Goal Setting – As If!


These little morsels of wisdom were drummed up by our crossfit coach, Max Shippee.

I-Cant-300x200.jpg“I have a confession to make”


“I kind of had a few cookies last night.”

“A few?”


“Ahahaha! Those lousy Girl Scouts!”

” I know, right?!”

We all have slip-ups. Seriously. And if you’re the type that NEVER has a slip-up and your life is perfect, well you can stop reading right now, and go sit in the corner where the rest of us can beam stares of hatred at you.

I’ve found a really good little mantra to use to help me through some of the times of weakness (ToW).

As if

Try this out for a day. Make all of your decisions today “as if” you were a lean, mean fitness machine. As if you were already walking around at 12% or 8% body fat. Whatever your goal is. As if you were ready to shed that towel and strut down the beach in that bikini (mine’s a super-cute little blue number).

If you do this, even for a second, the next choice you’re about to make becomes really clear.

You don’t even open the box of cookies. You do the burpees. You get an extra serving of the chicken, instead of the mac’n’cheese.

You’re putting yourself into the space of someone who’s already succeeded. And you know what? Success breeds success. All of a sudden, it seems a LOT easier to make the “right” decision, because you’re really, for a split second at least, embodying that personality trait that will get you where you want to go.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily work for just anything. I wouldn’t jump into the cockpit of a plane and say to myself, “What button would I push, IF I was the pilot?” (do pilots even push buttons, or is it all that stick/yoke thing?) But for most of the goals that most of us are making here in the new year, this is a really great tool to use.

So go use it, and report back how it worked for ya. Even the smallest little bit, I love hearing that I’m right!