Paleo Favorites – Product Recommendations from Our Nutritionists

What are the Best Paleo Products?

Here at Paleo Plan we are frequently asked the question “What are the best Paleo products?” Thanks to increased awareness about the benefits of the Paleo diet, health food companies are responding with a growing variety of Paleo-friendly products that can be ordered online and delivered right to your doorstep! The Nutritionists at Paleo Plan put together the table below with links to some of our current favorite products. This list will be updated as we fall in love with new things, so be sure to check back often! Of course Paleo is about eating whole, unprocessed foods first and foremost, however many healthy products are now available via the click of a button, which can help to make Paleo possible even during the busiest of times. If you plan on purchasing any of the items we recommend, we would really appreciate you using the links below, as many of the companies will pay us a commission on the items you purchase.

Time is money and our customizable Paleo meal planning service is designed to save you both! Another way to save money on the Paleo diet is to shop smart: buy in bulk, shop the sales, eat foods that are ‘in season’, and do some cost-comparing to find out which stores carry your products at the lowest prices. Make sure to read the ingredients on every single label, as non-Paleo ingredients lurk in the most unsuspecting of places!

Having said all that…. you do get what you pay for. Thus quality food generally costs more than mass-produced junk food. It is possible, however, to strike a balance between quality and affordability, and online health food suppliers like and Thrive Market help to make that possible. What are your favorite ‘Paleo products’? Let us know in the comments below!

Product TypeKinseySallyAimee
Quality Fresh Meats available online:
Grass-fed / Pastured Meats (online)U.S. Wellness MeatsSlanker Grass-Fed Meat
Wild-caught SeafoodVital Choice Wild Seafood & OrganicsVital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics
Pastured PorkSproutfield – Pastured Berkshire PorkSproutfield – Pastured Berkshire Pork
Animal FatsFatworks: Grass-fed Tallow, Pastured Leaf Lard, Pastured Duck Fat, Pastured “Pure” LardFatworks: Grass-fed Tallow, Pastured Leaf Lard, Pastured Duck Fat, Pastured “Pure” LardFatworks: Grass-fed Tallow, Pastured Leaf Lard, Pastured Duck Fat, Pastured “Pure” Lard
Vegetable Fats:
Olive OilKasandrinos Extra Virgin Olive OilKasandrinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Avocado OilsPrimal Blueprint Avocado OilBella Vado Organic Avocado OilLa Tourangelle Avocado Oil
Other Favorite OilsKevala Toasted Sesame Oil
Paleo BreadsFox Hill Kitchen’s Awesome BunzFox Hill Kitchen’s Awesome Bunz
Nuts and SeedsOrganic, raw & fresh-roasted nuts & seeds from
Baking Flours:
Almond FlourHoneyville Blanched Almond FlourBob’s Red Mill Almond Meal/FlourBob’s Red Mill Almond Meal/Flour
Coconut FloursNutiva Organic Coconut FlourBob’s Red Mill Organic Coconut FlourCoconut Secret Coconut Flour
Non-nut FloursArrowhead Organic Tapioca FlourOtto’s Cassava FlourOtto’s Cassava Flour
Baking MixesPaleo Baking Co.Simple Mills
Baking SodasBob’s Red Mill GF Baking SodaBob’s Red Mill GF Baking SodaBob’s Red Mill GF Baking Soda
Baking PowdersFrontier Co-op Cream of Tartar Powder + Bob’s Red Mill GF Baking Soda = Paleo Baking PowderHain Pure Foods Baking Powder
Coconut Products:
Canned Coconut MilkNatural Value Organic Coconut Milk (guar gum free)Native Forest Organic Coconut MilkAroy-D Coconut Cream
Coconut OilsNutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for cooking and Artisana Raw Coconut Oil (for raw ‘cooking’)Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut OilNutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
MCT OilsNow Foods MCT OilSports Research Pure and Premium MCT OilNow Foods Pure MCT Oil
Coconut ButtersNikki’s Coconut ButterNutiva Coconut MannaArtisana Raw Coconut Butter
Gelatin/CollagenBulletproof CollagelatinGreat Lakes Gelatin, Collagen HydrolysateVital Proteins Collagen
Fermented FoodsGold Mine Brand: Raw Sauerkraut, KimchiEden Organic Sauerkraut
Bone BrothsKettle & Fire Bone BrothKettle & Fire Bone BrothPaleo On The Go Bone Broth
Canned TunaSafe Catch Tuna and Wild Planet Albacore TunaSafe Catch TunaSafe Catch Tuna
SardinesWild Planet Non-GMO Wild Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive OilWild Planet Wild Sardines in Spring Water
Paleo JerkyCranberry & Sriracha Grass-fed Beef Steak Bites by EpicEpic Bites, Beef Liver and BeefNick’s Sticks
ChipsJackson’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips and Bacon’s Heir Pork CloudsJackson’s Honest Purple Heirloom Potato Chips and Artisan Tropic Plantain Strips
CrackersThe Kale Factory = Kale KrackerzJilz Gluten Free Crackerz
CrackersThe Kale Factory – Kale KrackerzJilz Gluten Free Crackerz
Paleo GranolaPrimal Island Grain-free GranolaHopper Grain-free GranolaPaleo People Granola
Paleo PizzaBarefoot
Online Paleo GoodsSimple Mills Pizza Dough Baking MixOne Stop Paleo Shop
Online Health Food and Wise Choice MarketsThrive and Thrive Market and
Protein PowdersPurePaleo by Designs For HealthNutiva Hemp Organic Protein Powder
Butter/GheeKerrygold Grass-fed Irish Butter and Tin Star Foods Grass-fed Cultured GheeOrganic Valley Pastured ButterKerrygold Grass-fed Irish Butter
ChocolateTaza Stone Ground Dark ChocolatePure 7 Chocolate
Condiments *Most condiments contain a small amount of sugar – use your discretion and read all the ingredient labels
MayonnaisePrimal Kitchen Avocado Oil MayoPrimal Kitchen Avocado Oil MayoSir Kensington’s All Natural Mayonnaise
MustardAnnie’s Organic Dijon MustardAnnie’s Organic Dijon MustardSir Kensington’s Dijon Mustard
KetchupSir Kensington’s All Natural Spiced KetchupTessemae’s All Natural KetchupSir Kensington’s All Natural Classic Ketchup
SpicesI make my own Paleo noodles from veggies using my Paderno Spiralizer, but also love kelp noodles in Asian dishes!Simply Organic
Paleo PastaSpicely OrganicsCappello’s Gluten-free, Grain-free Pasta
Natural Deli MeatsDiestel Turkey RanchApplegate Farms Great Organic Beef Hot Dog and Deli MeatsSimple Truth Organic Uncured Ham
CookwareLodge Cast Iron Cookware – made in USANatural Stoneware
TupperwareSnapware Purex Glass Tupperware – made in USA, LunchBots Tiny Leak Proof Dips Condiment Containers, Life Factory non-toxic Glass TupperwareNatural StonewarePyrex Glass Bowls
Favorite Kitchen ToolsCuisinart 14 Cup Custom Food Processor and Kuhn Rikon Julienne PeelerPaderno Spiralizer and Organic Bamboo Serving UtensilsPressure Cooker
Travel FoodsI take my own food everywhere in a soft portable cooler with non-toxic ice packs. My favorite on-the-go snack – Epic Hunter Gatherer – jerky & trail mix in one!Artisana nut butter and coconut butter packets and Steve’s Paleo Goods Grass-fed Paleo Kits
Camping FoodsPaleo Meal To Go freeze dried foods!Paleo Meal To Go just add water!
Supplement BrandsThorneKlaire labs, Thorne, Seeking Health, Pure Encapsulations
ProbioticsPrescript-Assist Broad Spectrum ProbioticPrescript-Assist Broad Spectrum ProbioticAyush Herbs Probiotic 100B
>Skincare ProductsFat Face SkincareAraza Natural BeautyW3ll People
Favorite Paleo BookThe Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf (the first book I read on Paleo)Practical Paleo by Diane SanfilippoThe Wahls Protocol by Dr. Terry Wahls
Favorite Paleo CookbookAgainst All Grain by Danielle WalkerPrimal Blueprint-Healthy Sauces, Dressings & Toppings and Against All Grain by Danielle WalkerEvery Last Crumb by Brittany Angell
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