It’s Here…But Not For Long! The Evolve Your Life Kit

eylk-logo-1024x341.jpgAre You Ready to Evolve Your Life?

I’ve been neurotically glued to my computer for what seems like forever, and the outcome is worth every painstaking minute. Why would I inflict this sort of self-torture you might ask? Well, I’ve been hard at work putting together what may be the LARGEST, and by far most EPIC Paleo/Primal bundle kit that’s ever graced the face of the natural health world. Think I’m exaggerating? Read on…

What the Heck is a Bundle Sale?

Bundle sales can be an incredible deal and our Evolve Your Life Kit bundle sale is no exception. In general, “bundles” group together several different products and during a “bundle sale” they are sold collectively for a price that can be considerably less than what you would pay if you purchased each of the items separately.

Announcing….Paleo Plan’s Evolve Kit !

EYLK-Blue-Gold-1200x628-Buy-Now-Long-1024x536.jpgThis year’s Evolve Your Life Kit contains over 100 different digital items from leaders in the natural health world including a ridiculous number of eBooks written by your favorite authors, guided nutrition & cooking courses from experts in the field, fitness programs, meal plans, and a plethora of Paleo/Primal/Low Carb/Keto/Grain-Free recipes that will significantly diversify your palate and plate no matter what version of Paleo/Primal/low-carb you follow.

But these resources aren’t just food related; they cover a wide array of topics such as how to heal your gut, stress reduction, sleep hacking, detoxing, whole food skin care, essential oils, natural dental care, organic gardening, treating disease and inflammation naturally, autoimmune protocols, keeping your kids and family healthy naturally….and SO MUCH MORE. It’s hard to fathom the enormity of this, trust me folks…it’s taken several months to pull this all together!

But no.  It doesn’t stop there. I’ve also hunted and gathered 50+ different coupon codes for deep discounts on some of the most reputable and adored Paleo/Primal-friendly companies and products around. Radical savings are possible here people!!!

When purchased individually, these items would cost you well over $1,100.00!  And that doesn’t even include what you’ll save with all of the incredible coupons included in the bundle!

******** Here’s the super amazing and mind-boggling part ⇒ For one week only, the Evolve Kit will be sold for the insanely discounted price of only $29!!! That’s more than a 97% savings on over 100 different products! Wha whaaatttt!?!?

How Can It Be Such a Great Deal…What’s the Catch?

EYLK-Blue-Gold-160x600-Buy-Now-tall.jpgThe only “catch” here is that this bundle sale can only last for one week, Wednesday July 6 – Wednesday July 13, 2016, and then it will quite literally be gone forever. I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but this particular bundle kit is a one-time thing, for one-week only, for real.

The Evolve Your Life Kit is made possible by the generosity of the authors and companies who agreed to let us use their services and products in our bundle, and they simply cannot afford to do this for longer than one week out of the year. What’s in it for them? Bundles expose customers to new products which is a great marketing opportunity for those in the bundle, many of whom are small businesses that were built from grassroots. Truly, this is a win-win situation….and how often do those ever really occur in life?

So What’s in The Evolve Your Life Kit?

I thought about doing some ‘name-dropping’ here, but it really wouldn’t feel right to start naming favorites, because we have so so so many incredible authors and experts who have contributed to this year’s Evolve Kit. So in lieu of listing them off here, I will instead send you to this page which lists everything that you’ll gain immediate access to when you purchase the bundle for the shockingly low price of $29. (I told them to charge more for this year’s kit…but they wouldn’t hear of it!)

Get Your Evolve Kit Before It’s Gone for Good!

If you purchased last year’s Primal Life Kit, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised at vast quantity of brand-spankin’ new offers which constitutes the majority of this year’s bundle. I’ve gone out of my way and spent literally hundreds of hours hunting and gathering new and exciting products in a full-on mission to make this year’s
Evolve Kit more bad-ass than any bundle ever before!  

I’m not pulling your leg here…. this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… and it will be gone before you know it (sale ends on Wednesday July 13, 2016 at 11:59pm PST). I’m going to stop trying to sell you on it, because quite frankly, it will sell itself when you look at the lineup. So I’ll leave you with this link to see why you’ll be kicking yourself in your Paleo pants if you miss out on this incredible deal…. and a curtsy. You’re welcome :)

CLICK HERE TO VIEW PALEO PLAN’S EVOLVE KIT (and gain immediate access to everything contained within)!eylk-logo-300x100.jpg

In good health,
Kinsey Jackson, LMP, MS, CNS®
Paleo Plan Nutritionist