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Have you heard the good news? There’s a fabulous new Paleo cooking show airing on FoodyTV! I was so excited to hear about this that I plopped right down in front on my computer to check it out and let me tell you, I was not disappointed! After finding myself glued to the screen for nearly four hours and nine episodes of Camille’s Paleo Kitchen, (there will be 10 aired episodes at time of this posting), I felt completely inspired (and hungry!) to cook up some Paleo magic in my own kitchen and that’s just what I did. Thank you Camille and George, (that would be special guest Civilized Caveman, George Bryant) for the delicious biscuits and gravy recipe from episode 9!

Camille’s Mission

Professional chef, author and effervescent TV personality Camille Macres is on a mission to transform the lives of 100 million people by shifting healthcare from the medicine cabinet to the pantry and the doctor’s office to the garden. How to bring this vision for humanity to fruition? By showing the world via Camille’s Paleo Kitchen that Paleo can be easy, nutritious, delicious, affordable and fun and that believe it or not, cooking a meal can be the best part of your day! By merging knowledge, entertainment, and hands on application with the help of superstar special guests, handy kitchen gadgets, time tested tips and tricks and simple, reliable, paleogasmic recipes, Camille is bringing her dream to reality.

About Camille

about-camille-macres.pngAfter working as a private chef in southern California for ten years and realizing that her own health had become severely compromised by food intolerances to gluten, dairy and soy, Camille went Paleo and changed her life. She left a successful career as a private chef to the California elite to focus on her new passion, inspiring others to get back into the kitchen and creating the world’s first ever Paleo cooking show.  Season 1 started on March 3 and is currently running for 13 episodes. A second season is planned for the fall.

Mindset Matters – How to Make Cooking the Most Enjoyable Part of Your Day

I recently spoke to Camille about her passion for inspiring others to get into the kitchen. She is adamant that mindset matters, and that if we have a negative relationship with food and cooking we can change it by altering our perception that cooking is something to dread and realizing that it’s actually a joy and something to look forward to every day. When it comes to mindset, Camille suggests three approaches you can take to get yourself into the kitchen and make your time there positively productive!

women-in-thought-200x300.jpeg1.  Ask yourself what’s living in the background that prevents action?

What’s really preventing you from cooking? Are common perceptions that it’s time consuming and expensive really what’s keeping you out of the kitchen?  Camille wants you to look deeper. Perhaps there’s more to your reluctance to cook than meets the eye? Maybe you have negative emotional associations lurking under the surface? Is it possible that you associate cooking with stress because mealtimes when you were growing up were stressful? Perhaps you’ve tried cooking for your family and nobody appreciates your efforts? Maybe your parents didn’t cook and so you never learned how and you feel ashamed of this? Camille believes that in order to move forward it’s very important to identify the deepest roots of your reluctance to cook and then face your feelings about them. She wants you to write everything down – all of the reasons why cooking is hard so you can get to the real work of removing these obstacles to action.

new-plant-in-hands-300x225.jpeg2.  Get connected to what really matters to you and ask yourself how cooking will impact this?

Identify what really matters to you and ask yourself how cooking more often would support this? Is your health and the health of your loved ones the most important thing? Perhaps sustainability is paramount? Would eating from a Paleo template improve your health and energy levels and your family’s as well? Would cooking produce less waste and support the environment? Whatever it is that motivates you, Camille wants you to realize that cooking at home is your access to leading a life you can feel fully connected to, passionate about, and really love.

3.  Learn some basic skills so the kitchen isn’t such a scary place and then have some fun!

The mission of Camille’s Paleo Kitchen is to inspire you to get cooking. Watch the show to to learn some basic cooking skills that will make your Paleo kitchen a less alienating place and the act of cooking more approachable.  Having fun with it is all about reframing your mindset about kitchen time from something you have to do to something you want to do! Turn on some music, have a dinner party, start a supper club, make friends with other people who do Paleo, start thinking of cooking as a hobby and anything else you can think of to make preparing the kinds of meals that make you feel good and taste super awesome fun!

The Episodes

camille-macres-mark-sisson-247x300.jpegCamille has brought together the best and brightest of the health and Paleo/Primal cooking world to create a dynamic show. This season’s special guests include Mark Sisson, George Bryant, JJ virgin, Tony Federico, Michelle Norris, Peter Servold, Trina Felber and Marci Locke.

Show topics include “Getting Started With Paleo”, “Paleo on the Go”“Paleo on a Budget”“Paleo Comfort Food”, “Paleo Myths and Fast Paleo Tricks with Mark Sisson”“Local and Seasonal Eating”, “Breakfast of Champions”, “Lowering Your Sugar Impact with JJ Virgin”, and “Good Mood Food with Michelle Norris.”

You can watch episodes of Camille’s Paleo Kitchen through Roku, AppleTV, GoogleTV and AmazonFire and of course, you can also watch any episode at your convenience at PaleoKitchen.TV

Want More From Camille?

Camille is the author of Paleogasm: 150 Grain, Dairy and Sugar-free Recipes That Will Leave You Totally Satisfied and Begging for More, the host of the podcast Paleo, Love & Transformation and creator of the Paleo Cooking at Home video education series.