Paleo Halloween Ideas

Spooktacular-Halloween-300x150.jpgHalloween is a festive fall celebration which is not usually Paleo-friendly.  Our nutritionists  have put together some great advice and tips for making your next Halloween, a Paleo Halloween.

Sugar-Skull-and-Cross-Bones-e1445375448333-150x150.jpgChildhood Diabesity – A Halloween Horror Story

Paleo parents might be a bit nervous this time of year, but not because of the skeletons and witches hanging everywhere. Halloween is a challenging holiday for many of … Continue reading

halloween-silouette-web-150x150.jpgHow to Steer Clear of Leftover Halloween Candy

Americans spend over $2 billion on Halloween candy every year. That’s a lot of candy! Even if you’re not a candy consumer and you’ve stocked up on treats, not sweets to hand out to doorbell … Continue reading

Trick-or-Treaters-Halloween-150x150.jpgTreats Not Sweets! Halloween Alternatives to Candy

Food Allergies on the Rise, Teal Pumpkins to the Rescue! You probably know someone with a food allergy, considering the rate of food allergies in developed countries has skyrocketed in recent years. According to data from the CDC, …Continue reading

halloween-packaged-treats-2-150x150.jpgPre-packaged Paleo-Friendly Halloween Treats for Kids

Every Halloween my kids implore me to hand out “real candy” (the irony!) to trick-or-treaters and I’m loath to admit that in my pre-Paleo life, there were years I simply caved under pressure.   Conventional candy …Continue reading

paleo-spider-eggs-150x150.jpg6 Spooky Halloween Trick or Treats For a Paleo Party

Our nutritionists have gotten into the spirit of the upcoming Halloween holiday and put together some tasty treats for us all to indulge. The best part is that these treats are all low in sugar …Continue reading

HalloweenPumpkin-150x150.jpgA Paleo Halloween

Some of you Paleo parents are wondering what will happen this year when sugar-crazed trick-or-treaters come the way of your doorstep. Or what you’ll do with the caché of candy your own kids come home …Continue reading

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