Private Paleo Coaching



Last week we added “Coaching” to our services at Paleo Plan, and I wanted to take a minute to tell you exactly what that entails.

Private coaching is conducted via phone or video chat for people who’ve:

1) tried eating Paleo but faileo-ed and want to try again
2) been Paleo for a while but aren’t having quite the success that they’d hoped for
3) or for people who are having great success and want to know scientifically WHY those good things are happening.

For the “I failed on Paleo and want to try again” group
I help troubleshoot the little things that make the diet seem undoable, like help you figure out something to eat at your favorite restaurant, and what to realistically eat for snacks. I help you figure out what are reasonable “cheats” and what are just downright counterproductive. We’ll talk about how you can make cooking and food preparation simpler and more conducive to your lifestyle. You’ll learn the information you need to know to keep you eating Paleo this time.

For the “I’m not satisfied with my Paleo results” group
We’ll get into macronutrient (protein, carbs, fat) ratios, talk about what you’re eating and drinking and when, and of course, how much food overall. We’ll talk about how you need to eat differently as a power athlete or an endurance athlete, and discuss how your workouts are (or aren’t) affecting you. I can analyze symptoms and blood work to dissect what might be going on hormonally, and we’ll tweak your diet accordingly. We may need to tackle other issues like sleep quality and stress to try to find solutions.

If your situation is very complex, and even the strictest Paleo diet isn’t working, you may have food sensitivities beyond just the normal gluten, dairy, soy, etc. For that, we can do the LEAP food sensitivities test. It quantifies your immune system’s response to 130 foods and 20 food chemicals so you know exactly what you need to avoid eating. If you have migraines, digestive issues, skin problems or unexplainable fatigue, you may have food sensitivities.

For the “I want the science” group
We can go into any topic that interests you, but we’ll likely talk about hormonal changes that happen on the Paleo diet, including insulin and cortisol effects. We’ll discuss inflammation pathways and why this diet is such a relief for those who suffer from chronic diseases of all kinds. Or any other questions you have!

We offer monthly packages or shorter, one-time sessions.
If you just want the science, I suggest doing a shorter session. But if you’re struggling with either of the other two issues, the monthly packages are strongly encouraged.

The monthly packages are a great way for you to get on track and stay on track, since I’m there to keep you accountable. Before the first session, you’ll receive a comprehensive packet of questionnaires to fill out, plus you’ll tell me in your own words what your goals, questions, and issues are. Part of the intro packet is a diet log, so I know exactly what you’re eating, drinking, and how you feel before and after your meals. We’ll talk twice during the month, and in between the sessions I’ll check in with you via email to answer quick questions and track your progress.

If you’re ready to take the next step – if your weight or health have just gotten too out of control – email me at [email protected]. I can help. Visit the Coaching page for more information on rates, etc. And for testimonials about my coaching, go to the testimonials page.