5 Failsafe Paleo Potluck Dishes


It’s that time of year – the party time of year. Holiday work parties, Christmas cookie parties, early Christmas get-togethers with your friends, etc. Parties, parties, parties. And if you’re like me, when you get invited to a party where food’s involved, you wonder what you’re going to be able to eat there.

Luckily, when those parties are pot-lucks, you can bring your own food so you actually have something Paleo! But will anyone else like it? I mean, do you really want to try to make a good impression at a party by bringing your favorite veal liver stewed in homemade marrow bone broth? It’s delicious, I’m sure. But I doubt your boss or your co-workers will really be able to, um, appreciate it quite like Paleo eaters would. That is, unless you work at a CrossFit gym or something.

So, what do you bring that will satisfy the taste buds of non-Paleo eaters and not make you look like a weirdo? Having lived through this conundrum many times – heck, having been the hostess of several potluck parties myself – I have some suggestions.

1. Deviled eggs
Everyone loves deviled eggs. Over Thanksgiving, we had a guest who hated deviled eggs when she walked in the door, and then had to be torn away from the guacamole deviled eggs by the end. The guacamole version is much quicker to make than the more normal version here.

2. Beef and Vegetable Chili
Bring a hearty, meaty dish. You know most people are going to bring carby carb dishes, so be the person to provide the main event.

3. Zucchini Berry Muffins
Even my very non-Paleo mother likes these. Help your friends avoid a sugar injection and provide them with this sweet alternative for dessert.

4. Butternut Squash Lasagna
I know that sounds weird, but this recipe looks amazing! And everything tastes good with spicy sausage on it in my opinion. Wow, I just said that.

5. Endive Salmon Poppers
Everyone loves these things. Give them a dose of omega 3’s without them even knowing that they’re doing something good for themselves.