How Could The Meal Plan Improve?

We want to hear from you, whether it be via the comment board below or by email to

How can our meal plan better suit your needs? Think about the following and let us know if any of them apply to Paleo Plan.

  • More/less food
  • More/less protein
  • More/less fat
  • More/fewer carbs
  • More/less variety in menu
  • More/less complicated recipes
  • Change grocery list
  • Anything else?

Would you want to apply any of the above changes to the current Paleo Plan model? We want to help you keep on the Paleo track, and we want it to be as simple as possible. We’re trying to make Paleo doable for you, but we’re sure we can improve. Please let us know what we’re doing right and what you’d want to change.


  1. I signed up for the Paleo Plan not realizing it was really meant for 2 people. I’m the only right now in my family doing Paleo. The first grocery list that I printed was way too much food for one person. I tried to edit the menu and quickly became discouraged. If there was a mechanism to the tailor the grocery list for the amount of users that would be participating I think it could be a huge selling point. I would re-join if that option was available.

    The other option that could be really nice is having an easy way to substitute a menu item. I really don’t like tomatoes. I won’t go near them with a 10ft pole. It would be cool to have all recipes with tomatoes never appear on my menu. Basically a tailored menu to a persons likes/dislikes.

  2. My husband and I started on Paleo 2-1/2 weeks ago. He is 65 … I am 59. We are restricted somewhat for physical activity …. my husband has severe arthritis in his back and just about all activity involves pain; I sit all day working but can walk at night. So far, my husband has lost 10# … I have lost 6#. I would like to see a menu geared for those of us who are only able to exercise on a limited basis but who would still like to lose weight and improve our numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.). I’m sure we are not the only ones out there who are trying to change our eating habits and who are also limited physically.

    1. Hi Val,

      Judging by the fact that you and your husband are losing weight, I’d say that the menu is geared toward you guys. We make the menu accessible for everyone, and it’s actually the very active people who need to make changes to it to add more carbohydrates, calories, protein or fat to suit their needs. I think you guys are doing just fine! Good luck on Paleo Plan.


  3. I joined the Paleo Plan about three weeks ago now and I love it!!!

    I could see why it would be a pain to keep up with the plan if you’re shopping for one person or more than two people, but in my case it’s just me and my husband. We’ve really enjoyed the recipies that we’ve had so far, I like that there is a lot a varity; however, the recipies are still recycled frequently enough. We’ve even made some of the recipies for our Halloween party and people loved what we made.

    We’re a younger couple that is always on the go, so the plan has been very useful in allowing us to have a menu planned out for a week without any thought. I also appreciate that the recipies are simple yet tasty. We are no longer scrapping together dinner at the last minute or stopping by the dreaded fast food place. We both feel better than we’ve felt in a long time (maybe ever!).

    I don’t disagree with having the ability to substitue a item on the menu for something else, but we’ve been able to do this pretty easily on our own. I’m not sure if it’s feasible…but maybe you could have a “build a menu” option where you select the items for the week and it automatically creates the shopping list? I personally like getting a complete menu already created, but this may be a good tool for those with crazy schedules, picky eaters, or those that need more fat/protein/etc.

  4. Keep adding nutrition information for the less obvious recipes, like snacks and muffins. Maybe break it down to P/C/F on the weekly meal plan so it’s quick to figure out.

    I would love to see special sections on Entertaining, and Meals on the Go. Unprepared can just a part of life at times, especially with a family in tow. Plus, no one wants to be the weirdo who serves the perception of odd food at holidays or birthday parties. Is there a Paleo birthday desert options that won’t skive out sugar lovers?! (I don’t even really want people to know how I eat and that I weigh and measure. It just starts a never-ending, work-related conversation in social environments!) Recipes for hors d’oeuvres, entrees, etc. would be awesome! And also some options that can be picked up ready, or mostly ready, from grocery stores on the nights when cooking isn’t a realistic option.

    We’ve been loving Paleo Plan for several months now. It’s SO great for me to be able to get in and out of the store quickly and with full intent (vs. roaming around trying to put the same-old together). I also find that it helps me stay on budget by buying just what I need on quality proteins vs. the many people find the general Paleo/organic lifestyle puts a large dent in the grocery budget. (I do edit if there’s something that’s too pricey for my fam – like the lamb roast dishes at $40+ per roast.) I know exactly what’s going on the table at night before my day of work starts. I’m cooking for a family of five and just make my own adjustments based on how much meat I know me, my husband, son, and daughters will eat. It works for me, but I’ve been shopping/cooking for a while.

    Thanks for the opportunity for input!

  5. I also love this plan but find I shop for too much food and cannot cook as many meals per week as outlined. I’d love an option to select 2-3 meals from the week’s menus and get a shopping list for those meals I selected. But, as designed, I think you guys have nailed it for 2+ people in a household.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Build a menu option is a great idea…sometimes I do Intermittent Fasting and I skip certain meals. This would be useful when creating a meal plan for the week.

  7. We are actually on the plan not to lose weight. Rather, to put it on and increase energy. It would be good to know what we can add to the meals to make them even more beneficial in those areas.
    Great recipes!

  8. A “Build A Menu” option would be outstanding. I’ve been a subscriber for a few weeks and I must say everything is really good. From the recipes being simple easy to make yet tastie to having a wide variety foods on the menu. I have been eating paleo for sometime and before subscribing to the plan I would prepare all my lunches and dinners for the week and freeze them. The breakfasts and snacks would prepare the day of or the evening before. So I would have 5 recipes and make big enough portions to make them into 2 meals. So Off of those recipes I would prepare 10 meals just because I didn’t mind having less variety for the week, which means I would have a smaller shopping list.

    With the “Build A Menu” it would be easy to keep a short shopping list. I realize a lot of people rather have a longer hopping list to have more variety but my time is very limited and I find this to be an easy method when it comes to preparing my meals for the week.

    Keep up the Freat work guys!

  9. I too am cooking for just myself, I just joined recently & I feel a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out how to make this work. The ideas/recipes are great, would like to see a scaled down option.

  10. Could the recipe for each meal be included in the weekly mailing? I see the menu and shopping list. It would be convenient to also have the recipe included in an printable format in the weekly email instead of having to look it up on the website.

    1. Hi David – Great suggestion. Since we use quite a few recipes every week, it’d be a pretty long email, or lots of attachments. However, we’re working on a solution to this. We know people want a printable recipe option. Hopefully we’ll have it resolved soon. Thanks!

  11. I love the easy shopping menu and food selection! I have been on it for three weeks and have not lost any weight. I would like to see accurate nutrition information so I can see what my intake is.


    1. Hi Alexis – Thanks for your input. Do you mean to say that the nutrition data on the site isn’t accurate, or that you haven’t found the nutrition data on the site? We take these comments very seriously, so if you’ve found inaccuracies, we’d love to hear about them so we can correct them. And remember, if you’d like personalized help, I’m available for that. You may need more or less food, and in different macronutrient proportions to lose weight. Just let me know!


  12. Love your site, meal plans, grocery lists, etc. I used to use and really like the concept of tracking your progress and success, looking up items, planning your own meals. Maybe something designed this way around Paleo could be implemented?


  13. Your recipes are so good! I feel like I have found a way of cooking and eating that agrees with me. The dishes are easy and pure.

    My suggestion is to have recipes that coincide with seasonal fruits and vegetables. For instance the last 2 weeks you have had dishes that use asparagus. I love asparagus but it is a spring vegetable and I cannot find it in any market around here unless it comes from Chile.

    1. Hi tlmull – Thanks for your suggestion – we take these comments very seriously. We do try to include as many seasonal dishes as possible, but at this time it’d be pretty difficult to avoid some non-seasonal ingredients, since most things are not in season as winter begins (at least where we live). I hope the asparagus hasn’t been too much of a hassle for you – I’ll pass this note on and we’ll try to make some improvements.

  14. I signed up for the service and used it for 3 weeks before cancelling for two primary reasons:

    1) My wife and I couldn’t agree on which dises we liked
    2) I have two small children and couldn’t get accurate portions

    I still check the website daily for recipes, blog posts, etc and would totally sign up again if I could do two things:
    – Give me the option to enter the meals I want to cook for the week (sometimes I only want lunch and dinner with one snack instead of 3 meals, 2 snacks) and have the site automatically generate my shopping list
    – Let me enter the number of people I’m cooking for and have the recipes and/or shopping lists update to reflect the more accurate amounts of groceries to buy

    Other than that, keep up the good work. Looking forward to continue the paleo lifestyle in 2012!

  15. Hello Neely, I heard your interview with Jimmy Moore. Your schooling sounds so interesting (fellow “nerd”). I am interested in the Paleo Plan, but I have 6 children, so agree with Brad B that it would be nice to have a way to scale recipes/plan to different servings. I have Mastercook 6 which does this and it is very helpful. Love your work!

  16. Hi!
    I only followed the plan for a couple of weeks, but during that time, the friends I had over RAVED about the food (I substituted turkey for chicken, and a turkey-hater loved it!).

    The difficulties for me are similar to some mentioned above: first, it’s just me, and second, I eat lunch at the work cafeteria (France doesn’t give people microwaves or fridges for lunches). The cafeteria’s great– grilled fish, vegetables, and fruit for lunch (and the occasional glass of wine!). However, this all meant that I would pick three dinner recipes, split them in half, and use those for six dinners a week. The breakfasts were similarly division-heavy. In the end, this means I have to redo most of the work you do: planning the meals and creating the shopping list.

    A second area is that I get a weekly organic-produce basket of local, seasonal vegetables and fruits. It would be nice to have more recipes in winter calling for squash/turnips/cabbage, and fewer for zucchini/eggplant/bell peppers. I’m quite fine replacing related foods, but it’s difficult to replace green beans with turnips in the same recipe!

    I look forward to hearing more about this site develops.

  17. I would like it if I could just print the week’s recipes without having to look for each one online. I am so busy. I like the meal plan and the shopping list, but not having the recipes readily to print all in one spot makes me less likely to continue this subscription.

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