10 Food Myths Debunked



Often times, people in the Paleo diet world feel at odds with the rest of the non-Paleo food community. Many such people have grabbed on to food myths, or out-dated research, and just refuse to believe that some of the pillars of a Paleolithic lifestyle can be healthy. So, I love it when I stumble across a non-Paleo resource that confirms a lot of what we’ve been preaching about the Paleo diet.

Over at Lifehacker, today they covered 10 Stubborn Food Myths that just won’t die. It’s a great read, and covers Dairy and calcium absorption, eggs and cholesterol, low-fat foods, and eating before bed-time. It’s a great read, and while we may not condone every word they discus, it’s good to see some myths being addresses by the general community, which only helps to give credibility to the Paleo movement.