Free Cookbook! And Free Online Real Food Conference

Real Food ConIt’s all about free stuff over here at Paleo Plan lately! With last week’s giveaways, and now this new event I’m about to tell you about… How fun!

Watch the Free Real Food Event

Alright, so here’s the deal. Sean Croxton of put together the Real Food Con. The Real Food Con is made up of a ton of videos of Real Food Experts, some Paleo and some not, talking on the subjects they know the best. For free.

For instance, Katie the Wellness Mama talks about eating well even with a busy family. Abel James talks about the benefits of eating lotsa fat, and Diane Sanfilippo talks about who should be on a low carb Paleo diet and who shouldn’t. I think there are 29 videos total over 8 days. You can watch them all for free. You just register here.

It’s not just informational videos, though. There are also cooking videos with our favorite chefs George Bryant, Camille Macres, and many more. Check out the schedule on the sign-up page to find out who else will be speaking and presenting.

Here’s the sign up page and schedule link.

Or Buy It If You Can’t Watch All the Videos in Time

If you sign up and don’t end up having time to watch all the videos, you can buy them all at the end. Or if you know you won’t have time to watch them all and you want to buy them all now, you can do that for 50% off for the next couple of days (I believe it’s $49 down from $99).

Buy it here if you know you won’t be able to watch all the videos. 

Free Cookbook!

Oh, and Sean’s giving everyone a free cookbook right now!It’s a sample of the recipes all the presenters contributed. You can download it here…

Free Cookbook Download!

Here are some of the recipes in it:

* Paleo Ahi Poke Stack
* Grilled Prosciutto Wrapped Rosemary Chicken
* Cajun Shrimp and “Grits”
* Herb Roasted Turkey Legs
* Apple Pie Caveman Bars

To sum things up…


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