3 Tips for Shopping Paleo at Walmart

walmartWe received a question recently from a Paleo Plan reader about how best to shop Paleo at Walmart (or any conventional grocery store for that matter), which is the only grocery store in that person’s town.

We know it can be challenging to stick to the Paleo tenets of clean, real, non-toxic foods at conventional grocery stores, so here are some tips to keep it Paleo.

1. Produce

Walmart sometimes has certain organic fruits and vegetables, whether they’re in the frozen section (totally acceptable), fresh section (also totally acceptable) or canned (not as good, but if it’s just the vegetable and water, it’s better than nothing.

So, knowing those things, pick your fruits and veggies wisely. If they’re organic, that’s great. If they’re not, please refer to this list of the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean Fifteen” for info on how much pesticide residue each kind of produce contains. With some fruits and veggies it doesn’t really matter if it’s organic (like avocados), but with others it really does (like strawberries).

The best option is to find local sources of fruits and veggies at farms around your area, and many of them will deliver to you or a home close by yours if you invest in a CSA. You can find those services at www.eatwild.com.

2. Meat and Eggs

As for meat, there may be some Walmarts out there that truly have high quality, grass-fed/pasture-raised meats and eggs, but we’re going to assume that many of them don’t. If it says “Organic” on it or “Grass-Fed” or “Pastured” then go ahead and buy it.

However, if you have space for an extra freezer anywhere in your house, you’ll do yourself and your bank account a favor by buying properly raised local meat in bulk from a rancher near you. There are thousands of local sources of meat and eggs, even in the most rural areas! They can also be found at www.eatwild.com.

3. Hard-To-Find Items

For those hard-to-find items, remember there’s always Amazon Prime, which means that when you pay a small yearly fee to Amazon you get free 2-day shipping on all of your purchases (coconut milk, coconut oil, Paleo snack bars, nuts and seeds, etc.).

Hope that helps with your shopping challenges!


  1. I am 67 years old, as a child I was so skinny every one paid me if I gained weight, I ate 3 different dinners every night, with my Grandmother at 4, my Italian neighbors at 6, and my Father at 7 or 8. I started high school at 78 lbs and finished at 5’6″ and 117 lbs not bad, but large boned and still skinny by 1965 standards. When I was in my 40’s I stopped drinking, because of severe pain in my left side, and spent every other month in the hospital, 2 years and 14 doctors later, they said I was high, that every time I put a carb in I got drunk. At that time I started the Candida diet and stayed on it for 5 years, I felt wonderful, and looked wonderful, then I demanded fruit. In my 50’s the weight started, I topped off in 2007 at 252 lbs. did my candida and lost 30 and have been between 218 and 223 ever since. June 3rd doctor said I have Diabetes II, not to mention, Fibromyalgia, heart condition and asthma. I stared to go back on candida, do what I know, then a friend told me about Paleo, it is 6/30 and I weigh 208, I’m on my way and happy. Also I am type O+ blood, I was told that is the original caveman type. I look forward to years of Paleo. Biggest problem I live with 2 other people and the fridge makes me sick. On candida I cleared my pantry and if I wanted something I had to buy it … again. I’m afraid of exercise, and go to PT. also on a hand to mouth budget, looking for work again. My two cheats I see coming are fried calamari and sushi. God bless and thank you. Doctor made an appointment for me to see a nutritionist, I am curious to see what she says.

  2. In the winter I live in my RV traveling through the southern states. I shop at Walmart because that’s what is available in most small towns on my route. So I was excited about then very disappointed in this post. The three tips as I read them were CSA, eat wild.com, and Amazon. Since I rarely know where I am going to be two days from now none of these “tips” were helpful to me. I feel like your title was a bait and switch. If you ever do a real posting on this topic, please, let me know.

  3. Linda, if you travel in the southwestern US, there are quite a few Trader Joe’s stores (google them for locations). They have lots of foods that fit the paleo/primal eating plan. There are even some Trader Joe’s stores in Texas and Florida as well, just recently opened. Lots of them in California where TJs originated 25 years ago.

  4. I buy all my bacon at Trader Joe’s. It’s uncured with no nitrates or nitrites. They even sell a package of bacon ends that has even more fat, perfect for wilted lettuce or spinach salads…yum! Not pretty but still tastes great.

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