32 Best Paleo Books of 2016



I’ve always been a bookworm, and my transition to a Paleo lifestyle has transformed my book collection, too! Each year I look forward to new Paleo book releases, and eagerly collect new offerings from favorite authors, as well as diving into the work of new Paleo thinkers, writers, and experts.

2016 was a little extra special for my Paleo library, too, because I actually wrote my first book, The Everything Guide to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: A Healing Plan for Managing Symptoms Naturally, and it was released in October. I’ve included it in this list not to be an egomaniac, but because as a long-time sufferer of Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, I know how frustrating and debilitating the disease can feel. I wrote the book to help people who struggled as much as I did, or who are currently at the mercy of dysfunctional thyroids and have no idea where to go from here.

But before I wax on about my book, let’s get to the super awesome list of 32 Paleo books that were released in 2016. If you’re looking for Christmas gifts or just to freshen up your Paleo repertoire, then this list has got you covered.

Practical Paleo


This newly updated version of what has become a Paleo classic is brimming with information for newbies and experts alike.

The Paleo Kids Cookbook


I was fortunate enough to be able to review Jennifer Robins’ newest book this fall. This cookbook is perfect for any home whether there are kids or not, and you’ll love the super allergen-free recipes.



One of the first Paleo books I ever bought was by Danielle Walker. To this day, few equal the creativity of her delicious recipes and stunning photography.

Paleo Soups & Stews


I’m a huge fan of comfort foods, and it doesn’t get more comforting than soup or stew. I loved Simone Miller’s first cookbook, The Zenbelly Cookbook, and this one certainly didn’t disappoint, either!

Eat Drink Paleo


From a popular Paleo blogger who follows the 80/20 Paleo rule, Eat Drink Paleo contains delicious recipes that are especially perfect for anyone new to the Paleo diet.

The Everything Guide to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis


This wellness guide goes beyond diet alone and gives tips on how to reduce toxins in your environment and personal care routines. It also includes 200 Paleo recipes and two month-long meal plans (one that is completely AIP).

Well-Fed Weeknights


Melissa Joulwan is a Paleo recipe genius. Her books have been on my shelf for years, and I’m really excited to dig into this one, especially since my time is limited these days and dinner in 45 minutes (or less) isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Allergy-Free and Easy Cooking


When I saw this book, I grabbed it right away. I’ve been eating Paleo for a long time, but now that I have a son who also has egg and tree nut allergies, I will need to get even more specific in the way that I cook. This guide has it all.

The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook


I’ve been following the work of Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt for quite some time, and I have to say: they’re where it’s at for living an autoimmune-friendly life. Plus, this book is simply gorgeous.

Ditch the Wheat


I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but when the cover is as lovely as this? I think I can make an exception. The recipes in this book are every bit as mouthwatering as this delightful cover, so basically, it’s a win/win.

Primal Endurance


Want to burn some fat in the next year? Hate cardio workouts? Meet Mark Sisson’s new guide on how to become a fat-burning machine. Your brain might hate you (but only temporarily), but your body will love you.

Spartan Fit!


For the athletically minded Paleo eaters, here’s a total mind and body transformation program to take your 2017 to the next level.

Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking


This cookbook guides you through the process of a Paleo ketogenic diet, with recipes so tasty you won’t even know they’re Paleo or keto.

The Wild Diet


This book is more ketogenic Primal than it is strict Paleo, but for the 80/20 Paleo crowd, or for anyone looking to cook healthy recipes for non-Paleo family members, this book is genius.

The New Primal Blueprint


Mark Sisson is beloved by the Paleo community, and in this fully updated guide to his classic book, you’ll get the secrets to thriving on a Paleo or Primal diet, and building a vibrant, healthy life.

Sheet Pan Paleo


Written by the blogger behind Pamela’s Modern Family Table, this cookbook walks you through 200 one-dish Paleo dinners that are quick to prep and quick to clean up.

Fed & Fit


Want more than just a cookbook? This includes recipes plus a food and fitness plan to help get you into a good routine.

The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse


Want to try out a keto diet? This book has ketogenic meal plans and fitness recommendations that can jumpstart your metabolism, not to mention delicious recipes that won’t even feel like you’re “on a diet.”

Cast Iron Paleo


Who doesn’t love a good cast iron skillet? Well, if you adore yours, then here’s an entire cookbook devoted to finding ways for you to use it! They’re one-pan wonders—easy to prep, and easy to clean, which frankly, is the winningest food combo that exists (at least for me).

Paleo Recipes 2016


I saw this recipe collection on the newsstand at Barnes & Noble awhile back and I snatched it up, because I always love looking at new recipe ideas. Now it’s available as an eBook, and if you want to round out your collection of 2016 recipes, then this book will hit the spot.

Sweet & Savory Fat Bombs


Need to up the fat in your diet? Whether you’re eating super low-carb or not, healthy fat is health-protective and can quickly fill you up. Plus, they make quick, on-the-go snacks!

Food Freedom Forever


While this one isn’t a cookbook, it covers some essential information that everyone should learn, particularly if you’ve ever struggled with bad food habits, food guilt, or worrying over what you’re putting on your plate.

True to Form


Mindful movement can help to relieve pain, make you stronger, and bring stress relief, and this is on the top of my to read list. As someone who has fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, I deal with higher-than-normal pain levels even when my Paleo diet is good. I’m excited to dig into more purposeful and mindful movements to make my body stronger.

The Big Book of Kombucha


If you love your kombucha, why not start making it yourself? This is the most comprehensive resource I’ve found on home-brewing your own fermented tea, so if drinking more probiotic goodness is on your 2017 new year goals, this book will help you on your way.

Whole30 Cookbook


What many people don’t realize is that Whole30 is a sweetener-free version of Paleo that was initially designed as a 30-day challenge. This book of awesome recipes is a great addition to any Paleo or clean-eating library.

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen


This book is part recipes and part how-to, with helpful shopping lists and other tips to simplify your Paleo lifestyle.

Zoodles Spiralizer Cookbook


Really miss pasta? Now you can spiraling anything into delicious vegetable dishes! There is more to it than just zucchini, so if you love your spiralizer, you won’t want to miss this book.

The New Yiddish Kitchen


These recipes are Paleo and Kosher, but they’re also perfect for holidays, special occasions, or everyday eating.

Simple French Paleo


If you would like to class up your Paleo cooking, this cookbook is for you. It’s gorgeous, for one thing, but the recipes are decadent while also being AIP-friendly.

The Eat Fat, Get Thin Cookbook


While not a strictly Paleo cookbook, it does feature many of the beloved Paleo fats that we know and love. If you’re in a rut for how to get more fat into your diet, this book will help you step up your game.

Inspiralize Everything


My spiralizer broke (sad face!), but this book makes me want to replace it, stat! Not only are spiral cut vegetables and fruits an easy way to prep food items, but they’re fun!

The Essential AIP Cookbook


New to the AIP lifestyle and aren’t sure where to start? Check out this book devoted to completely autoimmune friendly cooking.