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Professional Distribution License for Quickstart Guide and Paleo Challenge eBook

Branded & Co-Branded Professional Distribution for Quickstart Guide and Paleo Challenge eBook

*DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, and is a way to lock or control digital files and determine how they can be viewed or used. An example is MP3s from iTunes used to contain security measures that would only allow them to work on approved devices. At PaleoPlan, we don’t believe in DRM, because we think controlling content you paid for makes no sense. All of our PDFs and eBooks are DRM-free, meaning you can use them on whatever computer, tablet, or future device you want. And instead of assuming you’re going to steal or share the content, we trust you and make it easy for you to enjoy, while merely hoping you treat the products and our trust with respect. It’s a decision we stand behind. If you have any other questions about DRM or any of our licensing and copyright terms, don’t hesitate to contact us.

**The Pro and Pre-Branded packages are for professionals who would like to distribute the Quickstart Guide and Paleo Challenge eBook to their existing customer base. It is not intended to be resold to people outside of their existing businesses. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.