Workout Length or Workout Intensity


We have received a couple of great questions from our awesome members, and it prompted this quick post to help understand how Paleofit workouts can be done for anyone.

Thanks Cassandra, for prompting this post!

Q – Am I supposed to do one workout per day, or multiple workouts per day?

A – The Paleofit workouts are prescribed to do once per day for three days of the week. With the idea of doing Workout 1 on Monday, Workout 2 on Wednesday, Workout 3 on Friday, with the mini workout on Saturday or Sunday morning.

These workouts are made to be High Intensity workouts. That means, by their nature, they’re going to be on the shorter side.

This also means that you should never finish a workout and think “That wasn’t so bad,” or, “I could’ve gone faster.” Every workout should be as hard and as fast (if appropriate) as you can go! If they seem too easy, then adjust up to the advanced level.

Q – I thought I had to be in the gym for an hour to make a big difference?

A – While time spent in the gym does have an effect on your overall calorie burn, it takes quite a good pace to make that hour truly worth your while.

What we find is that many people end up pacing themselves far slower than they can go for that hour, since the mindset is to keep it up. Once again, for these PaleoFit workouts, it’s about efficiency. If you can get it done in 10-15 minutes, and have it out of the way, then do it!

Q – Should I take rest days?

A – If you want a little more, and feel that heading out for a run on the “off days” (i.e. Tuesday & Thursday) makes you feel good, then go for it! Many people (myself included) find that we workout as much for the mental aspect as the physical. I’m just way more productive if I get a sweat on. You may find the same is true for you!

Q – I want to build muscle/maintain muscle mass for good health, will these workouts help me do that?

A – If you are at a beginner level, or even intermediate, these workouts will, indeed, help to keep on sweet, toned muscle. They will NOT put on size.

Once you get to the Advanced level workouts, if you’re looking for more actual muscle building, you may want to incorporate some kind of weight training in addition to the PaleoFit workouts. There are many resources online if you’re looking for size building. And, of course, you can always email us for ideas if you want! ;)

Q – I want to work out more than 10 minutes in one day, and I’m aiming to workout about 5 or 6 days a week. So I’m wondering how to use those workouts to get, say, a 30 minute workout.

A – If you’re looking for a longer, slower intensity workout, then going for a run, a swim, or a bike ride is a great idea. You can also use these workouts and do more rounds at a lower intensity/ intensity.

This shouldn’t preclude doing at LEAST one good intense workout a week. It’s really easy to get into a place where you’re pacing yourself and perhaps going easier. True, you don’t have to go pukie-style intense every time. But there is great evidence to suggest that higher intensity workouts have a great place in the overall approach to your fitness practice.

For example, we have a workout called, “Death By Burpees,”and there should be a little death. You should really be pushing hard. If you’re in decent shape you should make it to the 10 burpee mark, if you’re really pushing, maybe even to the 15 minute mark.

Q – What if I have real trouble with certain movements? (i.e. push-ups, lunges, etc)

A – It’s great that you’re trying! We have a great substitutions post that you can find here, with ideas about how to adjust workouts for different levels. Some of you are Beginners, and some of you are super-beginners! It’s great that you’re starting!!

Quick note on post-pregnancy…if you have diastisis (splitting of the abdominal muscles), be sure to address this! Here’s a great post over at Breaking Muscle to help with this specific post-pregnancy issue.

Max ShippeeMax Shippee

Max Shippee is the owner and head coach for CrossFit 1440. Using the CrossFit and Paleo template, he’s helped numerous people reach both their fitness and beach season goals. While his gym focuses on CrossFit, Max loves showing people that fitness can be an anywhere thing, not just in the gym. Recognizing that we never stop learning, he holds several certificates in not only CrossFit but also weightlifting, nutrition, and heart rate training. He’s a husband to one and a father to three, and can also be seen on television from time to time. Find him on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.