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Please help inspire others by telling us your Paleo success story! Your story may be chosen to be featured on our blog. Thanks so much for sharing!

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  1. Anonymous

    I have start close to 1 year but I don’t follow it 100% I continue to eat bread and pasta but I eat less, I make all my meal and buy only the basic. I make my bread since over 25 years a new one every time egg one or gluten free any kind of bread. To date I have lost 16 pounds I lost about from half pounds to 1 pound a week. I eat lot more that I was eating before ex: before it was 1 toast with butter and 12 onces of coffee milk and sugar now it s 2 eggs 3 bacon slice from butchery they do it naturally plus 1 slice of bread and my other meal was very small comparatively at now and I loss weight. My health stay the same I am c lose to 76 no medicine to take the reason I have always ho my meal so no preservative or what they use like preservative. ect. .I find the paleo is the way to eat the better one .thank you to you and all the paleo writer cooking books
    Yolande Lippe

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