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Jeb Bush Gives Paleo His Vote

While Paleo has been notably making the rounds among celebrities in Hollywood, it recently came out that Jeb Bush, Presidential Candidate, has found weight loss success through following a Paleo diet. Media opinion has been mixed, and most seem to believe that the former governor of Florida is starving himself to lose weight. Reading Jeb Bush’s quotes about the Paleo diet, however, seems to imply that he was being sarcastic when he said he was “always starving.” While Paleo may … View Recipe


Stars Align With Research: From Vegan to Paleo

Stars Ditch Vegan Diets and Go Paleo Um, has anyone else noticed the recent trend of celebrities abandoning their vegan diets to go Paleo? Just recently we were hearing about actress Anne Hathaway and former President Bill Clinton making the switch away from veganism back towards meat-based diets. Now it’s NBC’s The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper who's making headlines. In a report published by Inquisitr, Harper proclaimed his love for animal protein and egg yolks, and emphasized low-carb, Paleo-style diets … View Recipe

Celebrities Abandon Vegan Diets and Go Paleo

Cover your eyes vegans...because you’re probably not going to like this. It looks like actress Anne Hathaway and former President Bill Clinton are making headlines yet again for their dietary choices, but this time they’re chewing the fat...and I mean that literally. In a report published by the Inquisitr, both celebrities were interviewed for their recent shifts away from a vegan diet and towards low-carb Paleo diets. Anne Hathaway states that her vegan diet was sapping her energy and that she … View Recipe