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makeup-and-cosmetics-set-web-300x199.jpgYou Are What You Eat AND What You Put On Your Skin

We don’t think of skin as a route of ingestion but that’s what it is. Your skin is porous and absorbs a lot of what you put on it, which is why choosing healthy makeup is as important as choosing healthy food to eat.

Do you know what’s in your makeup?

Even after close inspection of the ingredient list do you know what you’re rubbing onto your skin and absorbing into your body every time you wear it? Have you ever wondered if these chemicals are good for you or not? In fact, your conventional makeup is likely full of potentially unhealthy chemicals  such as phthalates, parabens, trichosan, polyethylene glycol, heavy metals, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, siloxanes and other preservatives.

Let’s take a closer look. The anti-fungal agent methylparaben is widely used for cosmetic preservation and happens to be listed as one of the ingredients in a high-end blush I still have lying around from before my switch to more responsible makeup. Methylparaben, although generally recognized as safe (GRAS) is a known endocrine disruptor, chemicals that have been linked to a myriad of health problems including obesity, cancer and reproductive problems. Trust me, my old blush has a date with the garbage! Methylparaben is just one example of the potentially hazardous chemicals you ingest through your skin every time you put on conventional makeup.


Araza Natural Beauty To The Rescue

Lindsey Diamond, a personal trainer, health coach and Araza Natural Beauty company founder states that her mission is, “To get women using healthy beauty products and living inspired, active and purposeful lives.” True to her mission, Araza Natural Beauty products are FREE of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, GMOs, triclosan, mineral oils, synthetic derivatives, artificial preservatives or artificial fragrances. They are certified organic, handmade at a small family owned facility in the US and they’re vegan friendly, cruelty free, gluten free and Paleo certified too!

Araza Believes in Full Disclosure At Its Best

Each Araza Natural Beauty product page provides a full list of ingredients along side a statement of purpose for each one so in addition to knowing exactly what you’re using on your skin, you know exactly why you’re using it. For instance the 7 in 1 Coconut Crème Foundation contains non-GMO edible-grade caprylic/capric triglyceride (coconut oil extract) and its purpose is to provide moisture and anti-oxidant activity. Great to know!

araza-pressedfoundation1_grande-300x252.jpgAraza Products

Araza Natural Beauty offers a broad spectrum of deeply hued color for eyes, cheeks, and lips and a guide to help you choose just the right shade of foundation. There’s xmaspaleofaceset-300x160.jpgconcealer/highlighter, powder, lip gloss and lip balm as well as skin care products, eco-friendly beauty tools, sample kits and holiday gift sets.

My Araza Review and Testing

araza-samples-300x225.jpgLindsey was kind enough to send me some samples including Paleo Certified 7-1 Coconut Crème Foundation, Paleo Certified Organic Arrowroot and Natural Clay Finishing Powder, Paleo Certified Green Tea Crème Concealer/Highlighter and Paleo Certified Coconut Lip Gloss.   As I applied the concealer/highlighter and then the foundation I was happy to find that they glided onto my skin very smoothly, provided good, even coverage and felt very light and moisturizing. I applied the finishing powder and my skin had even tone and I kid you not, a healthy glow! I applied some lip gloss and went about my day. The makeup held up through my hectic schedule and every time I looked in the mirror I was happy not only with my appearance but with how good I felt knowing I wasn’t poisoning myself with toxic beauty products. I am hooked on Araza Natural Beauty!

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Sally Barden JohnsonSally Barden Johnson

Sally Johnson, RDN, LD is a registered and licensed dietitian and health coach. She is an avid CrossFitter and enjoys working with clients to find the best nutritional solutions within a Paleo/Primal framework to solve their health issues. She also enjoys spending time with her family. She can be found on Instagram at