Do You Have Leaky Gut?


Leaky gut is one of those buzz words that gets thrown around a lot in the Paleo/Primal world. I’m sure it conjures some interesting mental images for people, as it’s not exactly the most self-explanatory term. Whatever it is, it doesn’t sound good…

In any case, I bet you’ve wondered to yourself, ‘Do I have leaky gut? If so, what does that mean, and what do I do about it?’

Luckily for us, there are 2 guys who are dedicated to answering those questions for you. Steven Wright and Jordan Reasoner of have created an easy-to-follow website, complete with webinars, videos, quizzes, infographics, and written documents to help you truly understand your gut and how to make it happy again.

Here are the resources I think are the most valuable from their site to help you get started. 

The Leaky Gut Webinar Recording

This is a FREE Webcast about How to Solve Your Leaky Gut and Reverse Chronic Illness. They did this webinar live with about 30,000 people (you are not alone in thinking you have leaky gut!) and made it available for you to listen to anytime. They talked about:

  • Why leaky gut is often the root cause behind problems like brain fog, bad skin, hormone problems, food sensitivities, autoimmunity, and more
  • Your top leaky gut risk factor – what it means and how to fix it
  • What to do – and not do – about the most common 19 leaky gut triggers
  • The 3 step pleiotropic process to rebuild your gut
  • 2 hot seat case studies – we’ll analyze their leaky gut quiz results LIVE on the air

Just click on the picture below to listen to the webinar.

Leaky Gut Webcast


The Leaky Gut Quiz

This is a very pretty 3-minute quiz you can take to find out if you have leaky gut. Here’s what it looks like. Click on the picture below to take the quiz.



The Poop Infographic

Does your poop look good? I mean, we all look at our poop, right? But you don’t ever really get an opportunity to compare your poop to healthy-looking poop. This infographic is exactly that…

Click on the picture below to see the whole infographic.



So there you have it. There’s a lot more where that came from, but check out those 3 pages to get the gist of what they have to offer over at And please, please share this with your friends and family who may have leaky gut themselves!