Nutritional Ketosis Update


IMG_0001_2-225x300.jpgI’m on day 5 of my nutritional ketosis diet (details on the why and how of this experiment in my last blog post). That’s a scantily clad me over there to the right on my second day into this. A “before” picture, if you will. Hoping to look like a body builder by the end of this. No, not really.

Since this has already been such a dynamic experience, I’m going to start sharing some quick thoughts on it throughout this month, and perhaps beyond, if I continue to do ketosis after that.

Here’s the update.

I’m in ketosis (I think).
According to the urinalysis strips that test what volume of ketones you’re peeing out, I’m in the highest level of ketosis – the darkest purple reading. I don’t know how much I trust that, though. My blood ketone test kit should be arriving today, so I’ll know more soon.

I’ve lost weight.
I don’t care if I lose weight or not. I like my body – just want to be very clear about that.

In the last 5 days my 5’0″ frame went from 100 lbs to 97.8 lbs (I got my body fat tested so I can find out later if I’m losing muscle). It’s not easy for me to lose weight, so this is kind of a big deal. In the past, I’ve eaten 1,200 calories a day for a week or more and not lost any weight while being at Zone-like Paleo macronutrient ratios.

I feel fatigued sometimes.
Not all the time – just a couple times a day and eating fat makes it better. I also wake up with uncomfortably low blood sugar, which sucks. Usually I can go until like 11:30am without eating. Hopefully this will improve.

I’m eating enough calories.
My goal was to eat at least 1,500 calories a day, and yesterday for instance I ate 1,597. That was 69% fat, 14% carbs (no starchy ones), 17% protein. Which was 122 grams fat, 66 grams protein, 56 grams carbs (sorry – I don’t know the net carbs).

My recovery may be sucking.
I did the hardest leg workout I’ve ever done on my second day into the diet. One of my first pure leg workouts ever. I have been so sore for the last 3 days that I look crippled when I walk. Would I be this sore for this long if I were eating normally? And if I keep doing this, will my recovery get better?

I have to eat more often.
I thought it would be opposite! I’ve been so psyched that I haven’t had to eat very often for the past 3 months or so… Now I have to have a snack between breakfast and lunch (a couple tablespoons of coconut butter and a handful of frozen blackberries).

I hope my energy increases and I stop feeling so damn carb depleted. I know it’s just the first week, so I think a lot could change.

That’s all for now. I love your feedback, by the way!