that reason, we’ve created a weekly Paleo diet meal plan service and a couple of Paleo books and programs to help make eating and living a Paleo lifestyle much more attainable and sustainable. Click here to learn more about our team of PaleoPlan experts.



Q: What meals does the 30-day plan provide?

The 30DC Meal Plan provides the following daily meals for all 30 days, for two average adults:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Optional weekly snacks
  • Optional Saturday night desserts

Q: Who designed the 30DC Meal Plan?

The 30DC Meal Plan has been custom designed by myself (Kinsey Jackson, MS, CNS®, CFMP®) and licensed dietitian Sally Johnson, RD, LD, CFMP®. Sure we might be biased, but we think you’ll be amazed at just how delicious and easy eating healthy can be!

Q: What are the macros for the 30DC Meal Plan?

Each meal in the plan (and the plan as a whole) keeps your macronutrient ratio within a range that we know from experience brings people success. The macronutrient ratio for the 30DC Meal Plan is approximately 60:25:15, that is: 60% fat, 25% protein, and 15% carbohydrates. We’ll talk more about macronutrient ratios in the Daily Lessons.

Q: When do I prep foods?

To save time and energy, you’ll want to prep foods one or more days in advance of when you will be using them in the recipes. Follow the weekly Preparation instructions in the meal plan about when to prep foods. The meal plan is designed such that Wednesdays and Sundays are the main prep days, but you can choose any days that work for you and in general, just prep as much as you can in advance to make mealtimes quick.

Q: Can I change the number of servings?

Yes! The meal plan as written is designed for 2 people following the plan together. The shopping list and the recipes themselves provide guidance for what two average people eat. You may want to adjust the quantities for your specific needs (see below).

Q: I have a family of 4, how do I make the plan work for me?

The meal plan is designed for 2 adults following the 30-day plan. You can easily make this plan work for 4 people by simply doubling all of the recipes and shopping list quantities.

Q: I live alone. Can the meal plan work for one person?

The meal plan is designed for 2 adults following the 30-day plan. You can easily make this plan work for one person by dividing all of the recipe and shopping list quantities in half.

Q: Can I do the challenge without following the meal plan?

Yes, you can participate in the 30DC without following the meal plan BUT the best part about following our weekly meal plan for this challenge is that you’ll automatically be guided each day about what to eat and how to cook it.

If you aren’t going to follow the meal plan:

  • Basically, you’ll want to eat 3 to 4 meals a day. For meals, pick a protein source (meat, eggs, fish, seafood) and build upon it with veggies, fruits, and healthy fats that are listed in the food guide. Just start with 4 to 6 ounces of meat or eggs (or a combo of both), add lots of veggies and some fat, and season it up with some herbs and spices and you’ll likely come out with a delicious meal.
  • If you are NOT following the 30DC meal plan, then you’ll want to shoot for a similar macronutrient ratio as the 30DC meal plan, for both your daily meals and overall diet for this challenge. The 30DC Meal Plan that we are following for this challenge has an overall macronutrient ratio in the range of 60:25:15, that is: 60% fat, 25% protein, and 15% carbohydrate. We’ll discuss this more on Day 2.

Q: What if I don’t like some of the foods on the meal plan? Can I swap out ingredients?

The various proteins and vegetables can be easily swapped out of the meal plan. For example, if you don’t eat pork, you can replace pork with another type of meat that you’d prefer of the same quantity/weight listed on the meal plan/shopping list. Or maybe you don’t eat nightshade vegetables…that’s ok! Simply use another type of vegetable in recipes that call for them, and adjust cooking times accordingly. If you need to avoid eggs, it will be easiest to swap out entire recipes that are egg-based, and choose another recipe from the 30DC Meal Plan or the PaleoPlan Recipe Center instead.

However, unless you have a specific food intolerance or reason why you need to avoid a particular food, I highly recommend that you follow the meal plan as it’s written. It’s been specifically designed to maximize your results during this program. Altering the recipes or ingredients in the plan too much might compromise your desired outcomes.

Q: What if I have to skip a day (or more) of the meal plan?

Of course, I encourage you to stick to eating strictly Paleo for the 30 days, but if you have to miss a few days, that’s ok! Just know that you may need to manually adjust your shopping list, or make plans for the extra food that you will have the week you are planning to be absent.

Q: What if I need to eat at a restaurant, or am traveling?

I’ve written up a few guides for you to use when you need to eat out at a restaurant or are otherwise taking Paleo to-go. They are available at the bottom of your 30DC Dashboard.

Q: What if I don’t like leftovers?

I didn’t use to like leftovers either! Or frozen food…but what I realized after a few years of eating Paleo, was that I was spending a LOT of my time in the kitchen cooking…and I was starting to burn out on it! I eventually started eating leftovers as a way to save time (and money) and gradually I actually learned to LOVE leftovers! Turns out a lot of foods taste better the second or third day, after the flavors have had a chance to mingle. I used to get sick of eating the same foods more than one day in a row, but that has really changed with time (our tastebuds really do evolve once we’ve been eating Paleo for awhile, and we end up liking things we didn’t use to!)

Q: I don’t know how to cook!

Don’t feel bad, a lot of people don’t know how to cook that come to us for help! Our meal plans and recipes have detailed instructions about how to prepare each meal. You’ll just want to make sure that you have some basic cooking tools in your kitchen.  I’ve shared some Kitchen Demo videos that you may find helpful, so be sure to check those out as well.

I had my good friend Chef Ryan Ross (winner of the TV reality show Chopped!) write up some Paleo cooking guides for you, in case you aren’t feeling totally confident about your meat and vegetable cooking skills:

Also, feel free to ask any questions you have in the private Facebook group, we would love to help you learn some cooking tricks! I will also be doing cooking demos during some of the Kitchen Demo Videos that you may find helpful, so be sure to tune into those as well!

Q: What if I don’t generally eat breakfast? Or I practice Intermittent Fasting?

I encourage you to follow the meal plan as it’s written for this challenge, which includes breakfasts. The reason is that some people who notoriously skip breakfast are precisely the people who would benefit from it most! Also, to exclude breakfast from the meal plan would subtract from the nutrition of the meal plan, which has been designed to meet all of your daily nutrition needs.

Q: I don’t have time to eat in the morning.

If you really don’t have time/desire to eat breakfast, then I won’t twist your arm! Read the answer to the question above and be prepared to adjust your meal plan and shopping lists to account for the deleted meals. You may also want to add some snacks to the meal plan, to replace some of the calories from the meals you’ll be missing. Check out the Paleo Snack Guide for snack ideas.

Q: What is the difference between the 30-day challenge meal plan and the regular PaleoPlan meal plan?

This meal plan was designed by myself and our Registered Dietitian, Sally Johnson, who also designs our regular PaleoPlan meal plan. As such, they are similar in many ways. If you’re a current PaleoPlan meal plan member, you may recognize some of the recipes that are used in the 30DC. The main differences between our meal plan and the 30DC are: 

  • Unlike our meal plans, the 30DC meal plan does NOT include regular daily snacks (but it does include optional weekly snacks). You are also welcome to include snacks on your own using the Paleo Snack Guide.
  • Our regular meal plan allows for more flexibility in your meal plan with our customization features, which make it possible for you to swap out recipes, eliminate meals and even change the number of people you are serving. This is done using the online editing features. In contrast, the 30DC is less flexible and not connected to the customization features as it is designed to eat Paleo strictly for 30 days, which is what a “Paleo challenge” is all about!

Q: Is this a low-carb or ketogenic meal plan?

Our 30 Day Meal Plan is NOT a ketogenic diet or “low-carb”, per se. It could be considered a low-ish carb diet. The 30 Day Meal Plan (as well as the meal plans we offer at PaleoPlan) fall somewhere between low and moderate carbohydrate, containing roughly 80-100 grams of carbs/day (about 15-20% of the macros).

Q: What if I want to eat low-carb?

People starting out on the Paleo diet generally end up eating fewer carbohydrates than they were eating previously. This slower, moderate approach to lowering carbohydrate intake is a healthier and safer way to decrease your body’s dependence on glucose and gradually increase your ability to produce ketones from fat. We recommend that most people follow a Paleo diet for 4-6 weeks before attempting a low-carb or ketogenic diet, and we’ll talk later in the challenge about the pros and cons of eating low-carb and keto. If you know you need to avoid carbs, feel free to swap out or omit the starches and fruits in the 30DC meal plan.

Q: Do you have some tips on saving time?

Kinsey will share several tips for saving time eating Paleo throughout this challenge. The key to saving time on Paleo is organization & planning. This challenge is structured so you can shop on Saturdays and do most of your meal prepping on Sundays. You may need to adjust this to fit your personal work/life schedule. Be sure to download your shopping lists and have them in hand when you head to the grocery store. By following each day’s detailed meal plan instructions, you really won’t have much to think (or worry) about at all!

Q: Any advice for living and sharing kitchen space with non-Paleo people?

If you are sharing kitchen space with someone who eats foods that you are avoiding, consider setting up different areas or shelves that have clearly defined boundaries. There are organization baskets and Tupperware containers available that are useful for subdividing shared storage space.

Q: My family/roommate/partner will NOT eat Paleo with me. How do I get them on board with me?

We’ll talk more about this later on in the challenge, but here’s what we’ve observed working with many different families undergoing a dietary or lifestyle change: It usually starts with ONE person. One person in the family changes their ways, and after about a month or two, the other family members and friends start noticing how awesome you look and how much more energy you have. It triggers hope in them, and more often than not, it’s through EXAMPLE that we convince others to also change their diets and lives. Be the change!



Q: Do Snacks fit into the 30 Day Paleo Challenge?

Daily snacks are not included in the 30DC Meal Plan since some people don’t like to snack between meals. However, snacking between meals during this challenge is totally fine! There is an optional weekly snack on the meal plan, but if you want to choose your own, there are just some points to keep in mind, which Kinsey outlines in the Paleo Snack Guide. In this guide, she shares several ideas for Paleo snacks, snack recipes, as well as links to some of her favorite pre-made Paleo snacks to take on the go, or to just nibble throughout the day.

Q: Do desserts fit into the 30 Day Paleo Challenge?

An optional Saturday dessert is included in the meal plan, but we have not included daily desserts.

Keep in mind that sugar is sugar. Meaning, even though Paleo desserts use healthier sweeteners like honey and coconut sugar, these carbohydrates still add up quickly and can make it difficult to achieve your health goals. So use desserts in moderation/sparingly, and don’t binge on them! One of the WORST things we can do for our health is to eat/drink a bunch of sugar/carbs all at once.

A square or two of dark chocolate makes a great Paleo dessert and can take the ‘edge off’ when you’re craving something sweet. I’ve listed some of my favorite brands of dark chocolate in this blog: Is Dark Chocolate Paleo?

We’ll talk more about Paleo desserts in the Daily Lessons.

Q: Is alcohol allowed on the challenge?

For the next 30 days, you are encouraged to totally abstain from alcohol. Otherwise, keep consumption to 2 drinks max/day. Visit the Paleo Drink Guide for more information on the best booze to choose on Paleo. :)

Q: Is coffee allowed on the challenge?

For the next 30 days, you are encouraged to abstain from all caffeine (including coffee). If you can’t swing it, no worries, just try to keep consumption to 2 cups max/day (in the earlier part of the day, ideally). Visit the Paleo Drink Guide for more information about making your coffee Paleo-friendly.

Q: What can I add to my coffee?

Be sure to use a Paleo-friendly creamer such as coconut milk or another nut milk in your coffee and tea. Do not add sweetener to your beverages, as the carbohydrates add up quickly and can make weight loss very difficult. If you must, this post and this post have more information about Paleo sweeteners. Visit the Paleo Drink Guide for more information about making your coffee Paleo-friendly.

Q: How much water should I plan on drinking?

Each day, at minimum, drink ½ of your body’s weight (in pounds), in ounces of purified water. We’ll discuss this in more detail on Day 3 of the challenge.

Q: Can I eat butter? Ghee? Other dairy?

Because people can be sensitive to a food without knowing it, we recommend that people completely remove all dairy (including butter and possibly ghee) from their diet for at least 4-6 weeks, and then reintroduce them (one at a time) to determine if you might have a hidden food sensitivity or allergy. This is called an elimination-provocation challenge, and it remains the gold standard for identifying food allergies. The 30DC is a great opportunity to ‘challenge’ dairy out of your diet and test for hidden food intolerance, which we will discuss towards the end of the challenge.

*The EXCEPTION to the no dairy rule is grass-fed ghee. Feel free to use ghee liberally in your Paleo diet, as it’s a great high heat cooking fat. Most people tolerate this dairy product well, because it’s a pure fat source that’s had the protein and carbohydrate (the main allergenic components) removed. Many people who do not tolerate butter well are able to tolerate ghee. Having said that…if you suspect that you might be sensitive to dairy, you may want to completely remove all dairy (including ghee) from your diet for 4 to 6 weeks, and then “challenge” it back into your diet later, to look for hidden food intolerance.

It’s easy to render your own ghee from butter. Here’s a recipe for making ghee, which I’ll also be showing you how to do in my first Kitchen Demo Video.

Q: How do I know if a food is Paleo-friendly?

Got some questions starting off about whether a food is Paleo or not? You can search our website for any food and come up with answers for most!

You can find a complete food guide on our website here.

And if you have any questions about particular foods, just go to our blog (or Google) and type in your search term in the search box. Foods we’ve written about include:

You can also go to our Paleo Ingredient Resource Page (which is still a work in progress). And please feel free to ask in our private Facebook group – we’d love to help you figure out if it’s Paleo or not! Of course, if you’re following the 30DC meal plan, you can just follow the shopping lists and meal plan and rest assured that everything you’re eating is 100% Paleo approved. :)

Q: Do I need to get organic produce and grass-fed meat?

Whenever possible, you do want to opt for organic, local, in-season produce and grass-fed/pastured/wild-caught meats. We’ll talk more about this terminology early on in the challenge. However, a Paleo diet consisting of conventional produce and grain-fed or farmed meat is still a million times better than the Standard American Diet (SAD). You’ll still reap the benefits of eating Paleo even if you can’t afford organic produce and grass-fed meat.

Q: How do I shop for Paleo foods?

The 30DC is designed so that you only need to go grocery shopping once per week on weekends. Simply follow the weekly shopping lists each week. Your first grocery bill will likely be the largest as you will be purchasing staples to be used throughout the entire challenge. If you already have some of the ingredients listed on the weekly shopping list, you can cross that ingredient off the list because you won’t need to buy it at the store. Visit the Paleo Shopping Guide on your 30DC Dashboard for more tips on shopping Paleo. Here are a few additional guides you may find helpful:

Q: Where should I shop for health food supplies?

I like shopping locally whenever possible. I also shop at Costco a lot to save money by buying things in bulk. For online health foods stores, I shop at Vitacost, Thrive Market, and Amazon.com and get a lot of my pantry staples at a discount that way. I buy my grass-fed and pastured meats locally in bulk to save money, but you can order quality meats online from companies like US Wellness Meats and ButcherBox.



Q: Is Paleo safe for my situation?

Of course, we can’t speak to your individual situation as to whether or not the Paleo diet is “safe” for your current condition. Be sure to keep your doctor(s) and healthcare providers in the loop about any dietary and lifestyle changes you are making, including this 30 Day Paleo Challenge.

Having said that, the Paleo diet has helped countless people to reverse chronic diseases and achieve their ideal weight and energy levels. Most chronic conditions are rooted in inflammation and we’ll be discussing the connection between diet, lifestyle, inflammation, and chronic disease throughout this challenge.

In the meantime, here’s a bit more information about Paleo for these different conditions:

Is Paleo safe/helpful for:

Q: I’m an athlete, are there any special considerations?

If you’re an athlete, make sure you read this blog post. You’ll need to eat more carbohydrates in the form of fruits, starchy veggies like sweet potatoes and potatoes, honey, and fruit juice, depending on how active you are. Be sure to stay well hydrated as well.

Q: Can a Vegetarian or Vegan be Paleo?

In short, no. It is not possible to eat Paleo while also being a strict vegetarian or vegan, because the Paleo diet does not allow for the consumption of grains, legumes, or large quantities of nuts/seeds. Thus it would not be possible to get the nutrients needed to sustain good health eating a Paleo diet while also eating vegetarian or vegan. It is, however, possible to eat Paleo while consuming a pescatarian diet that contains seafood. Read this blog for more info.

Q: I have an Autoimmune Disease, will Paleo help? Should I be following the AIP instead?

Paleo can be very helpful for autoimmune diseases.

When someone has an autoimmune disease and they have NOT strictly followed the Paleo diet before, I generally recommend that they follow strict Paleo for 4-6 weeks before transitioning onto the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), since the AIP is so much more restrictive than Paleo (and many people have a hard time just diving right into the AIP). In fact, many people’s symptoms go into remission by just eating Paleo alone, and they never need to do the AIP. The 30DC Food List on your 30DC Dashboard highlights AIP disallowed foods, and you are welcome to exclude those if you prefer.

Q: What if I have a food allergy/intolerance?

If you have a food intolerance, you can easily swap out the food with a similar food of the same quantity/weight listed on the meal plan/shopping list. For example, if the recipe calls for bell peppers and you are allergic to bell peppers, simply swap them out for an equal weight/quantity of zucchini, or mushrooms, or whatever seems like it would be a good replacement. You may have to adjust some of the cooking times of recipes accordingly. Many people’s food allergies and intolerances disappear after they’ve been eating Paleo awhile and their leaky gut has had a chance to heal.



Q: What’s the best way to contact Kinsey during the challenge?

The best way to ask me your questions is during the weekly Facebook Live videos. You can also ask your questions in the “Pinned Post” in the Facebook group.

Important: The pinned post is the only place in the Facebook group that I will be checking for questions, so be sure to ask your questions by commenting on the pinned post! The pinned post is the first/top post under the “Discussion” section, and can also be found at the top of the “Announcements” section of the 30DC Facebook Group.

Please feel free to answer each other’s questions in the Facebook group, but please note that I will not be looking anywhere in the group EXCEPT for the pinned post for questions. Also, I do NOT check my private Facebook messages…not even for friends and family! If you have a more personal matter, you can email [email protected] and our customer service team will assist you.

Q: Is there 1-on-1 help available?

If you feel like you need more one-on-one help, we do have private nutrition consulting available with our PaleoPlan nutritionists. Here’s more info about our services:

PaleoPlan Private Paleo Coaching

Deluxe members: You have a $50 off coupon to use toward one-on-one coaching with Kinsey! Email [email protected] to get started.

Q: Where can I get technical support and customer service support?

For technical support and customer service, please email us at [email protected]

Q: How do I get a refund? What’s the refund policy?

There is a 60 day no-risk refund period. To request a refund, please email [email protected]

30dc-day30-hippocrates.jpgMedical Disclaimer:

I, Kinsey Jackson, am a nutritionist…not a physician. The scope of this 30 Day Paleo Challenge (30DC) and any/all of the information shared within, is NOT intended as diagnosis or treatment of any specific illnesses or conditions. If you have an ailment or illness that may require medical attention, then you are encouraged to consult with a licensed physician without delay. The sole purpose of this challenge is to broaden your knowledge of Paleo diet principles and motivate you to assume more personal responsibility for your health by adopting a healthy attitude, lifestyle, and diet. Be sure to keep your health care provider(s) in the loop and please consult your doctor before making any major life dietary or lifestyle changes.

*The Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists owns the certification mark Certified Nutrition Specialist® in the United States, which it awards to individuals who successfully complete the initial and ongoing certification requirements established by the BCNS.