Tell Us Your Paleo Success Story!

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  1. I have start close to 1 year but I don’t follow it 100% I continue to eat bread and pasta but I eat less, I make all my meal and buy only the basic. I make my bread since over 25 years a new one every time egg one or gluten free any kind of bread. To date I have lost 16 pounds I lost about from half pounds to 1 pound a week. I eat lot more that I was eating before ex: before it was 1 toast with butter and 12 onces of coffee milk and sugar now it s 2 eggs 3 bacon slice from butchery they do it naturally plus 1 slice of bread and my other meal was very small comparatively at now and I loss weight. My health stay the same I am c lose to 76 no medicine to take the reason I have always ho my meal so no preservative or what they use like preservative. ect. .I find the paleo is the way to eat the better one .thank you to you and all the paleo writer cooking books
    Yolande Lippe

  2. I began the Paleo diet because I was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and I am 41 years old, a nurse and I have a 4 year old at home. I cannot afford to take the immuno suppressant drugs that are normally prescribed for RA. I did some quick research and started a strict Paleo diet 25 days ago. I had some repeat tests done one weeks ago. I have decreased my inflammation markers by about half and my pain is all but gone. I have also lost 15 pounds since I started. I have been using the app on my phone to keep track of what I eat just in case I feel poorly the next day, it is also a wonderful resource. I have had to go to the extreme form of Paleo (utilizing grass fed, wild caught, and organic) in order to naturally reduce the inflammation in my body. I am allergic to non steroidal anti inflammatory medications and so this was a fantastic, non pharmacological based plan to deal with my new diagnosis. I hope to put the RA into full remission then attempt at 85/15% plan unless I have a flair up and then I would revert back to the strict Paleo diet if needed. What a wonderful life change this is!

  3. I researched the Paleo diet for a month before I actually signed up. I was doubting that I could give up all the things I “couldn’t” live without. Bread, Shredded Wheat, ice cream, bread, bread, bread. I finally jumped in and said now or never. I can’t believe that it’s been 30 days already! I never remember to weigh myself and when I did and logged my weight into my Fitbit, I received an instant message congratulating me on on losing 25 pounds! In addition to the weight loss, I found that I am able to concentrate more and am not as hyper as I was 31 days ago. I no longer think of this as a diet, it’s now my way of life.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. I went on Paleo one month ago out of desperation, because I couldn’t get an appointment with my pain Dr for a cortisone shot. My arm was very painful and my hand and fingers numb! I am now pain free and off of my pain meds, mobic, blood pressure meds and omeprazole! I felt awful at first, but realized it was because my blood pressure dropped so low. I have had this inflammation for many years and my only regret is that I didn’t discover this sooner. My blood pressure is perfect now. Oh, and I also lost 20 lbs without even trying!

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