Rickaroons – A Paleo Food Review


rickaroons-pic-sm.jpgLet’s face it giving up treats and desserts for the Paleo lifestyle can be a daunting challenge even when we know that grains, dairy, refined sugar and all the typical additives and preservatives found in these products makes us sick. Of course it’s possible to make wonderful homemade Paleo goodies however we don’t always have the time or wherewithal to do it which creates a large niche in the market for alternatives. With their adaptation of the classic macaroon, the folks at Rickaroons have produced a certified Paleo-friendly version made from 100% organic and sustainable ingredients and they were kind enough to send samples for our review. OK, I’ll cut to the chase; we love them! Want to know more? Read on.

What Are Rickaroons?

Founder Rick LeBeau, describes himself on the Rickaroons.com as both a lifelong health conscious athlete and dessert connoisseur who was inspired to create an “irresistible cookie” that doubles as a “clean burning energy food for pre and post workouts.” The cookies are made from a base of organic shredded coconut, organic almond butter, organic coconut palm nectar, organic coconut oil and organic vanilla and average 241 calories, 17 grams carbohydrate and 20 grams of fat. Yes, Rickaroons are about 75% fat, the healthy kind! Both, the saturated fat from coconut and the monounsaturated fat from almonds are full of benefits for human health. Additional ingredients  such as cacao powder, are also full of natural goodness. And, thanks to the stability of coconut oil, Rickaroons have a naturally long shelf life and stay fresh for 2 months without any refrigeration.

rickaroons-variety-pack-300x200.jpgThe Four Flavors

Whether you eat Rickaroons to support your fitness or you eat them just because you enjoy them, (full disclosure, I’ve been know to eat them post workout and just for fun – on the same day) they’re sure to satisfy. Rickaroons come in four flavors: Chocolate Blonds, Icy Brunettes, Mocha and Megaroons. The Chocolate Blondes contain dark chocolate chips and they’re my favorite. They’re like eating a chocolate chip cookie blended with a vanilla macaroon. Delish! The Icy Brunettes have a bright minty chocolate flavor from the addition of cacao powder and peppermint extract. The Mocha Rickeroon was a surprise. It was actually the first Rickaroon I picked out of the box and I expected something sweet. Instead I bit into a somewhat bitter, chewy, confection and immediately took a second look at the ingredients. Ah, espresso. I was impressed (and alert!). Finally, the Magaroon, my daughter’s favorite, contains chia seeds (It should be mentioned that the lectins in pseudo-grains including chia may be problematic for some people) and cacao nibs, which impart some crunch with every bite.


Rickaroons are a company that cares about the quality of its product and the sustainablility of the ingredients used. These tasty morsels will satisfy cravings without blowing your commitment to your health or to the environment. It’s a five star product!

Rickaroons are available online and can be found at a growing number of coffee houses, cafes, farmer’s markets and other establishments mostly in the San Diego, California area. To see if you live near a Rickaroons retailer, check the location finder on their website.

Have you tried Rickaroons? We’d love to hear your review in the comments!