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Coconut Dairy-Free Buttercream Frosting

This post originally appeared at PaleoHacks. You can see the original recipe here. This dairy-free coconut buttercream frosting is low in sugar and big on flavor. Ideal for icing your favorite Paleo treats! No dessert is complete without a rich frosting to smear on top. Unfortunately, many commercial frostings are known for their high sugar content and harmful ingredients, making them unusable in Paleo desserts. Good news, however: making your own at home is easy and you just need four … Continue reading

Paleo Swiss Chard Recipe (in 10 minutes)

  My dear friend, Cat, is an excellent cook. In the midst of enjoying some of her own creations, she'll sometimes text me entire recipes. She has told me about this amazing Paleo Swiss chard recipe several times, and each time I nod and smile at her outlandish claim that it is truly amazing. How delicious could chard be? And then she made it for me. The fact that I've dedicated an entire post to this recipe speaks volumes about its … Continue reading

Want Paleo Bread? Eat this.

I'm a pretty strict Paleo eater, especially lately.  I find that when I veer off the path, I feel like crap.  Sugar makes me feel like a heroin addict (not that I would know...), replete with the "I'll do anything to get more of that stuff" sensation.  Grains have a similar effect, and dairy is my most merciless enemy.  I was born to eat this way, whether I like it or not. If there's one thing I miss on my … Continue reading