How to Combat Fatigue, Puffy Eyes, and Slow Metabolism


Two years ago, I was Paleo and healthier than I’d been before, but something was still not quite right. I was really tired in the mornings, I had puffy eyes, and I had painful breast tenderness for 2 weeks of every month.

I wanted answers, so I went to my naturopath to have some tests done. He found that I was hypothyroid by conventional standards, along with some other issues, so I was put on thyroid support supplements from Apex Energetics, and some other nutrients and herbs. You can see my entire protocol of supplements and the reasons for them all at this post.

Since I started supporting my body with nutrients it’d clearly been deprived of, my eyes aren’t as puffy, I’m not as tired, and I don’t have 2 weeks of breast tenderness every month anymore. My blood markers for thyroid are all normal. Knock on wood. I’m still by no means perfect, but these things are pretty big. When I don’t take my thyroid supplements, I feel tired and get headaches.

My life is better now.

You may have similar symptoms to mine – fatigue, puffiness, menstrual issues, or maybe slow metabolism, your hair is falling out, you’re unable to conceive, or your skin is dry and cracked. All of these are signs of thyroid imbalances.

The Thyroid Sessions, hosted by Sean Croxton, is a FREE way for you to understand your thyroid more fully. This is a way for you to figure out what steps YOU need to take to get to the bottom of your health issues. This is such a multi-faceted topic that Sean found dozens of speakers to tell us all about it every day for over a week. We’re coming up near the end of the sessions, but here’s what’s in store for today and tomorrow.

The Thyroid Sessions Monday Tuesday

Dr. Kalish shows you a simple, inexpensive thyroid test that anyone can do at home. All you’ll need is a thermometer (and an armpit). You’ll also learn the link between stress, adrenal health, and thyroid function! 

Dr. Christianson’s talk made my head spin (in a good way), as he addressed several little-known causes of hypothyroidism, how to shrink nodules naturally, and what your “parathyroid” has to do with it. 

Wendy Myers reveals how toxic overload can be at the root of thyroid problems and how to “ditch the hormones” and detox your way to thyroid recovery using diet, supplementation, and hair mineral analysis. 

Who’s hungry? 

Mary Shenouda serves up an Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea. Plus, Oregano Pan Fried Liver Pate. Delicious! 

The 48-hour FREE viewing period for the above sessions began today, Monday, May 12, at 8am PACIFIC TIME and it closes Wednesday morning at the same time. You’ll be able to access them by registering for the Thyroid Sessions for FREE at the link below.



You Can Watch The Thyroid Sessions Whenever, Wherever!

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The Thyroid Sessions Digital Access Pass includes streaming and downloadable access to: 

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* 10 incredible bonus items 

You’ll be able to access every word of The Thyroid Sessions through your own private, password-protected portal, so you can refer back to the information whenever and wherever you wish. 

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I hope you find this information useful! I’d love to know about your own thyroid journey, too! How have you found relief and healing from thyroid imbalances?