Paleo Diet Food List – 2 Behaviors You Conquer with this Diet

A paleo diet may be hard for some people to follow.

Most certainly it is a diet that requires several eating adjustments that may seem almost impossible to achieve to some individuals; however, where there’s a will there’s a way… and sticking to a paleo diet, besides making you physically healthy and strong, will help you conquer 2 very destructive mental behaviors that affect everyone’s life in many ways:

1. It will help you control cravings

It is very natural to crave some foods as well as other things in life; however, when you start a new and effective diet your genes begin to behave in a different way and your state of mind changes, giving you the opportunity to transform yourself genetically as well as mentally.

When on a paleo diet, the majority of people will crave foods like pasta, cookies, and rice… all of these absent from a paleo diet food list; nevertheless, these cravings eventually diminish, when all the benefits of a paleo diet start sinking in.

What happens is that the cells present in your body today are completely different from the ones you will have in 28 days… a month is all you need to be ‘reborn’ genetically.

What used to travel through your veins before will be completely different after this short period of time, and this means many of the toxins you used to harbor before will be gone… freeing your body and mind from ‘junk’.

2. You will learn to stay motivated

Often in life we ask ourselves why we decided to get into things we find difficult and challenging. At these moments we just feel like quitting, because it would be much easier to not feel so much discomfort… however, there was a strong and important reason behind all those hard decisions, and it is the desire to live better and BE better.

We start a diet because we want to be and feel healthier, stronger, and happier… we want to feel that we “fly” through life, and a leaner healthier body is a great life journey companion. But without knowing it, we also learn a great lesson:

When we want something really badly, no matter what it is, we will do anything to get it. We learn to motivate ourselves no matter what.

To really enjoy a paleo diet you will hunt for new places to eat, new recipes to try, a new grocery store… and this will train your mind to think like that in every aspect of your life.

In the end, it is all worth it… not only because you get leaner and healthier, but also because you learn to believe in yourself and in your potential to get what you want in life.

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