Paleo Plan

Private Paleo Coaching

I’m Neely Quinn, Paleo Plan’s nutrition therapist, and I offer individualized coaching and consulting services. Check out my bio for more information about who I am, what my qualifications are, and how I approach nutrition.

Paleo Consultation Options

  • 30-Minute Call :: $50
  • 60-Minute Call :: $90
  • Email coaching :: $75/month
  • One-Month Package :: $200
  • Long-Term Package (two or more months) :: $175/month
  • Google Hangouts (the middle of every month TBA) :: FREE

Get started now by contacting me at

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30-Minute Call – $50 or 60-Minute Call – $90

This is great for people who are interested in starting a Paleo diet or who are already eating Paleo and are looking to refine and dial in their eating. Or maybe you just have a few questions, or you’re looking for a short discussion on a particular Paleo topic. I’m available to answer all your questions on the phone or Skype to help you develop an eating plan that works for you and your lifestyle. Email me for more info.

Email Coaching – $75/mo

Some people prefer to just have someone on the outskirts make them accountable, even if there’s no facetime involved. If you want to check in with me once every week to have all your questions answered and keep you on track, I’d love to do that. We can get started right away. Email me for more info.

One-Month Package – $200

This is also great for people who are interested in starting a Paleo diet or who are already eating Paleo and are looking to refine and dial in their eating. The month package tends to keep people more accountable because of the weekly contact with me. It contains a short on-boarding questionnaire, followed by two 30-minute phone/Skype calls and two email check-ins throughout the month. Email me for more info.

You’ll receive a complimentary Quickstart Guide and Paleo Challenge eBook, which includes 6 weeks of meal planning.

Long-Term Package – $175/mo

This is for you if you know that you need a lot of support to make big changes. It’s the same set-up as the one-month package – we just work together for more than one month. We’ll be able to make large changes to your diet in small steps. Email me for more info.

Group Google Hangout Calls – FREE

Sometime in the middle of every month at 7:30pm Mountain Time, I host an hour-long free Google Hangout with up to 10 people so that you can get all of your quick questions about Paleo and Paleo Plan answered. On Facebook, in the newsletter, and on the blog, I will announce the date every month at least a week before the call happens.

A Google Hangout is sort of like Skype in that we’re all on video (not required, though) talking to each other as a group. You just have to have a google account and install the plug-in to participate. We use Google Hangout and not Skype because it allows so many more people to be on the call. Email me for more info.

This is not meant to substitute for personal consultations with me, as there will be other people on the call and my time to answer your questions will be limited.

I’ll answer questions about the meal plan itself, all of our products on Paleo Plan, as well as any questions you have about Paleo (is X food Paleo, how many carbs should I eat, will I lose weight, etc.). If you want specific help with a complicated health issue, please consider doing a month package or a 30-minute call with me, instead.

If you want to be included in the Hangout, just email me at with subject line “Google Hangout” and I’ll invite you to join us at 7:30pm Mountain Time on the date of the call.

Note: After you download the plug-in from this page, you may have to go into your “downloads” folder on your computer and click on the file called “GoogleVoiceAndVideoSetup (1).dmg” to get it to install on your computer. 

Get started with any of these options now by contacting me at I’m very quick to answer emails.