Q&A: Is Paleo Good for Menopausal Women?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader that I thought a lot of people might be able to relate to…


My midwife is interested in Paleo. She says she feels like Paleo is more for the 18 to 40 crossfit crowd than for her… She is nearly 50 though and she is curious if there is anything to do or not do specifically for hormone changes. Do you have any thoughts?



I think it sucks that Paleo has become so intertwined with the CrossFit scene that a 50 year-old woman doesn’t think it would be good for her. People of all ages, including babies, children, adults, and the elderly, can and do benefit from eating Paleo. Paleo is a diet to reduce inflammation – not just get people ripped – and 50 year-old women often have all kinds of inflammation, whether it be in their joints, their arteries, their digestive tracts, or their sinuses.

The diet is also awesome for so many reasons for people who have hormonal imbalances, like women on the brink of menopause or in the throes of it. Hot flashes, weight gain, night sweats, and other menopausal symptoms aren’t actually a normal part of getting older. They’re a product of life-long hormonal imbalances, very much brought on by eating neolithic foods like grains, dairy, and sugar.  Here’s an interesting article on menopause that compares Western women to women from more primitive cultures.

So, how, exactly, will the Paleo diet potentially affect women in their pre/peri/menopausal years?

Blood Sugar

First, eating sugar and refined grains can really throw off your blood sugar, and blood sugar can severely affect how well your hormonal systems are working. If one hormonal system is off, like your adrenals or thyroid, then often your sex hormones get out of whack, too.


Dairy can seriously affect sex hormone balance for some reason. Often when women give up dairy, their menstrual cycles become easier to deal with (I can speak from personal experience with this), and since Paleo doesn’t have dairy in it, this is a good thing.


57% of the U.S. population does not meet the dietary minimums for magnesium, and magnesium  can really affect sex hormone balance and cycle regularity (1, 2). The phytic acid in grains and legumes removes dietary magnesium (as well as iron, zinc, and calcium) out of the intestinal tract unabsorbed, so getting rid of the bulk of the phytic acid in a normal Western diet by eating Paleo is one of the greatest blessings of the diet.

Proper Fats

We need fat to make hormones (and protein), and the right kind of fat at that. Since Paleo takes out the crappy vegetable oils, refined oils, and hydrogenated oils and replaces it with the fats we evolved eating, our bodies then have a much easier time creating balanced hormones.

Omega 6/Omega 3 

Then there’s the omega 6/omega 3 fatty acid ratios. Too many omega 6’s cause inflammation, and those omega 6’s often come in the form of vegetable oils and grains, plus a lot of factory farmed meats. When you take those things out of the diet, you’re left with a way better ratio of 6/3.

There are many more reasons a middle-aged woman would want to go Paleo, and not one reason that a 50-year old woman or man wouldn’t thrive on this diet just as much as the 18-40 year-old crossfitting crowd does. I really hope she gives it a shot! And I know of a really great meal plan and ebook she could use to get started :)

Any middle aged women out there have anything to add to this?





  1. I’m a 52-year old woman and have been paleo for about 6 weeks now with few digressions. I have celiac disease so it’s not that hard for me to go from very strictly gluten-free to paleo, especially since I dislike how starch makes me feel already. I’m on replacement estrogen, progesteron and thyroid hormones, so not strictly typical, but there are a lot of women out there like me. I can’t imagine how this protocol would affect me negatively. If anything, the reduction of inflammatory response that I can actually feel when I breathe through my nose can only reduce the strain on body systems that might result in hormonal imbalance. Weight is the only issue here I can imagine that might affect sex hormone levels. Fat produces estrogen, there’s no getting around the fact that losing weight can reduce your estrogen blood levels. That might be more critical in pre-menopausal women than any other population, but I certainly wouldn’t let that stop me from trying a more healthy lifestyle. You will certainly be more healthy if you’re at optimal weight. You can always choose or not choose hormone replacement when the time comes.

  2. Darn tooting its for everyone and every age! I started when 59 and feel 10 years younger! Which would be a little over kill for someone 20! Though they would get to 59 a whole lot healthier and happier. I’ve never heard any of this age thing before….just silly.

  3. I’m 52 and have been doing paleo since the end of April. I’ve lost 6 lb so far, but it probably would have been more if I had given up wine. I feel so much better, and am not planning to return to old style eating. No bloat, no joint pains. I’m about to give up the HRT, and feel years younger. This way of life isn’t just for the younguns, no way!

  4. I’m 57 years old and have been on a primal diet for about a year, and am 4 years post-menopause. I had transitioned to a cleaner diet, eliminating most packaged foods and reducing sugars, but a year ago my husband and I decided to eliminate all grains as well. He lost 16 lbs., I essentially lost nothing (4 lbs. of the 15 I’d really like to lose) BUT I have halted the supposedly inevitable weight gain. The cross-fit thing might be little much for someone who is older and not used to strenuous exercise, but the diet is for everyone!

  5. I’m a 56 year old woman and have been paleo for almost 2 years. I lost the 10 lbs. I’ve been fighting with for years in the first 6 months and have maintained that weight ever since. I stopped craving sugar, carbs and dairy after the first 2 weeks so I don’t feel deprived.

  6. I am 50 and my husband is 72. He is very fit. We both do P90X and he walks 18 holes of golf several times a week. We started eating Paleo about six weeks ago to see if it would make a difference on my Hashimoto’s and osteo arthritis. I have seen significant improvement in my symptoms, lost five pounds (miraculous for me). And my husband has noticed his minor aches and pains have gone away. We are living proof that both Paleo and an active lifestyle are not just for the youngsters.

  7. I just lost 72 lbs. on Paleo and CrossFit, my 2 1/2 year old son with Celiac disease is doing better than ever and growing faster than ever before.

    My 56 year old mother has lost 7 lbs. since starting paleo a week ago and says that she sleeps better and her hot flashes or significantly less intense.

    Paleo is anti-inflammatory, hormonally balancing, increases available energy for normal cellular processes, not only encourages fat loss, but effectively blocks the process of fat storage. It is as scientifically supported as anything I have seen, and I’ve spent the better part of the last 4 years studying nothing but fitness and nutrition from medical literature and scientific journals.

  8. I’m 60, post-menopausal and Paleo since January 2012. AND Crossfitter since April 2012! AND in the best shape of my life. Paleo is totally satisfying and has helped reduced sugar and bread cravings. As to Crossfit being too strenuous for some, if you find a good gym with experienced trainers, they know how to modify the workouts for ANYone. I am not an athlete, but have been performing things I never dreamed. No migraines since starting Crossfit. My LDL cholesterol is the best it’s been in 20 years and now is in the normal range.

  9. I’m a nutritionist and I discovered paleo when I started working at a crossfit gym in 2009. I was almost 49 when I switched from Zone to Paleo. It made a huge difference. I’ve blogged quite a bit about it. I am also menopausal now (52). Hot flushes are minimal, sleep is excellent. I continue to crossfit 3- 5 times a week. The only downside to menopause so far is 2 kilos in weight gain, and my memory is not as good as wehn younger. I’m studying post grad nutrition and doing well so far, less memory but brain still works well.
    Clients who are menopausal and paleo have way less menopause symptoms.

  10. I am 53 and perimenopausal for 3-4 years and paleo for almost exactly one year now. The perimenopausal symptoms that had slowly developed (mostly feeling too warm in the morning and chilly an hour later, no hot flashes yet, and really bad brain fogs, and increasing joint pain, and increased moodiness like a teenager) disappeared almost overnight when I went paleo. I was never overweight but lost too much weight and felt like on speed the first few weeks of paleo but that got better when I added back in more (healthy) starches. I hate sports and exercise except for what comes naturally like walking, household, yard work, etc. but I now have the flattest stomach I ever had in my life, including childhood. I haven’t had a period since last fall and currently the temperature sensitivity has re-appeared, but much milder than before, and also Mid -Atlantic summer is approaching fast and I never was a heat and humididty fan to begin with. I don’t care what Mark Sisson looks like in his fities or how much exercise other paleo folks (women and men) in their fities and older do or not, I currently don’t have my own garden and miss the gardening and yard work and just being “out there” in the soil with my cats. My goal is to have that back before I’m 60 and then my muscles and toning will improve again automatically. I don’t expect to ever develop hot flashes or night sweats or other strong menopausal symptoms, I sleep like a baby, always have, and the few mild perimenopausal symptoms have (almost) completely dissappeared. The occasional mild brain fog once a month or so, could be the weather, or that I like my seasonal berries with heavy cream for dessert, or simply that after all I AM 53, hormones ARE changing, and my last period was almost a year ago (after being extremely regular and heavy for 37 or 38 years, and irregular for 2-3 years), and unless it’s some medical emergency I wouldn’t take any pills/hormones/meds either, no matter what. I’ve been sober from alcohol for 9 years now and I am not going to start some other drugs now.

  11. I am mostly Paleo, mainly because my daughter suggested it as a lifestyle plan, and because she is a crossfit person and eats paleo.
    I am gluten intolerant ( coeliac), so watching what I eat is easy.
    I have modified my diet recently and paleo is great, together with less emphasis on meat… I know paleo is eating natural, but I have cut most meats out of my diet as well… I have lost weight, I feel far better than I have for most of my life.
    My diet, is fish and a small amount of chicken in the week, mostly eat veges, eggs, fruit, small amount of milk, but nothing processed.
    I enjoy yogurt and fresh fruit for breakfast, soup for lunch, I snack on a paleo granola that I make, and my dinner is often 2 eggs with spinach and mushrooms, or chicken salad and other veges.
    I am quite satisfied.. people might say I am not eating much, but I am not hungry… previously I would be famished, but its dropped my appetite.

  12. I started doing CrossFit when I turned 40 and soon it will be 8 years. I started Zoning in 2006 but it didn’t have nearly effect that the Paleo diet has had. Since 2008, I have been eating 90% Paleo and it has changed my life. Although I have never struggled with my weight the positive outcome from cutting out dairy and gluten were HUGE! Less bloating/swollen feelings, less joint aches and a MUCH easier mentrual cycle, more even moods, and better sleep. I am 47 and have not yet missed my cycle, but based on the previous posts, I am glad that I am already Paleo as I head into the pre-menopausal years. Paleo is for anyone who is ready to feel better, no matter what age you are.

  13. I’m in my 30’s but had a complete hysterectomy due to endometriosis and adenomysosis. I’m essentially paleo (though admittedly not a purist), I do NOT take any ERT or HRT, and I now have zero symptoms of menopause. Why? It’s simple, my adrenals are healed (combo of diet and Standard Process supplements via my WAPF member nutritionist) and are providing what I need in estrogen and progesterone. I have not yet had a test done to check my hormone levels, however, the proof is there… If I go off diet too long, then I start having hot flashes and insomnia again. So it’s pretty simple, heal the adrenals and live in a way that supports the adrenals instead of fatiguing them, and the chances of experiencing negative symptoms will likely be reduced. I’m writing a blog about this very subject right now so please check it out when you have time! :) I should be done in a few minutes…

  14. I am 62 and have gradually been developing gluten intolerance for a long time. I finally pinned down the cause of my bloating, joint pain, bowel problems etc on a holiday in France where the bread and croissants are amazing. I over-indulged myself and was so ill.

    Since then I have tried gluten free products but dislike them so much I looked for “something else”. I stumbled across Paleo on the internet and decided to try it. I have never used much dairy but was still eating other grains.

    I suffer from arthritis and am overweight. Since I started Paleo diet my weight has dropped a little but not much. I have tried calorie counting and low fat etc. in the past, I was eating healthily according to general wisdom but never losing anything with a very slow increase.

    However, since starting this regime I feel so much better, energy levels are up, pain from arthitis reduced, bowel problems gone completely, sleeping better. WOW!

    My problem is that there is very little I can find in the UK about this and most of the US and AU sites are obsessed with crossfit. Like many of my generation I suspect the overweight and joint problems have been so long term they are here to stay.

    This diet has the potential to turn me into an lady who grows older disgracefully and a true British eccentric!

  15. I’m 57 years old and have been pure Paleo for 2 months now. I’ve lost 22 lbs effortlessly and my arthritis pain and degenerative disc pain have been reduced to almost non-existent. I can still tell you when there is rain in the area or a front coming over us, but this is a minor inconvenience compared to the crippling pain I had pre-Paleo. I have been menopausal since 2008 and have noticed a significant decrease in my hot flashes and night sweats. (In spite of the 101 degree temperatures we have been having in the midwest) I never had mood swing (I swear) so nothing to note there but I do now sleep like a rock with no medication. I no longer need my diabetic medication (metformin) as my blood sugar has normalized and stablized. My blood pressue is coming down significantly and I am taking half the medication I was taking pre-paleo. (This is under a doctors supervision) My husband and I will be getting blood work done next week and I will be sure to report the changes we see in those numbers as well. My husband (also 57) was diagnosed with fatty liver disease and had elevated liver enzymes. Trying to get him to eat healthier pre-paleo was easier than pulling hairs out of a lions ear (he uses a different body part in this analogy) but Paleo has really made a difference in his appetite and desire to consume empty sugary calories. He positively loves every Paleo meal I have put in front of him and goes for the fruit we keep in the fridge. We both have a smoothie every morning made in our “Magic Bullet”. He loves his coconut oil, almond milk and fruit in his smoothie. We are buying a Yonana machine next payday which turns ordinary frozen fruit literally into soft serve ice cream consistency…our neighbor had one collecting dust in her pantry until one day after taking our walk we passed her out front of her house and said hello and she stared at us, not recognizing us because of the weight we have both lost…she was hungry for information on Paleo and is now a happy 64 year old woman on Paleo. I am a walking, talking example of how a menopausal woman can benefit from Paleo. I am a happy hunter gatherer who is able to keep up with the tribe again!

  16. Hi, this is a question for anyone who feels expert enough to answer : – As a post menopausal woman who has been on a ketogenic diet for over three years I am surprised that I have a slightly rapid heart beat, especially at night, and a reduced ability to sleep properly, feeling hot and fidgety, even though I am into the menopause by about 8 years now, and never took drugs for it anyway. Why am I now finding the brain fog, hot nights and cardiac over activity, when that should be all over by now? I lost about 14lb in the first few months on ketogenic diet, but have gained about 4lb of late, for no known reason. I am not very physically active now, but never was particularly. Any thoughts on this would be gratefully recieved. Ta.

    1. Mrs H – It sounds like you might not be getting enough carbs or fat. I’d do a 3 or 4 day log of your diet in http://www.myfitnesspal.com and find out how much you’re eating and how many grams of carbs/fat/protein to see if you’re in a super high protein meltdown. If you’re already logging your intake, I’d just start playing around with fat and carbs. See if you feel better eating more carbs a few times a week OR if you do better with more fat every day in place of some protein. Sometimes super low-carb and not enough fat can be really stressful on your body, hence the weight gain, rapid heart beat, and poor sleep. Let me know if you need extra help!

  17. I am 48 years old and I have been doing Paleo since January of 2012. In March I discovered Crossfit through the paleo websites. When I started I was 240lbs. smoked & had the worst possible pre/peri menopause hormone imbalances, ever on top of 25 years of allergies, depression, IBS and asthma and acne and joint pains and back problems. Within 3 months of paleo w/limited dairy & grain consumption my symptoms started to disappear. Three weeks ago I decided to go 100% strict and eliminated all dairy, all sweetners, all processed foods, all grains, legumes, pastas, etc. etc. etc. I am now almost at my one year mark and nearing a 100lb. weight loss goal for one year. I will be 49 and ALL of my illnesses and symptoms are gone gone gone and my libido is as great as it was in my 20’s!!!!

  18. Reagen, thanks for sharing! I have the same issues and I wanted to try weaning myself off the estrogen therapy. Now I know it doesn’t hav to be a nightmare :-) yay!

  19. I am 70 years old and experimenting with the Paleo diet. I have been off gluten for a few years and feel so much better than I did. My problem is opposite of many. I have a hard time keeping weight on and would like to gain about 10 lbs at least. I’m 5′ 2″ and only weigh 85 lbs. I do include whole fat grass fed Greek yogurt, ghee and aged cheddar in my diet. I’m lactose intolerant but able to eat those. And it helps add calories. I eat a lot of meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, some fruit and nuts. I walk two miles a day, rain or shine. However I would like to do more to build up my muscles. I look frail but actually I think I am stronger than I seem. It’s hard to be strictly paleo as grass fed beef & chicken and organic are very expensive on my limited income. Doing the best I can to keep moving. I’m going to go out kicking!

  20. Just read Joanne’s post! I just started Paleo this past week so I’m very new to this. I’m 55 and needing to get off my BP and diabetic meds. Joanne, just curious to know exactly what you did to get off your meds. Did you give up all forms of grain, beans and dairy? Or did you just cut back? How did you do this?

  21. Wow, I just started Paleo this morning and wanted to see if anyone around 50 had had success with the diet. I’m thrilled that I found this site! Thank you all for your insights, my “beginner” jitters are gone.
    I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

  22. Great info here. I am on day 3 of a whole30..heading for Paleo if this works . I got really interested in this because of life-long allergies and now some arthritis and other issues. I am doing this with a number of friends and they are ALL younger than me (59), and their reactions are so much different. They are all hungry and i have trouble choking down enough food. I am also the only post-menopausal one in the group…so I am doing research on that for myself. I have had a horrible diet for several years, heavy carb and sugar , tho lots of veggies and lean meats. I have a hard time eating red meat and all the oils….ugh! LOL…..but I’m determined to give it a shot, and I thank you all for your comments here.

  23. I work out 5 days a week. Hard workouts. Not Cross Fit hard but hard. Can’t lose weight. My trainer has been doing pure paleo for less than a month and has lost 20 lbs. (MEN!). Does anyone pay attention to calories on Paleo?

  24. I’m 52, almost through 30 days of the autoimmune protocol. 9 days in my sense of smell returned, so long lost to me; the last time I smelled anything was right after sinus surgery 12 years ago! Three weeks into the AIP my doctor took me off all sinus medications because I don’t need them anymore. She cut my asthma meds in half and I have the clearest lungs of my life. As a life-long severe asthmatic I am looking at the possibility of being only an occasional user of Advair, which is unheard of in my life. I’ve lost 13 pounds with NO restrictions on portions. Digestive issues have also healed. I am sleeping more and better. My physical energy is returning and doing everything is easier now. I cannot imagine that this template would not benefit me in every way. I am SO grateful for it!

  25. Day 4 of Paleo for me. Not hungry and have slept extremely well the past 2 nights. I am a 56 year old female. I already feel lighter.

  26. I am 53 years old and have been overweight all my life. I always tried to eat right, but the pounds kept accumulating every year. In October of 2011 I read Robb Wolf’s book and started Paleo. I lost 40 pounds almost effortlessly and have kept it off for over a year. I don’t exercise at all except walks occasionally and working n the yard. I have only 1/2 a thyroid due to a goiter removal. I had multiple health issues prior to this. Now I feel healthy and 20 years younger. as a matter of fact I feel better than I did 20 years ago. Now just to get that exercise going….

  27. I’m almost 50 and have been mostly paleo for 3 months. In all the comments I read above, I didn’t see anyone mention the effect of their diet on their skin. One of my health goals has been to clear up my rosacea and acne. Although I’ve enjoyed all the new cooking adventures while on this paleo diet, my skin issues have not improved.

    I began to test my ph to make sure that I was not too acidy, and adjusted my diet to have more veggies and less meat. This seemed to improved the redness and inflammation of the rosacea but the acne is as bad or worse than ever.

    It was suggested to me that this could be a hormonal issue. And diet remedies for improving hormonal balance called for legumes and soy, which I have been off of for three months.

    I also find that it s hard to get full and stay full. Eating has become a very time consuming activity and I’m tired of being hungry so much. I got the flu this year, and believe that if my diet was properly balanced, that might not have happened. I am not interested in taking drugs to fix hormone imbalance. But curious if eating soy and legumes might help. Maybe they will also help me feel full. Does anyone have any experience with that? Thank you!

  28. I am a56 yr old woman and I’ve been doin Paleo almost 3 months with little weight loss. I’m still hot flashing as badly as I was prior to starting Paleo and I am 100% discouraged with this way of eating. I had such high hopes but it just doesn’t seem to be working for me. Any suggestions?

    1. Bella – Sorry you’re not seeing the success you wanted! I’m wondering how Paleo your diet has actually been. Sometimes people just assume that certain foods are ok on the diet (like soy, beans, certain grains, dairy, etc.) and it really messes with their health goals. If you’d like to work with me personally on this, just email me at info@paleoplan.com

  29. I thought I was through peri-menopause and all the related symptoms last summer. I have not had my period or any symptoms in 9 months – but after only ONE week of eliminting grains and sugar (I had already eliminated dairy and do not drink alcohol or coffee) I had my first period in 9 months and I began to experience hot flashes again at night. Hmmm.. I am curious as to why this might be happening and what the connection might be? Has anyone else experienced this as well?

  30. How heartening to read all the above stories! I’m turning 52 shortly, and have been xfit-ing about 2 months and paleo-ing since the beginning of June 2013, so all relatively new. I take low dose HRT and anti depressant, but after reading the above will discuss stopping the HRT with my Dr. Despite being a diligent exerciser all my life, and quite strict with my diet, I am still gaining weight. I am wondering if it something to do with the HRT – I’m vertically challenged (5’2″) and increasingly over endowed in the boob department, which can be very uncomforable in cross fit. After this short period of time on paleo I have noticed quite a big increase energy. I don’t have huge swings in appetite and don’t miss the gluten things. I am coping very well with the increase in fat and meat despite not having a gall bladder. If only……I had done all this 30+ years ago, I might still have had a functioning gall bladder.

    1. Cindy – This is one of my most favorite comments ever: “I’m vertically challenged (5’2″) and increasingly over endowed in the boob department…” I can definitely relate! D cups on a 5’0″ frame are not fun when you’re vigorously bouncing around! Anyway, I’m glad the comments and the article could help in some way. Not sure going off the HRT completely will be the answer for you, but if you go to a good naturopathic doc, they’ll have those answers for you. You can find a good practitioner who knows Paleo at http://www.primaldocs.com in your area if you want. Good luck!

  31. I am 50 yrs-old, and I started the Paleo diet 8 weeks ago (even though I still eat a couple of things as comfort food, like yogurt and dark chocolate!).

    I often very hungry in the afternoons (around 3 and 4pm) when I am at work so I ‘graze’ (snack) on almonds and fruit. I work out 3 or 4 times a week (cardio and running) and I feel great (less anxious, more energy, fewer hot flashes, better skin and hair, etc). And I also have sugar cravings in the evenings!

    How did I curb the sugar/hunger cravings? I am not overweight but I think I’ve gained a couple of pounds since I started the diet.


  32. Hi Yes I thought I was finally on the road to no more periods as well, and low and behold after 10 days on paleo I get a period, is this a balancing of hormones? I’m not quite sure what brought it on. Is this common?

  33. I am 55 yrs. On BioIdentical Hormone replacement. Have eaten pretty clean,low gluten sugar diet for years.
    The transition into paleo has not been difficult,except for mentally the increase of fats. Have now been on Paleo for 1month.
    Frustratingly I have gained 7.5 lbs in the first month on the pale diet(thats w/o cheating at all,truly)!!
    Other than that I feel pretty good,sleeping fine,no afternoon energy drops now, no carvings really,I feel my skin has actually improved some.
    Not exercising much other than some YOGA, but didn’t much prior to Paleo & 7 1/2 lbs less.
    Not sure if its touch nut butters or nut snacks,maybe less fruit,I just don’t know the answer.
    I suppose I have danced w/ the same 5 lbs up or dn easily,but thats it,have maintained a healthy weight between 132.5 & 136.5 on a 5’6″ frame for years. So you can imagine my not being happy weighing 141.5:(
    Any suggestions? I want to continue on Paleo,I do feel its a healthy way of eating for ever.

  34. I’m 47 and have been eating various forms of paleo for almost four years. I’m active and fit and look young for my age so I was quite surprised when I started having symptoms of menopause last year. In the past few months they’ve gotten increasingly severe. I’m having hot flashes about 15 times a day, my energy is low and so is my mood. Worst of all are the bladder problems (I had NO idea this was going to happen, it’s horrible!) I always thought that a healthy diet and lifestyle would make me immune to this type of imbalance but that hasn’t proven to be the case.

  35. Finally a Paleo forum thats is not only populated by the 20-30 age group!!! I only started 4 weeks ago and feel great!! Am Lactose/glutlen sensitive and also have IBS which I think was caused by eating grains and legumes because greatly improved. I can eat broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc. again which was a major no before. I sleep better than before I had children. Have more energy and look better. Need only to loose a few pounds but have a lot of inchs all over. I have always know that the food we buy at the store in packages is bad and all you have to do is look at the ingredients on the lable to know how fake it is. We live in a chemical world and all our food, water, and soil is effected so it really is impossible to be completly Paleo in the primal way but we sure can try and it’s worth it. I’m worth it!

  36. I went paleo and had a great success with it, lost three kilos of FAT, and everyone said I looked great! I don’t want to lose too much fat as I don’t like my face and neck to look too wrinkly, so I’m happy with where I am, at 50 I have no wrinkles and would be five kilos overweight, but I’m happy to stay there. The best results for me in the six weeks have been elimination of hand joint pain at night, arthritis symptoms according to my rhuematologist. Bah humbug. In addition, no bloating which has been the single most horrible thing for years and years and years, always going to bed looking nine months pregnant, even my husband jokes about it. No more. I wake up feeling great, go to bed feeling great, sleep well, no bloating and no bowel pain and inflammation. I’m happy. Carbs are ONLY sweet potato, green pears, bananas, and I eat all veggies that are green, red and orange! its easy to manage with a family to just not have potatos and rice and pasta. I wish my family would give up the grains and white carbs but they won’t. I’m just happy i’ve lost my puffy face and midlife bloat! Started on HRT by the way can’t be bothered with it so going off. Main goal is to avoid mid life spread. I can’t exercise aside from a gentle water program or walking, due to muscle and skeletal injuries, but I’m happy enough just to feel good. I tried going back to bread and normal diet for two weeks after the six, as an experiment and documented my return to bloat and inflammation and feeling awful so sticking with paleo.

  37. Hello,
    I was a raw vegan for 40 days then craved salmon…and went to the supermarket and bought some…and I was in heaven. I tried paleo before and had a very flat mood and low energy levels for the 5 week experiment. What’s different this time…. I’m only a week into paleo transitioning from raw vegan and there’s been lots of health improvements already.(improved body warmth, stronger, colour in face, less eye inflammation and now able to wear contact lenses again due to increased lubrication in the eyes, able to tolerate eye make up again to name my obvious improvements. I have noticed today that I had some spare time at work so climbed 8 stair flights 9 times. Couldn’t do once a week ago. I have gained weight… which is a disappointment. I would like to exercise and do proper weight training but am a bit intimidated by the gym. I am 45 years old by the way. I don’t have the flat mood like I had last time but I am so early in it’s hard to gauge things. I am pretty excited so far and am wondering about reintroducing carbs for continued weight loss, seem to be ok without as pretty sedentary… looks like adding in a sweet potato size a day … 100 g is a pretty good idea. I am just so loving my variety at the moment, enjoying every mouthful! It’s like coming across an oasis in the desert…

    1. Hi Suzie,
      Congratulations on making the shift from raw vegan to Paleo…that’s quite a change! It’s really common to experience a “flat mood” for the first several weeks (or months) when first starting out on the Paleo diet. People can experience a wide range of symptoms initially, which most often subside within 4-6 weeks on the diet. It’s exciting to hear that you have experienced so many health improvements already! Your weight may fluctuate initially, but should stabilize over the next few months. As you probably know, excess carbohydrate intake is definitely connected to weight gain, so be conscientious about your carb intake. However 100 grams/day (like you mentioned) sounds right on target. I wish you the best of luck with this transition (I was a vegetarian before I went Paleo, and the transition was tough at first) and please keep us posted on your progress!

      Keep up the great work,
      Kinsey Jackson, MS, CN
      Paleo Plan

  38. This an update from May 2014: I’m 65 and doing wonderful on this paleo diet. Lost 17 lbs. a have very few of former health issue of joint pain and high blood pressure. Have gone from size 14 to size8 with loss of many inches! Weight loss comes in spurts but that’s okay more interested in how I feel daily.

  39. I just finished a year of Paleo at 51 years old. I did lose weight (about 25 pounds) very slowly. However, I am struggling to sleep through the night–I feel something is terribly out of balance in my body. It is not really hot flashes (I had surgical menopause at 36) but I do have elevated body temperature at night under cotton covers. I just never sleep more than 2 hours at a time. And this only started in last 4 months when I got more serious about Paleo. Before Paleo, I slept easily (sometimes had “food comas.” I sleep better with a full belly.) But even with a snack before bed, I don’t feel satiated like I used to. Sleep eludes me. And I am not anxious about anything (except maybe about not sleeping). I am beginning to think there is something missing here for women my age and chemically I am out of balance. I am living without an antidepressant for first time in over 10 years. Perhaps this is a contributor. But I do not feel depressed.
    The positives–low mucous, lower inflammation mood stabilized. The negatives–very dry skin, no sleep, not a lot of energy.

    1. Janice,

      I’m very sorry to hear about your sleep disturbances! It’s very frustrating to not be able to get the sleep that you want and need!

      It sounds like there is more going on than meets the eye. Since we can’t dispense medical or personalized advice via our website, I would encourage you to see a practitioner who can offer you specific advice for how to address your sleep issues. A functional or integrative practitioner could do hormone testing, take a closer look at your thyroid or adrenals, and even evaluate you for food sensitivity or allergy, all of which could potentially contribute to sleep issues. I’m sorry that I’m not able to offer you advice — there are many natural sleep aids on the market, but those will only mask what is really going on. You’re asking the right questions, so I would encourage you to find a practitioner who can give you some answers.

      Best wishes on your Paleo journey, and I hope you are able to find some better sleep!

      Aimee McNew, MNT

  40. I turn 52 in just over a months time and have been following the Paleo lifestyle for nearly 4 years, which is around about the same amount of time that I have been dealing with the menopause.

    I first turned to using natural medication prescribed to me (progesterone cream). But then decided after a year I would prefer to go down the route of diet and exercise.

    I have found that following the Paleo diet and exercising regularly as really helped me. I do suffer from the odd hot flashes and night sweats, but nothing that really is causing me any major problems. Also I’ve found that inclusion of certain natural supplements in my diet such as Red Clover and Magnesium also help. But of course what I eat really has made a difference. The amount of processed food included in my diet is very minimal.

    At the moment in our house hold we are including no carbs in our diet whatsoever. Each meal I make for us includes some for of proten (meat or fish) as well as plenty of fresh vegetables. At the moment I have a real hankering for carrots, broccoli and cabbage.

    Just wanted to share my story after reading such a great article.

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