My Family’s Transition to Paleo


In a recent post describing three different strategies for successfully transitioning your family to Paleo, I described my own family’s transition; the difficulties we had getting to the point where we are today and how I continue to steer our nutritional ship in the direction of a Paleo lifestyle.  I thought this post would be a good time to give you an update on our progress.

In addition to cooking up delicious meals that everyone likes, I continue to lead by example and practice patience, compassion and love with my family members regarding all things Paleo.  If you recall, my husband finally came on board after a year into our transition and my two teenagers are now mostly Paleo at home but not at school or with their friends.  I’m happy to report that my daughter is now taking charge of her health even when she’s away from home.  She wants to be a professional dancer one day and she knows she needs to eat optimally in order to have the energy and endurance to get through very demanding daily dance classes.  Last night while out with a friend at a local restaurant, she was proud to report that she ordered a burger on a lettuce bun with tomato and avocado and a baked potato instead of fries. Here’s the picture of her meal that she texted me:family-transition-to-paleo-web-284x300.jpg

Mind you, this comes from a girl who could say “shy shys,” (translation: French fries) before she could say much more than “mama” and “dada’!  She was so proud of herself for ordering a healthy meal and I don’t mind telling you that I practically danced a happiness jig when I got her text.  I was relieved that she was turning such a positive nutritional corner and that she felt good about her choice instead of resentful and deprived.

My teenage son is still eats hamburger buns and French fries but he doesn’t deny the health value of going Paleo.  Here’s a portion of a letter he wrote to me on Mother’s Day:

“Among the countless significant things you do for us is Paleo.  You work so hard to make these meals and sometimes I ignore the fact that you are thinking of the well being of the entire family.  Thank you so much for all the work you put into our health and for putting up with my occasional complaints.”

What a kid!  I just know those hamburger buns and French fries will be a part of his past one day.  It’s important to remember that there is no timetable for anyone’s Paleo destination, just a journey towards healthier eating and living.  Every step taken no matter how small is a step in the right direction.