6 Reasons I’m Thankful for My Paleo Husband


Screen-Shot-2013-01-31-at-6.31.32-PM-143x300.pngYesterday was my 1st wedding anniversary! Even though this is really cheesy, I want to say thanks to my husband for being on board with me dietarily, as well as in most other areas of my life. I know there are tons of people who eat Paleo without their significant other to support and help them with it, and Seth’s definitely made our life together easier by embracing Paleo.

When I met him he was eating… well, let’s just say he had some compromised tastes in food. Over the years, he’s realized that eating this way helps him feel better, climb better, and look better.

So here are 6 reasons I’m thankful for my husband’s Paleo-ness.

But even if he weren’t Paleo I’d love him all the same :)

1. I’m thankful that my husband is Paleo because I get to eat his leftovers. For instance, today I stole his leftover burger stuffed with guacamole and bacon and ate it for lunch while he was away at work… Sorry, Seth!

2. I’m grateful that he knows how to transform the toughest cuts of grass-fed meat (you know the kind) into the most delicious smoked steaks ever created. If he weren’t here to use our smoker, it would never get used. But… I guess it was a wedding present from his parents, so I wouldn’t even have the smoker if not for him…


3. …So that’s reason #3 that I’m thankful for his Paleo-ness…

4. When I bake things, he’s able to offer suggestions about how to make the coconut flour cake less like an anchor and more like the fluffy masterpiece I’d like it to be. Sometimes I tell him to mind his own business – that my cake will be perfect without his advice – but at least he knows what tapioca flour, arrowroot starch, and coconut milk are good for!

5. Sometimes when I’m having a weak moment, I walk through the frozen section at the grocery store and pull out a box of doughnuts or waffles or cookies with that mischievous, desperate look in my eye that used to be there almost constantly. When he sees me do this, he gently takes the box from my clutched hands and puts it back in the freezer, knowing that if he didn’t, I would pay dearly for my transgression. Thank you for saving me from myself, Seth.

6. My husband is a better eater than I am. For example, as a “snack” he will take a (very) large handful of mixed greens and eat each leaf one by one. I, for one, am not a huge fan of greens and would consider that more of a punishment than a snack. He eats inordinately large piles of vegetables and gets grossed out by conventionally raised meat. He drives to faraway places to pick up our pastured meats, and he stays away from foods he knows make him feel bad.

He pays close attention to his health and makes sure he stays in great shape (so he always looks hot, too).

For that, I am grateful. A lot of people have to worry that their other half doesn’t take care of him or herself, and that they’ll someday suffer the consequences of their unhealthy diet. If anything, I have to make sure I take care of myself as well as he does of himself. So thank you for setting an amazing example for me, Seth :)

Happy 1st anniversary! I hope we have many, many more happy and healthy years together!