My Rebuttal To Kimberly Snyder’s Attack on Paleo

Yet another person has written a poorly researched article against Paleo.

KimberlyKimberly Snyder’s article is entitled “The Ugly Truth About the Paleo Diet”.

She’s a celebrity nutritionist (that’s her in the pic) and has a lot of fans, and that’s why I’ve bothered writing up a retort to her post. It frustrates me to see so many people misinformed by authors they trust, as good as her intentions may have been.


Negativity in The Media

Her article, along with this video called “Does Science Back Up The Paleo Diet?” and this article called “Paleofantasy: Stone Age Delusions”, have left me flabbergasted by people’s unwillingness to do research before they write about a topic. Kimberly’s article was frustrating because it was so full of conventional “wisdom” that people refuse to let go of, despite the evidence and despite the rampant success of people living Primal/Paleo lifestyles.

She, as well as the authors of the other articles I mentioned, clearly got most of their information from Loren Cordain’s outdated book, The Paleo Diet, which was written in 2002. The tenets and philosophies of the Paleo and Primal diets have moved so far beyond his recommendations of tons of “lean” meat, very limited starchy veggies, very little fruit, and low saturated fat. Thanks to the work of people like Mark Sisson, Chris Kresser, Staffan Lindeberg, and many others, we understand now that our Paleo diets can be much more varied than what Cordain first suggested, and that many hunter gatherer people’s diets did not look quite like what he first described.

Please read her article, but if you don’t have time, here’s a summation.

Kimberly Snyder is a nutritionist, and has decided that Paleo is bad because of the following.

  • It’s high in protein and protein causes health problems (here’s an old rebuttal of mine to that myth).
  • All Paleo diets consist of mostly meat, and meat is bad for you (here’s an old rebuttal of mine to that myth).
  • The China Study says protein is bad, so it is. (Read these in-depth analyses of how the China Study is a sham. The author of the China Study found that casein, a dairy protein, MIGHT contribute to cancer and then extrapolated that to all protein. Huh?).
  • There’s no evidence to support Paleo (really? see below).
  • Hunter gatherer people died young, so why would we want to emulate them?
  • Grains have been found in the fossilized teeth of our ancestors, so we should continue to eat grains in large amounts.

Here is my response to her article.

Hi there,

This post was brought to my attention by one of your faithful readers, who was thoroughly disappointed by your “misinformed” article on Paleo. Could you please cite at least one piece of evidence for your claims?

There is actually plenty of published research pointing to Paleo’s efficacy in improving health. Here’s an article that contains 7 research papers on that topic. There are many more beyond those 7. I’d be happy to point you in their direction.

As for hunter gatherers’ lifespans being only 25-30 years, that is not actually an accurate assessment of how long people lived/live in those societies, as you admitted at the end of your article. Many children die due to complications at birth, as well as infectious diseases as toddlers. But many of those who live past the age of 15 live to be very old even by our standards (PDF). And none of the hunter gatherer societies ever studied have been found to commonly die of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, or other diseases people die so commonly of today. I wrote an article on that here and the pdf cited above goes into it as well.

We have the best of both worlds in our present situation: we have medications to fight infectious diseases, and excellent medical practices to prevent deaths during childbirth and after injuries. AND we have the option of eating what these hunter gatherer societies are/were eating: veggies, tubers, fruits, properly raised meats, eggs, seafood,  nuts, seeds, and some properly prepared grains for those who can tolerate them. Why not take advantage of the wisdom of our healthy ancestors (recent and ancient) while also taking advantage of our newfound medical advances? It’s a perfect environment for long, vibrant life.

Yes, there were definitely grains in people’s diets before the dawn of agriculture, but the point is that grains, sugar, and pasteurized dairy did not make up the majority of those healthier people’s diets, as they do ours now. And grains were processed properly, they were more varied, had less gluten in them, and were not made from GM crops, like they are now. A grain is not a grain is not a grain. You may think that everyone can tolerate gluten-free grains, and that they should be a part of everyone’s diet, but I, for one, can not tolerate any of them, and I talk to people every day who say the same. This is a real thing, and it’s unfair to dismiss people’s sensitivities to certain foods, whatever your opinion about those foods may be.

I think we can all agree that Paleo has a lot of desirable traits. It encourages people to eat real, whole foods that have as few toxins in and on them as possible. It discourages factory farming and GM consumption. It’s an easy way for people to decrease the amount of grains, sugar, and legumes they’re eating, all of which are commonly overeaten and contributing to obesity and diabetes.

There’s no one way of doing Paleo, as the hunter gatherer societies have shown: their diets were highly varied in macronutrient ratios as well as food sources, depending on where they lived. We all do it differently. I don’t eat just meat, and I don’t know any Paleo people who do. I eat all kinds of colorful, beautiful, well-raised foods, and my health is much better than it used to be pre-Paleo.

People eating Paleo/Primal are just trying to stay away from toxic foods. Isn’t that what you’re trying to do, too?

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  1. Casein was used to promote liver cancer in laboratory animals in the 50s because it it is deficient in selenium.
    Hepatoma cells are able to survive selenium deficiency better than healthy cells, so casien drives the selection for cancer.
    This was the research that Campbell based his theory on. He also published a paper showing that low cholesterol is associated with liver cancer in China, but somehow failed to incorporate that into his theories. Truly, veganism weakens the mind.

  2. Just want to point out that L. Cordain’s book has been updated. I think it’s still the best one to read in order to understand the basic premise of the diet and lifestyle.

    1. Manuel Herrera – Yes, it’s been updated, but I still think he’s too much in the camp of low fat, and he only slightly eased up on starchy veggies and fruits other than berries, which are actually really important to a lot of people.

  3. Great rebuttal! I read her book before coming to Paleo and was even more sick after having tried her method. Paleo lifestyle healed my leaky gut and candida. I’m more healthy, have more muscle and a higher endurance after becoming Paleo….thanks for all your help and your continued research!!

  4. I agree, my gut was in worse shape after really wanting her diet and recipes to work. My body just does not like grains at all. I started the paleo diet a week ago and I am already feeling a bit better.

  5. AMAZING! I had the same experience as the above comment. I read her book, my health issues did not resolve with those practices. I am sensitive to all grains! My husband and I have had much better health since beginning Paleo. I am 29, he is 45. No more depression, inflammation, high cholesterol ect. WE are happy with the results, our medical records are proof!

  6. I was actually quite disappointed with how poorly written her (KS) article on Paleo was and I too have read her book and subscribe to her blog. She has since removed it from the Facebook fan page. I used to consume gluten- free grains until i listened to lectures about even these so called “gluten-free” grains also contributing to autoimmune disease. Kudos for writing this piece.

  7. Thank you for writing this post! I read her article this morning and it only confirmed my belief and methods in the Paleo lifestyle. I do not follow a strict Paleo diet, (I still eat organic yogurt and some rice here and there because of my ethnicity and rice is something I’ve grown up eating). This post puts everything I wanted to say in response to her post. It really is unfortunate that society/people (not pointing the finger at her) will come to a conclusion and make a judgment about other lifestyle choices without giving it a fair chance or doing thorough research on it. Whether it is following a Paleo diet, becoming a vegan, vegetarian or a raw-foodist, etc. I believe that all of these lifestyles have their advantages and disadvantages, given that each of these diets include a fresh, natural, wholesome and sustainably resourced foods. Everybody reacts differently to different things and the Paleo lifestyle/diet may work wonders for some while it may not for others. But I think it’s important to shed some light on the different options that we have while respecting the choices that others make. Everybody’s paths/goals are different so I don’t think it makes sense to expect that only ONE diet/lifestyle will work for everyone. It just bothers me that people have the wrong information and don’t bother to take the time to research! (People can be so closed minded about their diet/lifestyle! Even within the Paleo community!) So, THANK YOU for writing this!!

  8. She must have removed her article? It’s not available through the link you provided. Great rebuttal!! :)

  9. Great job. I encourage people to follow your work and educate themselves on the Paleo Diet and Paleo Lifestyle. It works for me.

    Kimberley’s article sounded and felt like a bitter rant. I certainly didn’t enjoy the tone of the article.

    Thank You.

  10. really disappointed in kimberly snyder, i posted the link to her article on her facebook page as some were asking for it and then she blocked me! not cool behavior..

  11. Another beautifully written and researched article! My son has Hashimoto’s disease and every time he eats any grain he has another episode. He has learned that to keep the disease under control he needs to be strong and cheat very infrequently. Even the sugar in jelly beans can set him off.

  12. I eat a healthy vegetarian diet with no processed foods and feel much better. If you are not sure try both lifestyles/diets and let your body be the judge. Everybody is different.

  13. I had Kimberlys article saved to read this weekend, but it appears to have bee removed from her site interestingly enough. Makes me question whether her advice is trustworthy, or just a way to sell her program’s and make money

  14. I see that the article was removed, so I didn’t get a chance to read it. I won’t be following her anymore. I think it’s so cowardly to write about something controversial and then take it down. Thanks for writing this rebuttal…love your site!

  15. I haven’t been Paleo very long, but in that short amount of time, I can already see a difference in my energy and general well being. I am a firm believer that you should do what makes you feel good, since you are living in your body. I basically ignore the rest of the media, especially those “trainers to the stars.” Any diet works when you can work out 5 hours a day and spend money on a personal chef. I prefer something that I can do in the real world and see results. For me, this is Paleo. I had no idea who this woman was when I read the rebuttal, but I think the fact the article is no longer available is very telling! Also telling is just how happy Paleo makes me…and that’s enough for me :)

  16. I am not a paleo fan. I am a scientist and I study cancer and I used to study metabolism. The media has a way to distort scientific contents from articles and I don’t think this diet has been backed by many. Cancer is a dangerous disease and cancer can be caused by many different methods. Any oncogene or a tumor suppressor that can be mutated by any amount of methods endogenous and exogenous can affect our system. I believe in a good organic diet because I study the effects of environmental factors and many chemicals which we ingest everyday mainly through food. This diet is good to lose weight in the long run whether this is going to hurt in the long run has not been backed by an scientific study. I might not back Kimberly about everything she states ….. But I know she has a lot of sense and that her ideas about organic plant based sources are by sound.

  17. Kimberly is a typical, by the “old” book nutritionist. Grains are crap. She doesn’t know a damn thing about proper nutrition, neither do her peers. She looks like she could use a buffalo tenderloin.

  18. My point is ….. It’s better to use the natural rhythm in the body and the standard metabolic functions. You might see weight loss and energy during a short time period … But you could not predict the long term effects of altering the normal metabolic functions and pathways. Cancer metabolism is a huge topic these days and we are constantly trying to understand how metabolic pathways can lead towards deregulated pathways that can result in hyperplasia or dysplasia. More than ever when you think about the meat production in this country you can see all the hormones and unnatural ingredients that’s injected into these animals. Something that will stay with me for a long time is a talk that I went to last week … This lecturer stated “a japanese person living in Japan has less chances of developing breast cancer than an American woman. However if she moves to the USA she increases her chances of developing breast cancer by almost 40%. This means something within our country is aggravating this effect.” This is so true … Ad that’s what I like about Kimberly snyder … Her plan introduces natural organic ingredients that helps the natural metabolic pathways.
    Up to you … You can do what you like and believe in which ever food you like to eat. I am against paleo for many reasons (scientifically) but that’s my choice. I will raise my doubts but I would not raise any negative thoughts towards someone who might have a different opinion than me. Kimberly has an opinion and let her have it. Sme will share it and some will not. But all I can say is … Don’t take the easy route out. Think carefully and critically about what is good for you and your children. Mutations you can accumulate by food can carry into your offspring (hence the reason why so many kids so sadly have cancer now). I vote for a healthier natural option :))
    Cheers everyone :))

  19. Good point Harshani, and yes you are correct. If you use meat that’s been processed, shot full of hormones and antibiotics, inundated with nitrates and nitrites which change their compounds 2000 times when you cook them then you are taking a chance. However, using grass fed beef,and other meats free of all those other additives and cooked properly as to not be heated to the point of producing HCA(heterocyclic amines), then there is less chance if any of producing those negative effects. Just like you can eat organic but not if the grow field is downhill from a cattle farm where the fecal matter smothers the soil and food that is growing there. Caution and education should be taken on all accounts and continuous research is pertinent for optimal health. Cheers and good health to you!!

  20. Meh. Paleo got big enough to where talking trash about it gets traffic. That’s all it is, IMHO.

    For me, I get cranky, tired, and my six pack goes away inside 60 days if I stray from my paleo ways. And, my vision goes to hell too. If you haven’t, google Frauenfeld Clinic. Alex is a big paleo proponent, and genius vision improvement guy. As long as I follow Alex’ advice, and stay out of the sugar and carbs, I can see fine without glasses (where before I was legally blind, per California rules).

  21. Curiouser and curiouser. (article removed) too much back lash or that sudden, cold chill of realization that you wrote something embarrasing?

  22. Quinn-

    Thanks for composing a well reasoned rebuttal to KS’s inaccurate emotional hyperbolic rant against Paleo. She mischaracterizes it, then bashes it.

    I’ve been slow carb (no fast carbs; sugar, bread, pasta, grains, juice) for about 8 months.
    I’m 6 ft. I’ve gone from 220 lbs & 39” waist to 195 & 36” waist, from ~24% body fat to ~18%.
    At my age, it’s been YEARS since I was a gym rat. I have no interest or desire to exercise that hard anymore. By a shift in eating, I have shed fat & gained muscle with very little effort.

    I started via The Blood Sugar Solution – Dr. Mark Hyman. Then drifted towards 4 Hour Body-Tim Ferriss and finally Primal Blueprint-Mark Sisson which is pretty much Paleo. They all seem to exist is a similar “space”, with fair amounts of overlap. Minimal dairy, no refined carbs, lots of veggies, good fats, good protein and reasonable exercise.

    For those who wish to bash Primal….it ain’t Aktins & it ain’t butter, bacon & hotdogs.
    Research it, try it before you dismiss it.


    “Curiouser and curiouser. (article removed) too much back lash or that sudden, cold chill of realization that you wrote something embarrassing.”

    A “retraction” without comment smacks of “cold realization…you wrote something embarrassing.” Otherwise she would have taken the opportunity to complain about being bashed by angry meat eaters. :) My guess, the article was written by overzealous (and now, potentially unemployed staffer) with KS’s tacit ‘ok’. The post got pulled when the negative comments started to roll in.

    Yes, KS blocks replies that she doesn’t like. She blocked my reply to her original post as well. You’re not welcome if you won’t drink the Kool-Aid.

    For those of you who missed KS’s original blog post, I snatched up a cached copy and saved it after she had it pulled, but here’s a link to a re-post by one of her fanboys….!/2013/03/the-ugly-truth-about-paleo-diet.html


  23. Thanks for your rebuttal. I am a Dentist and have studied and researched a great deal about nutrition.
    C. Everet Koop, M.D., our esteemed Surgeon General under President Reagan said that Doctors do not receive enough education about Nutrition in medical school and they really should, but most of them know it and don’t care. Anyway it seems that even some nutritionists do not know much as you pointed out. I just finished her article about fish oil and sent her a rebuttal that shows she is short on facts. She also has some problems with reasoning. What a shame for all those who buy her books thinking she is an authority who can be trusted and counted on to give good advice. Shame on her. Keep it up! Dr. Michael

  24. Kimberly’s diet is helping to heal my gut. For the first time in three years, I’m not throwing up nearly as much as I was.

    Nobody needs to slam her: she has her opinions and you have yours. Figure out what’s good for you, and keep doing it! Simple as that.

  25. Omg! I absolutely agree with Angela, whatever works for you, DO IT! Kimberly Snyder’s approach has changed my life, my health! Kimberly I love you so much, thank you for your awesome books and I’ve been having the GGS for 3 yrs now, will not ever go back to the paleo stuff! Ha!

  26. I think if you can digest meat, there is no wrong in eating it once or twice a week. Always moderation in everything. However, I can’t digest meat (my doctor found out). I also don’t digest lactose very well, it gives me acne. Kimberly Snyder’s diet suits my best, still removing all gluten is a bit absurd to me. I love eating rye, because it contains a lot of phytase, an enzyme that breaks down phytic acid. So no, a little bit of grain (with gluten) won’t do harm. A little bit of nut won’t harm either, but the amounts that are sometimes used in the paleo-kitchen are just not healthy anymore. I don’t think that hunterpeople eat/ate the amount of nuts that are some of us eat nowadays. “Nut season” is only once a year in autumn, what makes us think that we should exchange the amount of grains for the same amount of nuts all through the year?
    Those were just my thoughts on the matter. Before changing a diet and a lifestyle, it’s always important to do a lot of research and not to take the words of a nutritional guru for pure truth. No diet is perfect.

    1. Johanna – Just for the record, you may just not have the right equipment to be digesting meat, which happens to a lot of people after a lifetime of eating foods that wreck your digestion. Try taking some digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid for a while to kickstart your body’s own ability to digest it. As for nuts, I don’t eat nuts and I am the author of this Paleo blog, so they’re not an obligatory part of the Paleo diet. And “a little bit of nut won’t harm either” is false. If I have just “a little bit of nut” I get bad intestinal cramping and joint pain. And removing all gluten may be “absurd” to you, but it isn’t absurd to the many people out there, like myself, who suffered greatly before we did just that. So please speak for yourself, as I try to do as often as possible.

  27. I am really sorry if it didn’t seem like I spoke for myself, I did.
    Thank you by the way for the tip about the enzymes.
    I know there are a lot of people with a gluten sensitivity, it runs in our family as well, it is just very hard for me to understand that in former times people would only eat animal protein and vegetables. What about the cavemen in the high north during winter, would they eat only frozen meat and not have some grains or seeds stored in their caves? I know, this is a strange mind twist, but still.
    I just have one other question. What do you eat for breakfast then, when nuts and grains are of the table?
    Please, this is no sort of attack, just some questions of someone who wants to know a bit more about the paleo diet.

    ps English in not my native language, I’m sorry if I made any mistakes in grammar/spelling

  28. its too funny how all of the Paleo’s want to be given the respect of their opinion, but childishly go back and forth bashing Kim Snyder. i am vegan and i will outlive you all. has even ONE of you tried healing your “gut” through exercise? what a waste of my reading time. we are a civilized culture now in case you haven’t heard. we do not need meat or the milk of any animal to survive. pssssh

  29. I’ve have been eating Paleo for about 6 months. As a result, I lost 20 lbs, but my overall health condition did not improve. I started feeling weaker, got dark circles under my eyes. After searching for answers online, came across Blood Type Diet, and found out that as a blood type A, I should avoid meat, and eat vegetables and grains. So, after only one month on this diet, I did not gain any weight back, but feel much better, have more energy. Recently, I purchased Kimberly Snyder’s second book, “The Beauty Detox Foods…” and reading it now. Planning to include her tips and recipes into my lifestyle.
    My husband is blood type O, and loves Paleo diet.

  30. All science and knowledge are continually expanding; our understanding of our ancestors’ diets is really important to continue shaping our ideals. We have a huge advantage nowadays, with availability of healthy foods (pending you do your research/source humane/grass-fed fully/local/organic/etc natural foods), medicine, and more understanding of what works/what leads to longevity. No research seems ever complete but I have tried many things and have found a modernized ‘Paleo’ plan to work well for me. We are not like Gorillas, Kimberly’s main arguing point that they eat only leafy greens.

    A too-high protein diet is also not healthy; and to process protein properly, we need a healthy amount of fat to go with it. So i’m a proponent of high fat (Esp. omega 3’s!), fairly low carb (lots of veggies/small amt of fruit), moderate complete protein – but as natural as possible, and a lot of low-temperature cooking, fermented vegetables, and raw foods.

    Things will never be like they were for our cavemen ancestors – and maybe for good reason, but learning where we come from, thus our genetic make up for the past, oh, 2.4 MILLION years – is paramount to continuing understanding on our health and needs.

    Also, just because something is deemed “nutritious”, it does not mean the body assimilates it well! (ex: promoters of pasteurized milk, which many of us know is not healthy or a great bio-available source of calcium).

    Kimberly has some takeaways. Ultimately it is about reading everything, doing everything you can if you care about you/your children’s/your families’ health, don’t buy hype but don’t assume because something is popular that it doesn’t stand, constant updating your knowledge base and questioning it all. Isn’t that life, too?

  31. oh! re: high fat, I mean Natural fats. Not man-made, poisoning vegetable oils (canola, anything trans, soybean oil…). Coconut oil, fat contained in nutritious food (organic pastured eggs/yolks), pastured butter, avocado…

    re: @vegan period ‘s comment – how do you deal with all that ‘chick’n’ etc soy-based “food product” that is a big part of the vegan market? fake food and over consumption of poorly assimilated legumes? Ever read the vegetarian myth?

  32. Non-gluten grains make up a tiny part of her overall diet, and she is quick to point out that they’re not required.
    Might be a little too much black-and-white accusations going on on BOTH sides, here.

  33. I have read Kimberly’s books and agree with some of what she emphasizes, but she is biased in her outlook on nutrition. She overlooks the fact that different blood types actually benefit from certain foods, including meat. I first found this out from a naturopathic doctor in Seattle. So I did a little research and found many articles published by various medical doctors supporting what my ND had to say. I think the key thing for people to remember is everything in moderation. If your going to eat meat try to buy the best quality you can find. Organic is the way to go!

  34. What a bunch of haters you paleo people are. Kimberly Snyder’s books are awesome and her diet plan works for lots of people- including myself. I have never had better skin or felt as good as I do now since following her advice. To each their own but have some respect for others.

  35. YOUR body is YOUR labotary!… In my case, I follow Kim’s lifestyle and the results are just amazings… better sleep, better skin, better digestion, lot more energy, almost never sick!
    Make your own research!

  36. It’s wonderful that you have your own opinions on nutrition. However, what may work for your body may not work for others. Although, It was wrong for Kim Snyder to “attack” the Paleo diet, it is also naive of you to go ahead and see if you have to rebute it. I’ve done Paleo for 2.5 years and now have switched to Kim’s diet. However, I don’t believe that one is better than the other. I think the key thing is to incorporate the best parts of both diets that you find successful for your body.

    1. Esther – I think that too, that you should incorporate whatever parts of whatever diets you find that fit your own body’s needs. I’m not attacking Kimberly’s diet, as so many people in these comments have accused me of. I don’t even know what Kimberly eats or tells her readers to eat, and frankly I don’t care. What I DO care about is the fact that she wrote an article that did not accurately describe a way of eating (Paleo) that many people could benefit from if people like Kimberly didn’t turn them away from it by demonizing it with mis-truths. Once again, the point of my blog post was NOT to, in turn, demonize what Kimberly eats. It was to CORRECT her misguided article so that her fans might be able to see the truth of Paleo, instead of her mythical version of it.

  37. I tried the paleo diet and felt horrible and was the worst experience of my life. I had no energy, my stomach constantly hurt, dark circle under my eyes. I could go on and on. So all you “Experts” on this blog who think you have it all figured it out and Paleo is perfect diet for everyone you 100% WRONG. I actually switched to a greens based diet and followed many of Kimberly’s principles in her book and have never felt better in my life. Digestion problems went away my Cholesterol went down 60 points and i was able to get off medication. Dark Circles went away, energy through the roof. All my friends and colleagues say i look 10 years younger. I let them in on what I was doing and they are all following the program and its fun to watch them all get healthy and feel better. So stop bashing what you pretend to know and worry about your spreading the paleo cult to poor uniformed people who don’t know any better.

    1. Julian – I’m wondering if you and everyone else on here who didn’t even read my article before commenting so harshly is being asked by Kimberly to litter my blog with negativity? I don’t care what you eat – I was simply pointing out that Kimberly was wrong in her assessment of Paleo. That is all.

  38. I read an article Kimberly wrote about how all animal products are bad. When someone asked her to supply references, she said, “They’re in my book.”


  39. Hello, I just read Kimberly’s books and have started to incorporate some of her ideas into my diet. I agree that too much protein can cause ageing and be hard on the body, but I also believe our bodies are designed to digest protein. If you’re living a healthy lifestyle, there should be no problem for the average person, but some people have sensitivites. The main thing I got from her books (and paleo/primal books I’ve read) is that the most important thing you can do is to choose the best quality natural/unaltered food sources. Organic/unpasteurized and non GM, as well as grass-fed. From my reading, both philosophies stress lots of organic fruits and vegetables and I think moderation and experimentation with the rest is the key, as everyone is different. Instead of shutting down other peoples opinions, we can learn so much by keeping the communication open and sharing experiences. Thanks for sharing yours!

  40. the food that is fed to the animals that you eat contain many toxins which get stored in the animal. then you consume the animal, so, in theory animal products contain a lot of toxins

    1. Anonymous – Not if the only animal products you eat are NOT full of many toxins. When I eat meat, it’s organic and/or pasture raised. No factory farmed animals in my diet. Totally different story than what you’re talking about, and what I do is what all Paleo people advocate. It’s an inherent part of the diet to eat naturally raised animals just as our ancestors did.

  41. Interestingly, I use a combination of Snyder’s green smoothies and paleo lifestyle. The one reason that may change relates to my increasing difficulty with the killing and eating animals as though it is a human right. Truth be told, the abuse of animals in the majority of farming situations is appalling and nearly unavoidable (for the consumer). Go visit a hobby farm where pigs are “pets” then try to look a crammed truckload of them in the eye as they pass you on route to the slaughter house. I keep asking myself, is my health (which could be managed well without meat) so much more important than the treatment and life of a cow, pig, chicken, and so on? It gets harder and harder to say “yes” to that question.

    1. It’s getting harder to be paleo – It’s actually NOT getting harder to be Paleo. There are more and more of these hobby farms you mentioned, which means it’s easier and easier to get humanely raised animal products. You can even get humanely raised, well-fed animal products at most Whole Foods, which is partly due to the growing number of Paleo people demanding it there. You can also find small ranches in your area at

  42. I think the point most people are missing is simply focusing on the scientific evidence. Too many people get their ego’s involved and are more interested in proving they are right rather than looking at everything from an unbiased perspective. I started doing research after doing a raw food cleanse which left me feeling amazing! I didn’t know a lot about the science behind a plant based diet versus a paleo diet but this allowed me to research without letting my ego interfere with my conclusion.

    I am currently plant based but I could care less what other people eat and I certainly don’t judge. I switched because of the way I feel, the tremendous amount of energy it provided, and my conclusion after looking at all (maybe not all but most) of the studies on both sides. The scientific evidence showing I have less of a chance of cancer than my middle aged counterparts because of not eating animal protein was compelling and a great bonus to the way I feel on a plant based diet. Plenty of people have lost weight and feel great on the Paleo diet but it wasn’t for me as I didn’t feel the same energy as I feel on a plant based diet. I am a triathlete and I can say the plant based diet was definitely an adjustment but now that I have figured out my consumption it has proven to be very effective for me.

    My suggestion to most is to conduct your own research and leave your ego out of the equation. There is a lot of great scientific data out there to support a plant based diet. As Neely pointed out there are studies showing the Paleo diet works for a lot of people as well. The biggest concern I personally had with the Paleo diet was the scientific data regarding animal proteins and cancel growth. This evidence is real and has been sliced and diced many different ways and many different times. Latest article out of USC… ( While I see the Paleo studies show benefits in certain areas I am not sure any of the studies focus on longer term health benefits of a Paleo diet and this concerns me. If there are more scientific studies focused in this area I would love to read so please feel free to send me links.

    The two diets share similarities such as no dairy and lots of veggies and this is great and healthy for both. Depending on the Paleo consultant, I think the Paleo diet can range significantly. Just as there are junk food vegans out there, there are also unhealthy Paleo habits whereby the individual consumes too much meat (animal protein). In these cases it overwhelmingly clear that the risk for disease will be higher (not definite but certainly higher;-)) and this is irrefutable to everyone (so long as ego is eliminated from conclusion). At the end of the day I respect everyone’s opinion and hope everyone finds a healthy diet that is right for them!

    Thanks Neely for bringing up this topic. A good, old fashioned debate is always fun!

  43. Hey there, just so you know the link to Kimberly’s article does not work. Also, I find it hard to believe your summary really gets across what her article said. If you take the time to read Kimberly’s books she never said meat is bad. She actually offers some recipe ideas involving fish and poultry for those who CHOOSE to eat it.
    I feel that she is very diplomatic in her writing, and your negative summary of her article was very biased. (Quite obviously so, as this is your blog.) Perhaps you should do your research on her books before making generalized summaries, and actually offer a legitimate link to let your readers’ form their own opinion.

    1. Christina – Not sure how you can say my summary of her article was “very biased” when you didn’t even read her article. That article was taken down, I’m assuming, because of all the bad press it gave her – because she seemed naive among her peers. Also, I don’t care what her books say. I was commenting strictly on her article, and I’m not going to read her books if I don’t even like her articles. Lastly, I think everyone is capable of forming their own opinion, with or without exposure to my opinion.

  44. Ms. Snyder doesn’t list a degree in nutrition anywhere in her background, and the organizations she claims membership in, and her “certification” as a “certified clinical nutritionist” is not one recognized by those who study nutrition as a science. Her memberships and certification seem to be related to various health food faddist groups.

  45. I find these comments interesting. I too read Kim Snyders article and tried to read her blog. As a dietitian, someone brought me her book because they wanted me to see whether it was nutritionally sound. I went to her blog and tried to ask her some questions and she also blocked me as someone else mentioned.

    I felt like she had some serious issues- first she tries to sell supplements- cleanses, magnesium oxygen ( which is a laxative), probiotics etc. people are actually paying her for a laxative! She focuses on high fiber yet she encourages people to make ( and purchase her ggs green smoothie). She gives advice to pregnant women, nursing, diabetic patients and hypoglycemic patients, exercise and nutrition. She has no degree which supports any of her expertise- she is a ” celebrity nutritionist” and traveled the world to learn about nutrition. No thanks to a celebrity nutritionist….

    She says no one should eat dairy, gluten, meat, no fruits with meals because it ferments on top of heavy food ( load of b.s. Big time!), no fish oils because they go rancid ( I’ve been taking fish oils x14 years- no issues). Your body has an amazing ability to digest food starting from your mouth and saliva to your colon. Blending veggies breaks down the fiber. Your stomach digests food all together in a churning motion- fruit will not “sit” on top of heavy food and putrefying and ferment as she says in her “book.” Also the fermentation process requires bacteria- guess what? hydrochloride acid is an acid which kills any bacteria that you may have ingested so it is physiologically importable for food to putrefying in your system. Also if your eating “high fiber” – why do you need a cleanse or a laxative? Doesn’t make sense….THINK about it….if someone actually has a science biology, biochemistry, nutrition degree they would realize this…..oh yea light to heavy- what if someone exercises in the morning? Or actually works?

    The big problem is have with her program is that it’s not nutritionally sound- I did a nutrient analysis and found her program( kale, ggs, fruit, millet, quinoa, spirulina and coconut oil and that’s about it!) is ridiculously low in calories, protein ( and no broccoli and romaine lettuce are not high in protein! Do some research you quack!), zinc, b12, vitamin D, calcium…SCARY! I look at the comments on her blog and the people are asking her what should they do they feel weak, their hair is falling out- should they take in more protein?

    So drink a green smoothie but please use some common sense- not everyone has a “leaky gut.” Or needs cleanses- be careful of anyone who is restrictive in their diet or is condescending if you eat meat or take dairy ( as she is). She has made comments like its “yuck” to eat yogurt or rancid fish oils or pus milk or women in the US look old. Really? She has very little muscle mass, she looks like she is a candidate for osteoporosis, she has black circles under her eyes- iron, b12 deficiency- yes dietitians are also able to physical exam for nutrient deficiencies-if you look at the pictures- and I also think she has an eating disorder ( look at the episode with Queen Latifah- when latifah tries to get her to drink one of her smoothies- she is scared to eat!) …you can see all of it- even the yoga poses and photography lighting are designed to imply that she has muscles…

    So for the person that says if it works for you just let that person do it- not if it puts you at risk for nutrient deficiencies (and no there are only a few complete protein plant based foods like beans and soy- oh wait no soy either or beans…tsk tsk use chia seeds-that fixes everything and so does kale!). She is so ignorant…..feel bad for all the people who fall for it- they’ll learn the hard way…

  46. Shandmoon12 — You are saying “no thanks to a celebrity nutritionist”… YET… you are on a blog who (as of 9/10/14) has “SELF-CLAIMED EXPERTS” that are listed as follows:

    Sally Barden Johnson – Registered and Licensed Dietitian,
    Max Shippee – Fitness Guru and CrossFit 1440 Owner
    Jason Glaspey – Founder
    Molly Pearl – Recipe & Meal Plan Creator


    So, please come on with the B-S. “She gives advice to pregnant women, nursing, diabetic patients and hypoglycemic patients, exercise and nutrition.” — As do “Doctors” who spent 10 years being misinformed by criteria that was put in place by misinformed people… similar to you.. “Miss/Mr Dietician”

    You state: “I did a nutrient analysis and found her program( kale, ggs, fruit, millet, quinoa, spirulina and coconut oil and that’s about it!) is ridiculously low in calories, protein ( and no broccoli and romaine lettuce are not high in protein! Do some research you quack!), zinc, b12, vitamin D, calcium” /// You forgot dozens of other foods (Nutritional Yeast, Sweet Potatos, Avocados, Chlorella, to name a few) . and since you’re such a pro, why don’t you write a book? And show your “nutrient analysis”?.. lmao. And like her book stated, if you do work out you are more than able to use Hemp Protein Powder, or other proteins as you feel necessary, since we are after-all our own human.

    You state: “she looks like she is a candidate for osteoporosis, she has black circles under her eyes- iron, b12 deficiency” /// LMAO! I would loveeeeeeeeeee to see pictures of you! I would pay money! what’s your paypal? This is hilarious! Have you seen what the “So-called experts” on this website look like? LMAO! The “founder” looks like a Dunkin Donuts manager … or maybe a Hooters. The writer of this article “Neely” has puffy cheeks, lines outside of her upper lip, dark circles under her eyes, and a jiggly looking neck. (Sorry Neely, she took it there, I don’t judge you).. The main reason I am responding (because I typically let ‘tards like you flap in the wind aimlessly), was because of your Queen Latifah statement.. So I youtubed the video, and you are 110% incorrect. I didn’t see any resemblance of the accusations you made.

    You state: “even the yoga poses and photography lighting are designed to imply that she has muscles…” — I beg to differ. Were you on set? At the meeting? I doubt she cares about muscle mass, and I’m sure I’ve seen that stated by her somewhere. I feel the photographs emulate her flexibility, her glowing skin, and her living a life that you wish you were (active, traveling, nature, business woman, etc). instead of working in a “clinic” probably somewhere in the middle of Missouri like you.

    I am a 28 year old male, who has followed her guidlines and advice for 20+ months now. I have never looked or felt better. My mind is clearer than ever. I’ve never had as much energy (EVERY DAY). I couldnt tell you the last time I was sick. I now make 6 figures working with globally recognized brands, billionaires, and highly known public figures (just because I want to, and know I can). All credit to getting rid of DEAD / USELESS “Foods”, and replacing them with LIVING / HELPFUL / NUTRITIOUS FOODS.

    You state: “She is so ignorant…..feel bad for all the people who fall for it- they’ll learn the hard way…” /// Well, while you are working in your clinic in Missouri, just like all the other tens of thousands of “Dieticians” who were ordered like Sheep as to what to practice, I (as will Kimberly) will be chasing our dreams and making our own rules that are for ELITE people, versus sheep like you.

    I wish you the best at your clinic, and with your nutrition analysis. You are no different than the tens of thousands of other people who were given tainted information.

  47. wow…so many of you are attacking neely and all she did was clarify misinformation! and all of you who feel that she is bashing Kimberly Snyder, well, you’re doing the exact same thing to her!! why can’t we all just eat the way we want? I love Kimberly Snyder and ate her way for awhile but never felt great. It wasn’t until I switched to paleo that I now feel fantastic. better than ever. everyone is different and should eat the way that makes them feel their best. no need to bash, people, especially when this article was meant to clear up misconceptions that Kimberly Snyder was INCORRECT about regarding the paleo diet. no harm in that!!!! and sz, you are just a mean, immature jerk. is there a diet that will cure that??? research it.

  48. I’ve read Kimberlys book and enjoy her Glowing Skin smoothie blended in my vitamin daily. My acne is gone and my skin looks the best it’s ever looked.

  49. Sure, paleo is great for those who don’t give a crap about the environment. I used to be the person brainwashed; thinking buying the most expensive grass-fed, free range meat was the right thing to do. If the world wasn’t extremely over populated this diet would be great. Unfortunately animals are STILL not treated as great as you think they are. Also- free range animals actually do just as much damage on the environment- taking up more space, pushing wildlife from their natural habitat and the ocean being completely depleted. It’s great the some people can afford to buy that way, but what happens when EVERYONE wants grass fed, free range meat. Do you really think that will be sustainable? Eventually we will HAVE to adapt to eating less meat. If we all actually went out and hunt/gathered our own food & line caught our fish, it would be right. The world doesn’t work that way anymore. Centering your diet around “lean, cage-free meat” isn’t ethical anymore. You can be vegan without eating grains easy. It may not be EASY for everyone to go without meat, but if you care about the future of your children and the environment, you would at least be open to learning how to eat less meat. For me that’s what is important.

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