Call for Testimonials


fat-cat2-300x266.jpgHello Paleo Plan-ers. Hope you’re recovering from Neely’s crushing blow to coffee yesterday. It’s definitely a controversial topic, no question about it. People are passionate about it one way or the other. I’ll stay quiet on where I stand on the subject.

Today, however, I wanted to reach out and let you know of a new section to the site we’re planning soon. Testimonials. We’d love to hear from you about how Paleo Plan has helped you reach your goals, modify your lifestyle, or just save time in the kitchen. We also want to hear how Paleo eating in general has affected your lives, how your family has adjusted, and where its impact has surprised you. For now, please send all testimonials (with before/after pics if you have them) to [email protected]

We’ll be putting this section up soon, and can’t wait to get your stories up for everyone to read.

Also, we may do some deeper interviews with those that have had some pretty massive life transformations as well, so don’t hold back on the details.

Looking forward to hearing from you.