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Edible Haven Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Makes Good Paleo Lube

What do YOU use virgin coconut oil for? Our previously disdained saturated fat-filled coconut oil is now pretty much accepted by even the most skeptical as a healthy oil. I've written about why coconut is actually very beneficial for you to eat. But it's not just good for cooking. The Many Uses of Coconut Oil You can put it on your skin, your hair, your nails, eczema, psoriasis, you name it. It can be used as a massage oil, too, … Continue reading


PaleoFit Workout Plans Now Available!

It's been an exciting month for Paleo Plan, to say the least. After a lot of hard work, we recently published and announced our new 21-Day Paleo Cleanse eBook, and today we're thrilled to announce another long-term project: PaleoFit! WHAT PALEOFIT IS PaleoFit is an affordable workout subscription service brought to you by Paleo Plan for busy people who want to get fit. You can check it out in more detail here. It includes: 3 main workouts and 1 "mini" workout … Continue reading

Paleo Plan

Success for A Paleo Plan Subscriber

We recently did an interview with Nina, a Paleo eater and Paleo Plan meal plan subscriber to see how the plan is working for her and how Paleo has changed her life.   PP: How long have you been following Paleo? Nina: I started a strictly Paleo diet May 5th, 2012 and actually signed up for the paleoplan.com that same week I believe.   PP: Why did you join Paleo Plan? Nina: I had been having intestinal pain, bloating, gas and I wasn't … Continue reading

Paleo Plan Fitness Tool?

At Paleo Plan, we're all about making the Paleo diet easier to follow. That's our mission and our goal. However, we care about that because we want you folks to be happy, to be healthy, and to be whole--in the way we believe our ancestors were. So, we're considering branching out just a little bit, and we're responding to requests from you, our faithful members and readers. We've heard from you that you're interested in an exercise element to go … Continue reading

Finish Line Not In Sight

End of 30-Day Paleo Challenge!

You've reached the finish line of the 30-Day Paleo Plan Paleo Challenge! You're done! It's all over! You can finally stop eating all that disgusting prime rib, burger, bacon, and pork chops! Thank God it's OVER. Wait. While this 30-Day Paleo challenge is over, I'm sure many of you have realized this Paleo thing isn't so bad after all. In fact, it's kind of delicious, satisfying, and not bloat-provoking. You probably feel better in at least one way after doing … Continue reading

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Top 5 Paleo Plan Blog Posts of 2011

Before we get ahead of ourselves in 2012, let's take a look back at what we learned in 2011. The blog is a place for not only the occasional rant, but also new information and encouragement. Here are the top 5 blog posts from 2011. If you haven't read these yet, maybe take a look at them and see if you learn something new. Anyone else have any favorites? 1. What To Eat For A Paleo Breakfast 2. Stop Eating … Continue reading

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Paleo Plan Weekly Nutrition Breakdown

Alright, here it is! The nutritional breakdown for an entire typical week on Paleo Plan, including calories, carbs, fat and protein. A couple things to note. This information came from myfitnesspal.com, which is where all of the data on our site (if you're a member) comes from. Myfitnesspal.com is a really good tool to use for counting calories, carbs, fat, and protein quantities because it's simple, easy to read, and its database includes Paleo foods. Note, it doesn't contain our recipes, … Continue reading

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CrossFit and Paleo: An Expert’s View

I'm happy to introduce you all to our guest blogger today, Max Shippee, who runs CrossFit HAX in suburban Los Angeles. He knows way more about CrossFit than I ever will, and I thought you CrossFitters deserved some words of wisdom about how Paleo can affect your performance. Check out the video below for a better understanding of who this guy is: funny, tough, sadistic, but sweet... Watch for another post by Max this week on the practical implementation of … Continue reading


Q&A: Saturated Fat, Dairy, Breakfast, Salt

I have to say I miss writing on the blog every couple of days, but I'm happy to announce that we're in the process of writing The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Paleolithic Diet right now, so I'm a bit busy! In about a month, blogging will commence as usual. In the meantime, here's a great set of questions (with answers) I thought a lot of you would appreciate. Dear Paleo Plan, Are chicharrons (fried pig skins) acceptable for the … Continue reading


The Cruel Calling of Coffee

Anywhere from 80-90% of the U.S. population drinks caffeine in some form every single day.  More than 50% of people in this country drink more than 3 or 4 cups of coffee every day. To me, this is ridiculous.  I'm sorry, but why are we so hard on alcoholics and smokers for being addicts, but it's perfectly okay to drink a big gulp of coffee that contains a colossal 640 mg of caffeine every day? I know: it's so delicious … Continue reading

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Reader Questions Answered

We received a couple great questions recently - one on the role of nuts in the Paleo diet, and Paleo Plan in particular.  The other is yet another continuation of our story of Barb, but it's on the importance of breakfast for weight loss.  Read on! Here's the first one on nuts. I noticed in the menu that there is a decent amount of nut products used. I, however, just read an article regarding the anti-nutritive properties of nuts and … Continue reading

Fatigue and Belly Fat, Continued

After my last post, Q&A: Fatigue and That Pesky Belly Fat, I received a message from the member who originally wrote in with the question. I know there are a lot of people out there just like her, a middle aged woman struggling with her weight and her thyroid, so I thought I'd post our correspondence for you all. She answered some of my questions from the post, and gave us more details about her situation. Dear Neely, Thank you … Continue reading

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Q&A: Fatigue and That Pesky Belly Fat

A member recently wrote us in response to my recent post, Paleo for the Active Person, and I thought some of you might be able to relate. Q: I’m stuck. I haven’t lost weight (belly fat) in two months. I strictly eat Paleo via the plan everyday… week after week and now month after month. I walk and was even going to the gym… until the low energy got the better of me. I have hypothyroidism… and according to my … Continue reading


Paleo for the Active Person

I talked to a guy recently who told me he'd tried eating Paleo and failed. At first I thought, "He just can't resist the temptation of donuts for breakfast and bread for lunch." And then I let him plead his case, and it went something like this: when he gave Paleo a shot, he found he didn't have the energy he needed throughout the day. He was super tired, lethargic and couldn't get through his workouts. I'm sometimes too quick … Continue reading

The Importance of Cheating

I've been searching for a while for just the right scholarly study to demonstrate to you that too much deprivation in your diet will only lead to binge eating later.  I can't find a good one.  Then it dawned on me that I probably don't need to prove that to you since most of us are probably case studies of this very point.  We can all attest to the fact that when we feel deprived of something, we go after … Continue reading