New Recipe! Asian Ground Beef & Veggie Lettuce Wraps



Asian food is considered to be healthy by a lot of people, but when you break it down, it contains a lot of ingredients that aren’t quite Paleo friendly. Namely rice and soy, in addition to some allergenic flavor enhancers (like MSG) and preservatives (like BHT).

Fortunately, you don’t need these bad ingredients in your homemade dishes; instead you can use real foods like nutrient-rich vegetables, garlic, ginger and high quality meat for a delicious meal or appetizer. Add in some nutrient dense coconut aminos instead of soy sauce and you’ve got an amazing dish that may make you rethink takeout. These lettuce wraps are filling, healthy, and delicious, and they’re quick to make!

It takes 25 minutes total in the kitchen to make these, which is about the same or less time it’d take you to go out and get takeout or have it delivered. Hmmm…

CLICK HERE to get the Asian Ground Beef & Veggie Lettuce Wrap recipe!