What Keeps You Paleo Motivated?



A common theme among my clients is finding their motivation. What motivates them to make such big changes in their diet and lifestyle? When we figure it out, it’s from this place of clarity that they can then make choices with integrity every day.

What are your goals today, this week, and for the next year that keep you out of the bread basket?

It’s different for every person.

Today one client said, “I just want to get back to eating this way because I’m so f%*cking sick of trying to do it and failing!” His motivation was just not failing.

Another client wants to stop having audible farts at work.

Yet another wants to lose her baby weight, partly because she feels so far behind the other mothers in her community who’ve already lost theirs.

A lot of people’s motivation is weight loss, and just plain wanting to look hotter in jeans. At the same time, a lot of people’s heinous symptoms make it nearly impossible to NOT eat Paleo, and their pain and suffering alone are their motivation.

What motivates you to want to change?

The answer to this question may change again and again. One person may feel like she “should” eat better for her health and longevity in the beginning, and then realize 6 months later that she’d actually felt like crap for a long time and now she’s going to keep this Paleo thing up forever.

But what motivates YOU to eat well most days – if not every day – of your life?

Answer that question and keep the answer close at hand. Remember that answer when you’re faced with one of those tough Paleo decisions: “Do I eat it? I really wanna eat it damn it… Wait, why would I say no to this again? Oh yeah, because….”

It’s not because you shouldn’t eat whatever temptation you’ve found yourself in front of – it’s because you’ve chosen not to. Now just figure out once and for all why you’ve chosen this path so you never feel like a victim again when you “can’t” have something you once really wanted.