Thrive Market Shopping Guide

Thrive-Market-800x500.jpgThe online world of Paleo shopping has exploded in recent years, and Thrive Market joined the ranks in 2015. An online, members-only subscription site, Thrive Market offers foods that meet a variety of dietary requirements and preferences (Paleo, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, organic), and boasts discounted prices much like Costco, only not in bulk.

A one-year membership to Thrive Market is $59.95, and they will tell you that you’ll save much more than that if you purchase a membership and shop there regularly. I’ve had a Thrive membership for six months, and in that time, the website tells me I’ve saved $135, which is more than double the cost of the membership. By the end of my year’s subscription, I estimate that I will have saved more than $400.

Thrive Market makes it super easy to shop on their website (bonus: they also have a smartphone app), and they even have Paleo items categorized as such ( If you’re not keen on reading labels or you are shopping in a hurry, this breakdown can be helpful. Below I list some of my favorite Paleo foods available at Thrive.

Pro Tip: If you’re brand new to stocking a Paleo pantry, you can benefit from Thrive’s Paleo Starter Kit or their Ultimate Paleo Kit.

Fats and Oils

Snacks and Protein


Sweeteners and Baking Items

Fish and Jerky

Body Care and Household Items


Aimee McNewAimee McNew

Aimee McNew, MNT, CNTP, is a certified nutritionist who specializes in women’s health, thyroid disorders, autoimmunity, and fertility. She is the author of The Everything Guide to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: A Healing Plan for Managing Symptoms Naturally (Simon & Schuster, 2016). Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.