Bad News, Guys: Coffee Can Look Like Gluten to Your Body


coffee-2.jpgHere comes the coffee nazi again! More and more it seems my job is to crush people’s dreams and take away all of their favorite addictions (grains, cheese, coffee…). I know, even if you won’t admit it to yourself, that coffee MAY be affecting your life. Like in a negative way – not the happy, helps-me-live-my-life, buzzy way you experience it. I’ve written about it before here.

Most people have accepted that gluten sensitivity is a real thing, unlike this fable that coffee could possibly be harmful. So I’d like to use your resolve that gluten can be “bad” to help foster this idea that coffee can also be “bad” for you.

Parts of coffee look like gluten to your body. Yes, even decaf.

In fact, a company called Cyrex Laboratories does a test on a bunch of foods – coffee, millet, sorghum, tapioca, dairy, oats, etc. – to see which ones look the most like gluten to your particular body. And coffee was the most common cross-reactor.

I was about to write up my own much more in-depth post about this when I came across Sarah’s post at She says it better than I could, and she links to some great resources and videos for you to watch on this. So here goes, and thanks, Sarah, for the great post!

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By the way, I have seen a lot of people improve their health by removing coffee from their daily routine. Like, a lot. I know you love it, but if you’re still having migraines, eczema, fatigue, digestive problems, joint pain, or other gluten-related symptoms, even after removing grains from your diet, consider giving coffee up for a month to see what happens. Drink tea instead. You can do it :)