The Paleo Diet vs. Other Diets


us-news-world-report-300x87.pngYou may have heard a little bit about the drama surrounding a recent US News World Report article identifying Paleo as their last place diet (out of 20) and giving it only two stars out of five. The health experts noted that the diet has only been tested in one small study and that most of its benefits are unclear. Basically the experts make it sound as if Paleo is a giant, protein-filled mystery.

You knew the Paleo community wouldn’t take that sitting down, right? Loren Cordain issued a comprehensive rebuttal using several scientific studies, also detailing erroneous logic seen in the US News and World Report article. Robb Wolf is writing a formal request to US News for an opportunity to address the issue in a future publication.

Also worth noting:

Beneath each diet in the US News article, there is a “does this diet work for you?” button. Paleo has far and away the most “yes” responses with over 3700 and only 111 “no” votes. By comparison, the first place DASH diet has 112 yes votes (with 589 negative votes). No other diet has even 2500 yes responses.

We know that the Paleo diet reduces inflammation, improves digestive health, aids in weight loss, and promotes thyroid and hormone health. How has the Paleo diet helped you?