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Just thought this was an interesting interview with Robb Wolf, where he answers a lot of basic questions about Paleo. My favorite quote: “Drink as much as you need to improve your sex life, but not so much that you impair it.”

Enjoy this.

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  1. wwwerinjmorgartcom

    Love this video and the the website itself!

  2. Mark D.

    Alcohol is a neuro-toxin, it causes blood sugar spikes and drops, and it’s made from (gasp!) grains. Well, not wine. It’s made from the top source of dietary fluoride besides tea (yes, sorry, all teas are high in fluoride) and that is grapes. The small flavanoid / anthocyanin benefit in grapes is far surpassed by blueberries (which should only be organic). Beer has some helpful chemicals from the grains they are made from, though a teaspoon of oatmeal has more of those beneficial chemicals than a gallon of beer. The search continues for reasons why people should drink alcohol for health, and I’ll debunk every one of them.

    You can find healthier sources of all things ‘beneficial’ in alcohol without the alcohol part of it. If you need it to relax for sex, you’re not looking into medication, massage, etc., enough my friends. Also, post work-out, moderate to low glycemic fruit is better. Yams are higher glycemic, sweet potato is low glycemic. Please get that right. Moderate to low glycemic will replenish muscles without causing a big blood sugar spike followed by a big rush of insulin dropping it low. The result is a tired athelete getting ‘sugar blues’ tiredness added. Jeez. Don’t do that if you’re driving home from the gym after. That’s almost like being drunk.

    As stated elsewhere, most farmer’s markets are open during regular working hours for the rest of us, which are on the increase for lower pay. Which means less money to buy the incredibly expensive sources for organic foods that many depend on (Whole Foods, other health food markets actually open when we are NOT at work). I find in so many discussions I have with people who eat almost all organic, free-range, etc.. conclude with learning they are trust-fund kids, or make enough on one income that the wife can stay home and shop in addition to raising the kids. All luxuries that more and more just don’t have these days.

    This goes beyond economics. Couples working 60 hour weeks each don’t have time to cook the massive frozen meat supplies he references getting. It’s not just money, it’s access, it’s being able to do more in your spare time than desperatly try to squeeze in cooking a ‘healthy diet’. This is where the other side may blurt out: “If you want it to happen, you’ll make it happen”. Uh, sorry, no you won’t. You can’t make time magically appear, you can’t cook at your day job, unless you are a chef, but then you’re cooking for someone else. I know it’s hard, but this reality must be addressed from a different angle than I’m often hearing.

  3. Travis Tollner

    Awesome information Robb, I am in the middle of your book currently as well and am learning a lot! I have been paleo / primal for the past year but with no information really, so now I am putting it all together! Thanks!

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